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Ric Flair Recounts Andre The Giant’s Triple-Figure Beer Evening

November 20, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
WrestleMania 2 Andre the Giant Image Credit: Steve Taylor/WWE

In a recent interview on The Rich Eisen Show, Ric Flair shared an anecdote about the time he saw Andre the Giant put away over a hundred beers in one evening (via Wrestling Inc). According to Flair, Andre consumed the alcohol in the course of approximately six hours. You can find a few highlights from Flair and watch the full interview below.

On the beer marathon incident: “I was with him one night at the Downtown in Charlotte in ’74 or ’75 when he drank 106 beers. Here’s what happened. It was getting so ridiculous, he was having one after another and he was with Frank Valois [Andre’s manager], myself, and a guy named Ivan Koloff, and we were there drinking and pretty soon the bartender just said, ‘I’m not believing this. Let me separate this out,’ cause Andre was drinking one beer and everybody else was drinking [another.] I think he was drinking like regular Miller not Miller Lite, [it] wasn’t around then, and we were drinking something else so he just separated it out. Frank Valois drank 56 and Andre drank 106. That’s from 10 o’clock until like 4 in the morning.”

On another notable occurrence of Andre’s drinking capacity: “He drank every bottle of vodka on the plane. It was a 747 going to Tokyo — every mini bottle on the plane. I mean I know other people are drinking it too but let’s get serious, who runs out of vodka?”