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Roman Reigns On Being In His Fifth WrestleMania Main Event, Missing Last Year

April 11, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Roman Reigns WWE TLC

Roman Reigns is competing in his fifth WrestleMania main event tonight, and discussed his match and more in a new interview. Reigns joined WWE India and weighed in on the match, missing last year’s show and more; you can check out some highlights below.

On being in his fifth WrestleMania main event: “You know, this is going on my fifth main event for WrestleMania. It could have been a sixth main event WrestleMania which has to be a record. But honestly, that’s something that I don’t really care. I don’t look at the record books. I don’t feel like I’m ever competing with anybody. I’m just competing with myself. I’m trying to best myself and just completely raised my game and always up the level that I’m at.”

On competing after he missed last year: “The fact that I missed last year – to miss the biggest one of the years tough. So, to be able to get back in the swing of things and be able to perform at this WrestleMania, and that also be able to do it with such a legend like Edge. A huge amount of respect to Edge & Daniel Bryan. But to be able to see these guys his comeback story to see everything, the struggle that they’ve gone through the adversity that they’ve overcome, to be able to showcase our talents and our storytelling ability and bring the biggest fight to the WrestleMania stage possible.”

On his strategy for tonight’s match: “You can tell everybody I’ve been telling them I’m going to smash everybody. But the key is to kind of divide and conquer. I have to keep those two away from each other. Because huge that’s the biggest speed bump in this match for me. It is the fact that they can beat each other and still beat me. So for me, there hadn’t been a man to be able to keep the knees, shoulders pinned on the mat for more than 3 seconds. So, for them to have the ability to beat each other and become a universal champion – that’s a huge problem for me. So, I have to really assert myself early. Get rid of at least one of them focus on single one out and try to win as fast as possible. It’s real Lion stuff that we’re gonna have to be the king of the jungle out there and take over quick and hopefully take it home fast.”