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Sting Recalls Facing an Intoxicated Jeff Hardy in TNA, Reveals His Favorite Championship Win

December 8, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE - Sting

– Sting discussed a number of topics during a Q&A session at Wales Comic Con this past weekend. More highlights are below, per Wrestling Inc:

On facing an intoxicated Jeff Hardy at TNA Victory Road 2011: “Jeff was in a bad way, he was deteriorating as the day went on, by the time our match rolled around it became clear that he couldn’t compete so I had to take him down quickly. He has since turned it all around, I love Jeff, I love his work, I hold nothing against him and wish him all the best.”

On his favorite year in the business: “The transition from surfer Sting into the darker / Crow-like Sting in 1997. That was a good year. ”

On his favorite TNA match: “The Empty Arena match with [Kurt] Angle. That was bizarre but also a lot of fun.”

On which championship win was his favorite: “The first one – against [Ric] Flair in 1990.”

On who hit him the hardest in the ring: “Leon White [Vader] . In the beginning he was really rough, he was fresh out of Japan. Give me credit, I was the one who tamed him.”

On what it was like being in WCW amidst the jump of several WWE guys into the company: “I was very receptive of it. At the time I was the only one going on PR tours, UK, Japan, Europe. It was good to have Hogan for that. Savage, Hall and Nash were good at it too. It took a hell of a lot off my shoulders and it was going to boost the ratings so it was good for everyone.”