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William Regal Compares Rey Mysterio and Orange Cassidy, What Makes Them Great Babyfaces

December 13, 2022 | Posted by Jonathan Hunter
AEW Dark Orange Cassidy Image Credit: AEW/Twitter

On his final episode of the Gentleman Villain podcast, William Regal talked about the first time he saw Rey Mysterio; why Orange Cassidy and Rey are similar and why he loves working with people like them. You can check out the highlights from the discussion below:

On Orange Cassidy being “no different” than Rey Mysterio: “As soon as I saw Rey Mysterio, I was saying “Please, put me on with him.” No different than now, although I’m not wrestling, if I see Orange Cassidy. “Please, put me on with him.” Cos I’ll make him into a somebody better than … and if this offends people, great. That’s their problem. I could make him into as good of a good guy as anyone. Knowing the skillset that I know. And I’d be happy to wrestle [Orange]. Rey Mysterio was the same. Perfect for me. Soon as I saw Evan Bourne [Matt Sydal]? Perfect for me. Please put me on with him.”

On what he sees in Orange Cassidy: “Somebody who the people have taken to their hearts. It’s very rare, ever, the people take a talent into their hearts. And they’ve taken him into their hearts. If you know how to manipulate that, and to tell the story with it, it’s easy as far as being a professional.”

On finally getting to wrestle Rey: “Rey Mysterio, the first time I saw him wrestle Dean Malenko. This was 1996, “oh, you can’t.” Go back and watch that match I had with him in 1997. It took me to 1997 [WCW Nitro, February 10, 1997]. By the end of it, [Rey’s] as over as he can be. And I’m just doing my job. We wrestled each other so many times after that. We wrestled each other so many times in WWE. It’s got nothing to do with I’m six-three, he’s five-four. It’s just knowing how to do your job.”

Oh it not being difficult to work Orange Or Rey, being comfortable with yourself: “Not really, not if you’re not full of your own BS, or you want to pretend you’re a tough guy. That’s the problem is a lot of wrestlers want to pretend they’re something they’re not. If you’re comfortable with yourself, there’s that old thing. I can make a broomstick. I’ve had matches in front of students, with nobody there, with an invisible man. And still made it work.”

On wrestling being a universal story: “If [Rey] does that, or Orange does that, and I do that? It’s a universal story, told across time. It doesn’t matter what. Dusty Rhodes, he’s been a big influence on me, he used to talk in movie terms. You watch any movie. When you walk into the movies, you’re not given a script. You’re not told what’s gonna happen. How do you know who the good guy is and who the bad guy is? Right? It’s how they tell their story.”

If you use any of the above quotations, please credit Gentleman Villain h/t 411mania for the transcription.