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WOW – Women of Wrestling Episode 21 Preview Clip & Synopsis

February 2, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WOW - Women of Wrestling Episode 21 Image Credit: WOW Television Enterprises, LLC

– WOW – Women of Wrestling released a synopsis and preview video for this weekend’s Episode 21. You can check out the lineup, synopsis, and preview clip below:

* WOW Tag Team Championships: Miami Sweet Heat (c) vs. Holly Swag and Big Rig Betty
* Malia Hosaka vs. Tiki Chamorro
* GiGi Gianni and her new tag team partner set for action

EPISODE 21: “Curveball Contenders” – The mother-daughter duo of Holly Swag and Big Rig Betty has everybody talking! Tonight they get a surprising shot at the WOW Tag Team Championships in the main event against Tag Team Champions Miami’s Sweet Heat, Lindsey and Laurie Carlson. Will these newcomers pull an upset? Or are Miami’s Sweet Heat going to prove too much for Holly Swag and Big Rig Betty? The leader of Team Exile, the Alpha Malia Hosaka takes on the vibrant Island girl Tiki Chamorro in singles competition! We’ll also see GiGi Gianni and her shocking new tag team partner in action.