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Xia Li Says Her Sister Got Emotional Seeing Her Vignettes, Talks Move to Smackdown

December 12, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Xia Li WWE Smackdown

Xia Li recently weighed in on her WWE Smackdown debut and how much her character has meat to her and her family. Li spoke with Screen Rant late last week ahead of her Smackdown debut, and you can see highlights below:

On being the first Chinese female performer on Smackdown: “You know, this my dream, finally came true. This Friday is the biggest day of my whole life. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to say hi to everybody to say hi to the WWE Universe. I’m so excited, I even couldn’t sleep well.”

On the vignettes introducing her: “I think actually it helped a lot, like how I wrestle in the ring, my style, and it helped my character a lot to separate from other superstars. People know this is Xia from China, she knows Kung Fu, so that’s helped a lot. I think this helped me learn stuff quickly. Wrestling culture, it’s totally different. Kung Fu helped me learn [wrestling] fast because English is my second language. It’s too hard to learn new things, but martial arts, like Wushu, helped me so I can watch, I can learn anything fast.”

On moving from NXT to Smackdown: “For me, when I first joined WWE, this was my dream, and I finally I got here, five years [later]. But I also like NXT and what I [was] doing over there. NXT is like my family and they saw me growing up and helped me with everything so I can perform on the WWE main roster. It’s kind of like when the parents see your children go to the next level and congratulate them for their courage and then they have their own lifestyle.”

On who she wants to work with on Smackdown: “Before I had a little story with Shayna Baszler and she also has a fighting background. I’m very excited for the future and maybe we are going to have some fun stories. I can’t wait for that to happen. Also, Sasha is a very good person. She has been helping me a lot. When I first got here, I couldn’t speak well. She always invites me to her house for things like Christmas, and New Year to celebrate together. She is already on top. I’m just beginning, she still invites me and is very nice to me. I’m very grateful so I want to have a good match with her. I’m very excited. One day I can wrestle her and she said that too.”

On her family’s reaction to her career: “I remember I showed my sister the vignette. She was crying just like me and she knew where all the story came from. She had the same feeling as me. So she told me she’s very proud of me. They call me many times. They worry about me. They know I’m here, lonely. They are very proud of me that I am able to stay this long. The whole family is just very proud and very happy for me. They are very proud of what I did right now and they are also very excited. My future, what’s going to happen, is I wish one day I can bring them over here to live with me. Then they can go to the show and watch me compete. I hope that they will come soon.”

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