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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Judgment Day Get Match With Mysterios, Ciampa Rages Against Logan Paul, More

July 25, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk 7-25-22 Image Credit: WWE

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 07.25.22

-The first ever RAW without Vince McMahon in control has come and gone. I found it to be enjoyable as most shows from MSG tend to be. No massive changes, but I didn’t really expect there to be any. SummerSlam is approaching and I assume they are just staying the course for a bit with small changes popping up here and there. Let’s get to it!

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and is joined by Matt Camp, as we have two hosts back in the studio. JBL will be joining the show later and Jackie is excited to have him back on the show.

-Statement Stomp: Seth stomped Riddle on the ring steps days before their SummerSlam match.

-Theory continued to have a rough life following his MITB win. I saw people saying this was HHH and the new regime burying Theory, but if you have been watching week after week this has been par for the course for Theory. Everyone has been taking shots at him.

-Rey Mysterio got his celebration for 20 years in WWE and it really cool. They let the man speak from the heart before the tag match with Judgment Day. They also resisted the urge to have Rey lose the match, but still made sure Judgment Day got their heat back by attacking Rey in the back and putting him through a table. Rhea returning has to be a good sign as far as health hopefully.

-Damian Priest is backstage and he is accused of ruining Rey’s party. Priest says they only thing they should be celebrating is Balor’s Birthday. He comes in with Rey’s cake and then brings in Rhea, who informs us that at SummerSlam it will be Judgment Day vs. The Mysterios. So, that’s when Edge returns?

-Camp jokes there is no way Finn eats that cake. JBL joins the show and brings up that nobody in a mask has ever reached the heights in The US as Rey Mysterio. He calls him the greatest Luchadore and Masked Wrestler of All Time. Camp notes that Rey retired JBL at WrestleMania XXV. I was there! He also brings up Rey’s career in ECW, WCW and now the WWE. Rey’s first WWE PPV match was against Kurt Angle which shows how high the bar was from the start.

-JBL makes fun of Camp’s suit as he makes Fantasy Island jokes. He puts over the importance of MSG and on this stage it was the perfect place for Judgment Day to spoil the party. Camp tells us the match at SummerSlam will be no DQ. That works!

-Bobby Lashley and Miz still to come!

-Roman/Brock SummerSlam commercial!

-To the video where Bianca/Becky didn’t have much time for words as they just brawled in the ring, on the floor and over the announce table. Short and effective segment. We know they hate each other, so just let them go. No exposition needed!

-Camp and Jackie discuss.

-To the video where Alexa Bliss gets a win over Doudrop and looks to be next in line as she noted earlier in the show she was reclaiming her throne. Camp puts over that Alexa is a 5 Time Champion and the first woman to win the RAW and SmackDown Titles.
-To the video of the Miz/Paul having a war of words and the MSG crowd was Team Miz. Ciampa gets involved and Paul eats a Skull Crushing Finale to a pop from the crowd.

-Kevin Patrick is backstage with Miz, Maryse, and Ciampa. Props to Ciampa for selling the shots he took from Paul. Ciampa dismisses and is pissed that Logan Paul’s face is already on the banner inside MSG. Ciampa tells Paul he is coming into their home and he is not invited. The Miz just walks off and Ciampa said it all. Great fire there!

-Camp rightly points out that Miz never gives up the mic and spotlight to anyone, but he just did for Ciampa. Jackie agrees to his point.

-This Friday on SmackDown it’s Drew vs. Sheamus in a HOSS FIGHT with weapons to see who gets the Title Shot at Clash at The Castle.

-To the video where Roman Reigns spears the Bro out of Riddle to get the win in our 6 Man Tag Main Event. Rollins shows up and Riddle eats a few Stomps including one on the ring steps.

-To the video as we see the final moments of Lashley/Drew beating Sheamus/Theory thanks to a distraction from Dolph Ziggler. Theory quickly taps to The Hurt Lock, which makes sense, as he has to save his health for Saturday.

-Kevin Patrick is backstage with Lashley, who notes he goes out and beats people up. He really likes Theory, but he needs to humble himself. Theory needs to learn to walk before he runs. Lashley mentions Drew brings the best out of him and they have a history of being Tag Team partners (Impact?). He is hoping Drew gets the shot at Clash at The Castle and when Drew wins, he will be next in line for a Title Match.

-JBL is back for predictions and has Lashley winning, but wouldn’t be shocked if Theory cashes in and walks out with a different Title. Camp takes Lashley. JBL takes The Miz and Camp goes with Logan Paul. Rollins/Riddle: JBL takes Riddle in an upset while Camp takes Rollins. Liv/Rousey: JBL takes Liv to retain as she needs it more. Camp feels Ronda showed weakness at MITB and Liv wins. McAfee/Corbin: JBL feels Corbin is a wonderful human being and will win on Saturday. Camp takes McAfee. Tag Titles: JBL has The Usos and thinks this match will steal the show. Camp agrees they can steal the show, but is taking The Street Profits. JD/Mysterios: JBL takes The Mysterios and Camp has JD due to Rhea. Belair/Lynch: JBL notes great competitors need each other and he is taking Bianca. Camp is picking Bianca as well to win in her home state. Finally, Brock/Roman: JBL has a hard time believing either man can stay down for a 10 count and is taking Brock. Camp thinks they may destroy the stadium and takes Roman.

-We get a plug for The Bump as JJ and Dolph will be the guests this week. Jackie wraps things up as close this extended edition of RAW Talk.

-This ran nearly 40 minutes, but I enjoyed them making picks for every match on the card. Ciampa was the star this week though. Thanks for reading!

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