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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 11.20.21: Sasha Banks is Ready to Lead, and Sheamus Wants to Be Captain, Plus More!

November 20, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Smackdown Sasha Banks

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 11.20.21

-I am sitting in a hotel in South Carolina on my way to Florida and thankfully this hotel has an office area. So let’s get to it!

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to Talking Smack and is joined by Matt Camp and they immediately start the hype for tomorrow’s Survivor Series. Jackie is pumped as tomorrow is her first WWE Event since WrestleMania in 2017.

-We start with the Fatal 4 Way that Sheamus won and Ricochet looked like a STAR. Sheamus is the final member of team SmackDown.

-Next Sasha and Shotzi had a fun match that seemed to end with a show of respect, but this is Sasha and she sticks Shotzi with a backstabber.

-Kayla is backstage with Sasha Banks, who is also Captain of Team SmackDown tomorrow. Sasha points out she played by the rules and shook Shotzi’s hands. Sasha confirms she is the biggest “B” around and Shotzi is not going to make a name at her expense. She is going to lead SmackDown tomorrow and they will do it like a boss. Sasha also can’t wait to tie-up with Bianca again and is intrigued about facing Rhea Ripley. She tells the rest of Team RAW to bring it.

-Jackie and Camp discuss Toni Storm being added to Team SmackDown. Camp feels it is a great call and feels Storm will steal the spotlight. He feels Rhea Ripley is the X Factor in the match.


-Next they hype Big E vs Roman which doesn’t mean much hype as it is going to BANG! They throw to what went down on SmackDown as Woods threw out another challenge to Roman. Our Tribal Chief destroy and The Usos destroyed Woods’ throne, scepter and his Crown. Roman stomping it while The Usos held back Woods was great! Later in the night Big E shows up as he beats the tar out of The Usos and the brawl is on with him and Roman. Again, this is going to BANG tomorrow! Roman lands a Superman Punch, but nearly gets caught with The Big Ending before he is able to escape.

-Jackie and Camp discuss!

-We see Nakamura vs Angel (Garza), which Camp calls a Dream Match. Too bad they were only given a few minutes. Nakamura gets win as they have to quickly build him up for the match with Damian Priest tomorrow.

-Megan Morant is backstage with Nakamura (IC Champ) and Boogs. Boogs does the heavy lifting with the promo as he calls Los Lotharios a bunch of greaseballs and chumps. Nakamura is focused on Priest and is excited for the match tomorrow.

-Jackie and Camp discuss!


-WrestleMania Dallas tickets on sale now!

-Xia Li vignette! This was pretty good though it reminded me of what Aleister Black had and he was released, so hopefully this goes better for Xia.

-Camp hypes up Li and tells SmackDown to watch out.

-Back to the Fatal 4 Way Match and it rocked. Sheamus gets the win thanks to help from Ridge Holland and the Brogue Kick finishes Cesaro.

-Megan Morant is with Sheamus and Ridge. He tells us Ridge was just out there to get a look at greatness. Ridge says he and Sheamus are just two like minded fellows. Sheamus tells us he shouldn’t have even needed to qualify for the team and he should be The Captain. Ridge is his new best mate and nothing is impossible.

-Jackie and Camp discuss as they put the final bit of hype on tomorrow’s PPV and with that we are out this week.

-It covered the top things from SmackDown and hyper Survivor Series, so mission accomplished. Thanks for reading!

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