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The Allure Responds to Fan Claiming Intimidation by Bully Ray at ROH Event, Claim Fan Is Lying

June 4, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Allure ROH

As previously reported, an incident recently took place involving a fan, who goes by “Osh Kosh Big Josh” on Twitter, who claims he was taken backstage for booing and talking trash to The Allure (Mandy Leon and Velvet Sky). Josh also claims Mandy Leon spit on him and alleges that the security person who brought him backstage was Hunter Johnston, aka head booker and senior producer for ROH Delirious.

For his part, Bully Ray released a public statement on what happened and claims he did not intimidate or threaten Josh. Also, all three members of The Allure (Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Mandy Leon) have responded to Josh and his claims on Twitter. You can read their statements on the matter posted on Twitter below.

According to Leon, the fan was being “extremely inappropriate.” She wrote, “Stop with the lies & scratching for attention dude. Man up. Own your behavior & take responsibility. You were extremely inappropriate verbally attacking & sexually harassing talent on a level that is not acceptable in any environment PERIOD. 2 shows in a row. Be cool & drop it.”

Also, Velvet Sky wrote: “Verbal sexual assault on women is inappropriate and you know it. You were the loudest one in the arena both nights when we came out, salivating at the chance to spew your lewd & disgusting comments & cover it up by saying “I was booing the heels” FOH with that mess.”

ROH General Manager Greg Gilleland later released a statement on the incident and said there was going to be an internal review over what happened.

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