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Amanda Huber Comments On The Last Year Without Brodie Lee

December 26, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Amanda Huber AEW

Amanda Huber took to social media to reflect upon the past year of her life without Brodie Lee on the one-year anniversary of his passing. Huber posted to Instagram to comment on her life since Lee passed away on this day in 2020.

You can see her post and the caption below. As noted, several people and companies in the wrestling world have taken to social media to honor Lee today.

I’ve been trying to find the words today but they aren’t coming. I’m going to try anyways.

The past 365 days have taught me more than any other year of my life.
I learned that saying goodbye isn’t all encompassing.
That grief isn’t linear.
I learned the importance of being there for someone in the dark moments of their life, without flinching. The importance of being steadfast. The importance of kindness, patience, and grace. Undeniable.
I’ve learned how to show up for people, time and time again, not just when it’s new or convenient.
I’ve learned how much genuine love and goodness there is in the world, even if you’ve started to believe that was all gone.
I’ve learned about friendship. Real, genuine friendship.
I’ve learned about resilience and how beautiful it is to be alive.

The boys are doing great. They are so tough but have maintained their softness. They are smart and happy and have more resilience than any people I have ever seen.

I am in a good place today.

I’m surrounded by the most incredible love and support. @meghalegalgirl10 @margaret.stalvey @americannightmarecody @thebrandirhodes @allelitewrestling @tonyrkhan and everyone who has helped me walk thru this past year on days when I didn’t know if I could stand.

Get yourself a team. That’s my best advice for life, especially when thing get hard.

Leaning on my team today but just know, not a single day goes by where I don’t miss you.

I love you.

Then. Now. Forever.