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Backstage Reactions to Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair Confrontation on Smackdown, Segment Edited For Replay

October 24, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Smackdown

A new update on the confrontation between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair at Friday’s Smackdown has details on the backstage reactions to the altercation. As reported on Saturday, the two stars got into a heated argument after their main event segment on Smackdown where they swapped Women’s Championships due to their moving brands in the WWE Draft. The argument was over the segment not going as planned, with Flair’s dropping the title to the mat being a moment that was not in the script for the show. It was noted yesterday that there’s been tension between the two for a few years since Lynch called Flair “plastic” during a promo, and that Flair claimed during the backstage argument that she had simply accidentally dropped the title.

According to Fightful Select, members of the roster did not believe that Flair did in fact accidentally drop it as she claimed. Some members of the roster also disputed the report that Flair had “campaigned” to lose the Raw Women’s title to Bianca Belair on Raw in order to put her over, though it is acknowledged that she seemed fine with a loss. Flair has been reportedly outspoken about the company’s Creative plans.

It was also noted that several people backitage had already been of the belief that the segment would go wrong before it happened, and multiple people said that both Lynch and Flair were in a lose-lose situation which got even worse based on how it happened. Flair had gone over the original plans for the segment with Lynch, Sonya Deville, and the writers for the segment. Wrestling Observer Radio notes that there is a lot of heat on Flair over the segment.

As had been noted, the confrontation happened as Flair came into the back after the show, with Lynch coming back out to work a post-show dark match with Belair. There’s no update on whether Vince McMahon has spoken with Flair yet, though he was said to have been “very frustrated” with how everything went down.

WrestlingNews.co reports that the moment where Flair dropped the title was edited out of the Smackdown encore airing.