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CHIKARA Review: Young Lions Cup VII, Night Three

October 11, 2009 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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CHIKARA Review: Young Lions Cup VII, Night Three  

The weekend of August 14th, 15th, and 16th of 2009 brings you the 7th annual CHIKARA Young Lions Cup tournament! Colin Delaney and Player Dos have advanced to the final round, and after tonight, one of them will be the brand new Young Lions Cup champion! In addition to that, Claudio Castagnoli and Eddie Kingston square off again looking to settle the score. Also, nine of the eleven former Young Lions Cup champions will compete in the Golden Dreams Triangle Trios match. All this, plus many special guests compete in non-tournament action. Let’s get to it!

Commentary is provided by Louden Noxious, Bryce Remsburg, Eddie Kingston, Amasis, Ophidian, Leonard F. Chikarason, Ultramantis Black,

Dasher Hatfield, Player Uno, & Yellow Dog vs. KC “Cloudy” Day and The Sea Donsters (Hydra & Tim Donst)

Dog and Donst start off with Donst taking Dog down by his legs. Back to their feet, Donst takes Dog back down and rolls him into a pin attempt for two. Dog asks for a test of strength which Donst looks to oblige to. Uno shoves Yellow Dog’s dog toy in Donst’s singlet and Dog attacks him. Donst throws the toy to the floor, and Dog follows, tagging in Player Uno. Uno and Donst go back and forth coming to a double shoulder block stand still. Hydra blind tags Donst, and the Sea Donsters hit a double shoulder block. The Donsters mimmick the Steiners run around the ring, but Yellow Dog joins them. The confused Donsters throw the dog toy back to the floor, and Yellow Dog follows. The Donsters pose with their air instruments, and Dasher winds up and hits both Hydra and Donst. Dasher uses Hydra as a bat and hits Donst. Cloudy comes in as the Donsters hit the floor. Cloudy takes over Dasher with a cartwheel arm drag. Dasher takes down Cloudy, slips out of the ring, trips Cloudy, and looks for a suplex from the apron to the floor. Cloudy knocks Dasher off the apron to the floor, and dives onto Dasher and the Sea Donsters. Uno follows with a cannonball Senton through the middle ropes onto everyone except Yellow Dog. The referee throws the dog toy into the mass of humanity on the floor, and Dog follows with a tope con heilo onto the pile. Dog and Cloudy end up in the ring. Dog whips Cloudy to the corner and follows with a clothesline/bulldog combo. Yellow Dog pounces Cloudy to the floor. Hydra comes in and knocks down Dog with a few moves. In the corner, Hydra attempts a monkey flip. Yellow dog seats Hydra on the top rope. Donst saves Yellow Dog and the Donsters hit a spinebuster/whoopee cushion combination. Dasher comes in and takes out Donst, and Hydra attempts the Hydra Lock. Dasher escapes and puts Hydra in the tree of woe. Uno dives onto Hydra, and Dasher baseball slides into Hydra’s face. Dasher pins and Hydra kicks out. Cloudy and Dasher go at it, with Cloudy landing double knees and a back Senton in the corner. Uno breaks up the pin attempt and whips Cloudy to the corner. Cloudy ducks and hits the apron. Uno hits the River City Ransom on Hydra who runs in, catches Cloudy off the top rope and lands a faceplant. Hydra breaks up the pin. Dasher comes in and Hydra delivers some chops. Dasher gets placed up top. Hydra grabs Dasher’s neck and heads up top himself. Dasher puts Hydra on his shoulders and lands the Grand Slam from the top rope for the pinfall in 8:12. Fun opening match, with everyone looking good and getting enough face time in the ring. **3/4

Donst and Hydra remain in the ring. Donst kicks his regulation head gear out of the ring. Hydra tries to calm Donst down. Donst gives Hydra a big German suplex much to the crowd’s dismay. Cloudy tries to reason with him, but now he hits a belly to belly on him. Yellow Dog comes back and he takes down Dog with an STF. Dasher and Uno come in the ring, and Donst bails as the advantage is not in his favor. The guys check on Hydra and he is helped to the back.

The North Star Express (Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz) vs. The Roughnecks (Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood)

Grizzly and Cruz start off. Grizzly talks some trash. Cruz ducks a clothesline and applies a headlock to Grizzly. Cruz knocks down Grizzly with a shoulder block and then lands a series of arm drags and dropkick. Grizzly hits the floor. Corbin and Brodie come in as the legal men. Corbin tries to prove he’s a tough guy by shoving Brodie. Brodie doesn’t budge and knocks Corbin down. Corbin tries a scoop slam which also fails. Corbin tags in Cruz. Cruz also tries a slam but fails. Grizzly comes and both North Stars slam him down with ease. Brodie tries a double chokelslam, and the North Stars kick his legs out. North Stars sandwich brodie with a double dropkick to the head. They take down Grizzly and hit him with the Shell Shock. Brodie gets sent to the floor, and Corbin attempts a dive. Grizzly intercepts with a knee to Corbin’s face. The Roughnecks isolate Corbin in their corner to be the most effective. Brodie even throws Cruz off the apron when Corbin was able to attempt a tag. Corbin fights out of a sleeper from Grizzly in the corner. Corbin throws Grizzly into Brodie’s arms, rolls across the ring, and Cruz tags in. Cruz dropkicks both Roughnecks down and knocks out Grizzly with a spin kick. Cruz knocks Brodie off the apron with a dropkick. Grizzly tries a sunset flip, but Cruz lands a mule kick and an Enzugiri for a two. Corbin low bridges the rope so Cruz can dive over onto Brodie Lee. The North Stars hit a double face buster and duck the Big Boot from Brodie. Cruz monkey flips Corbin into Brodie in the corner. Cruz calls for the Cruz Control. Grizzly moves, and Corbin eats Brodie’s big boot. Brodie sets Cruz on his shoulders, and Grizzly hits the Doomsday Device for the win and their third point in 8:47. The Roughnecks now get a future shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas. Another fun match. I love The Roughnecks, I love the North Star Express (and hope they become regulars), and these two both did a hell of a job. **3/4

Four Corners Elimination Tag Team Match
The Colony (Soldier Ant & Green Ant) vs. F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Gran Akuma) vs. The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black & Delirious) vs. Chiva V & Halcon Guerrero

Halcon and Chiva…again? Really? With all the guys who came in this weekend, they made the cut for this match? Ugh. Anyway, Delirious and Soldier Ant start the match off. Mantis comes in and takes Delirious back to the apron, so Icarus hops in to start with Soldier Ant. Icarus shoves Soldier and then slaps him in the face. Soldir slaps Icarus, and Icarus gets a waist lock. Soldier Ant suplexes Icarus down, and Icarus heads to the luchas corner. Halcon tags in. Halcon takes out Soldier by his leg and then arm drags Soldier down. Soldier responds with an arm drag of his own. Halcon and Soldier lock up and Halcon wrenches on Soldier’s wrist. Soldier and Halcon exchange arm drags and takedowns reaching a stalemate. Soldier locks on a side headlock and Green Ant tags in. The Colony try a double clothesline but Halcon blocks. He tries a crossbody off the second, but The Colony catch him, slam him down, then hit a double boot to Halcon’s face. Green Ant whips Halcon to the ropes and takes Halcon down with a back breaker. Green Ant throws Halcon to the ropes. Halcon lands a hurricanrana and rolls up Green Ant for two. Halcon kicks Green Ant in the gut and Chiva V tags in. Chiva applies a side headlock. Chiva and Green Ant exchange holds until Chiva goes crazy on the mat for no apparent reason. Green Ant and Chiva trade over hand chops. Chiva takes Green Ant over and kicks him in between the shoulder blades. Green Ant hits the floor and in comes Akuma. Chiva tries some kicks to Akuma, to no effect. Akuma kicks out Chiva V’s legs. Icarus tags in and chokes Chiva. Icarus gets a yellow card from Bryce Remsburg and Chiva V gets a free penalty kick with the soccer ball. Instead, Chiva V dropkicks Icarus and tags in Halcon. The luchadores hit a double seated dropkick. Halcon takes down Icarus with a flying elbow. Chiva wheelbarrows Halcon into a slam on Icarus for two. Icarus suplexes Chiva and floats over into a guillotine lock. Icarus tags in Akuma who works on Chiva’s legs. Chiva V grabs the ropes to escape. F.I.S.T. continues to isolate Chiva V until Delirious tags in. Delirious continues to beat on Chiva V before tagging Ultramantis in. Mantis continues the onslaught with a gut wrench suplex. Mantis hits his patented Mongolian chops on Chiva before mowing Chiva down with an elbow off the rope. Mantis tries a pin for two. More Mongolian Chops from Mantis, and then Mantis tags in Akuma. Akuma stretches Chiva on the mat. Chiva finally rolls to the floor to tag in Halcon. Hlacon fends of both members of F.I.S.T., reversing their double team efforts. Icarus catches Halcon with a clothesline in the corner. Halcon comes back with a hurricanrana on Icarus to the floor. Halcon tries a dive, but Akuma trips him and pulls Halcon out of the ring. Chiva V revves up to make a dive, but Mantis stops him. Mantis hits the Cosmic Disaster on Chiva V to eliminate the lucha team from the match at 12:47. The luchadores looked better than usual, but still not great. I still would’ve preferred a different team.

Soldier Ant hops in with a crossbody from the top onto Mantis. Mantis rolls out and Delirious comes in. Green Ant comes in and splashes Delirious in the corner. Soldier Ant follows up with a flying saluting headbutt to Delirious and Delirious is seated in the corner. Akuma comes in, and Soldier Ant looks for a slauting headscissors. Akuma stops him, pops up Soldier, and Icarus and Akuma hit a sit-out ace crusher combo. Icarus looks to pull of Soldier Ant’s mask before putting Soldier Ant in a headscissors. Soldier Ant gets the ropes. F.I.S.T isolate Soldier Ant in the ring. The Order also join F.I.S.T. in the isolation of Soldier Ant, as the Rudos seemingly have found solace in one another for now. Soldier Ant fights off The Order to tag in Green Ant. Green Ant comes in taking down Delirious with a series of flying headbutts to the chest. Green Ant lands a splash. Green Ant hits the ropes and Mantis trips him. Delirious lands the Praying Mantis Bomb on Green Ant to eliminate The Colony at 16:08.

Icarus lands the Shiranui on Delirious, and Mantis breaks up the pin. Whoever wins will challenge The Osirian Portal in the future! Mantis drops Icarus and pins him for two. The Order try a double chokeslam, but Icarus fights back. Icarus and Akuma hit a tackle/Enzugiri combo on Mantis sending him to the floor. Akuma and Delirious exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Delirious eats the hard kicks of Akuma. Delirious hits the Cobra Stretch suplex. Mantis gets tagged in and signals for the end. A man in all white comes in from the arena entrance and places a white box in the ring. Mantis is distracted, allowing Akuma to school boy Mantis for the two in 18:31. The first portion of this match with all four teams was kind of boring and sloppy, but got better as the match went on. F.I.S.T. now have three points and will get a future shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas as well. **1/2

The Order read a note inside the box, and leave the ringside area paranoid. We found out later, the note said “The War is Coming”,

Mascarita Dorada vs. Pierrothito

A rematch from just last night! Not their fault, as it was Skayde and Turbo who no showed the scheduled tag match from the night before. Pierrothito pushes Dorada down out of the lock-up. Pierrothito taunts Dorada with his size advantage. Pierrothito and Dorada roll around on the mat looking for the advantage. Pierrothito hits an inverted fireman’s carry slam for two. Pierrothito drop toe holds Dorada and locks on the Rita Romero Special. Dorada rolls into a pinfall for two. Dorada takes out Pierrothito by his leg and applies some sort of ankle lock. Dorada rolls over into a leg lock. Dorada grabs the arm and rolls Pierrothito up to his feet. Pierrothito stays on top of Dorada, rolling over into a pin. Dorada escapes and now stays on top of Pierrothito. Back to their feet, Pierrothito asks for a test of strength. Dorada grabs the mouth of Pierrothito’s mask and rolls Pierrothito forward into an arm bar. Pierrothito picks up Dorada on his shoulders. Dorada rolls foraward holding onto the arm bar still. Pierrothito picks up Dorada again, and Dorada sunset flips for two. Dorada barrel rolls Pierrothito all around the ring to daze him. Dorada kicks Pierrothito in the leg before landing a vertical suplex. Dorada goes for the pin and Pierrothito pushes Dorada off at two. Pierrothito pops up Dorada, and Dorada catches him with a headscissors to the floor. Dorada follows with a dive through the middle and top rope onto Pierrothito. Pierrothito comes in, and Dorada springboards off the top with a dropkick. Dorada picks up Pierrothito on his shoulders and drops Pierrothito down. Dorada hits two springboard moonsaults, missing the second one as Pierrothito gets his feet up. Pierrothito goes for the pin and Dorada kicks out at two. Pierrothito hits some hard over hand chops on Dorada’s back. Dorada is sent in the corner where Pierrothito follows with a clothesline and a slingshot senton. Pierrothito goes for the pin after some show boating, and Dorada gets his foot on the bottom rope. Pierrothito lands a fisherman’s suplex with a bridge for two. Pierrothito picks up Dorada and chops Dorada on the back. Pierrothito whips Dorada across the ring. Dorada blocks an attack and jumps off the apron with a springboard dropkick and springboard X-Factor. Dorada slaps Pierrothito before kicking Pierrothito in the inner thigh. Pierrothito whips Dorada. Dorada goes under Pierrothito’s leap frog and dropkicks Pierrothito’s leg out from under him. Dorada wheelbarrows into an arm drag taking down Pierrothito. Dorada hits a springboard twisting head butt and then a double rotation headscissors takedown which sends Pierrothito to the floor. Dorada follows with another headscissors takedown on the floor. Back in the ring, Dorada lands another headscissors takedown. Dorada reverses the Gory Special into a crucifix pin. Pierrothito whips Dorada into the ropes. Dorada turns a double rotation into a pinning combination for the win in 11:32. This was better than their match last night which I also really enjoyed. This international talent fly-in was a big success, with both crowds in Easton and Philadelphia being very impressed. I applaud the work ethic from both men. ***1/2

The Masters of a Thousand Holds (Mike Quackenbush & Jorge “Skayde” Rivera) vs. Frightmare & Turbo

It’s trainers versus students in this one. Mike and Turbo start in a lock-up. Turbo trips Quack and floats into submission. Quack pushes Turbo off, and locks Turbo’s legs together. Turbo arm drags Quack into a stand off. Quack applies a headlock. Quack dives over a drop down and backslides Turbo for two. Quack blocks an armdrag into an abdominal stretch. Turbo escapes but then Quack applies an arm lock. Turbo armdrags out of the hold. Quack trips Turbo into a pinning combination for two. Quack and Turbo shove one another. Turbo rolls up Quack and Quack gets his shoulders up. They reach another stalemate and shake hands. Skayde and Frightmare both tag in. Skayde twists the arms of Frightmare, taking Frightmare down to the mat. Skayde wrenches on the arms as Frightmare lay on his stomach. Frightmare comes back up to his feet. They lock up, and Skayde works on the wrists. Skayde gets Frightmare in a pump-handle position but then takes Frightmare back down to the mat. Skayde wrenches on the head and stretches the arms of Frightmare. Frightmare backflips into an armdrag. Skayde floats over into a wrist lock. Frightmare flips out of it and takes Skayde down. Both men flip up to a stalemate. Quack tags in, as does Turbo. Turbo escapes a hammer lock with a mare. Turbo ducks a leapfrog and sends Quack to the floor with an armdrag. Skayde comes in and Turbo pops off his shoulders into an arm drag. Skayde is taken to the floor with a headscissors takedown. Turbo slides to the floor, rolls off the apron into another headscissors take down to Skayde. Quack and Frightmare go back and forth with lightning speed in the ring. Quack blocks a hurricanrana attempt and powerbombs Frightmare right across his knees. Quack has turned the tide and stretches Frightmare’s lower back out. The Masters cut the ring in half, keeping Frightmare isolated. The concentration is off course on Frightmare’s back. Frightmare goes outside the ring to escape, but when Turbo comes in he eats a superkick from both Masters. Turbo ducks a chop and Skayde hits Quack by accident. The Masters send Turbo across the ring, and Turbo hops up and springboards off into a dropkick to Quack. Turbo uses the ropes to send Skayde to the floor with a hurricanrana. Quck misses a palm strike and Turbo hops off the ropes onto Skayde with a moonsault. Frightmare sends Quack to the floor and follows up with a tope con heilo! Frightmare pushes Quackenbush back in the ring and lands his double knees moonsault for the two count. Quackenbush counters a whip, slamming Frightmare down with the Curtain Call. Turbo breaks up the pin attempt. Turbo headscissors into a small package for two. Turbo sends Quack to the floor and in comes Skayde. Turbo wheelbarrows into the Code Breaker. Turbo wheelbarrows into a prawn hold for the two count. Turbo tries again, but then turns Skayde into the pendulum swing. Turbo flies up, but Skayde trips Turbo into an inverted pendulum. Frightmare breaks that up and chops Skayde. Skayde claps Frightmare’s ears with his feet, then rolls Frightmare forward into a crucifix pin for two. Frightmare hits the step-up Frankensteiner sending skayde to the floor. Frightmare hits the apron and hits Skayde with a second Frankenstiener on the floor. In the ring, Quackenbush hits the Quackendriver II and Turbo kicks out! Quack tosses Turbo to the corner. Quack catches Turbo with the Quackendriver I in 14:36 to secure the Masters the win. I really liked this match. Again, all four participants worked their asses off to put on a hell of a match. Skayde and Turbo made up for missing last nights show with this effort. Frightmare came off as a star, looking like the next big student from the company. Great work all around. ***3/4

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Eddie Kingston

Claudio wastes no time taking Eddie out by his legs. Claudio rolls Eddie over into a pin for two. Claudio applies a front chancery with both men on their knees. Claudio attempts a gut wrench suplex, and Eddie stops it from happening. Claudio turns Eddie over looking for another pin. Claudio stretches Eddie on the mat and crucifix pins him for two. Both men get to their feet. Eddie claims Claudio pulled his hair which is impossible. Claudio gut wrenches Kingston on the mat and takes him over in a suplex. Claudio gets a two on the pin attempt. Claudio picks up Kingston and drops him with a suplex. Claudio lays in the uppercut. Eddie blocks a diving uppercut and tosses Claudio over the top rope to the floor. Eddie follows and throws Claudio into the timekeeper’s table. Eddie knees Claudio in the face and throws a bottle of water on him. Claudio runs at Eddie, and Eddie grabs Claudio’s face. Eddie breaks the count and lays in the shots on the outside still. Eddie throws Claudio into the wood ring steps and then back into the ring. Eddie chokes Claudio on the ropes. Claudio and Eddie trade shots. Kingston hits some hard chops and a headbutt to Claudio. Claudio trips Eddie and goes again for the pin to no avail. In the corner, Eddie peppers Claudio with shots and knee to stomach. Eddie takes Claudio over with a belly to belly suplex for two. Eddie keeps a headlock on Claudio. Claudio fights out and hits the ropes. Eddie catches Claudio with a Urinage suplex for two. Eddie signals for the Backfist, but Claudio boots Eddie. Eddie cuts him off with shots and a headbutt. Claudio ducks the Backfist and backdrops Eddie to the mat. Claudio evades an attack from Eddie in the corner. Claudio dumps Eddie to the floor, and comes at Eddie with a torpedo topé. Claudio throws Eddie back in the ring. Claudio takes down Eddie with a waist lock, then hits a deadlift German suplex for two. Claudio pushes Eddie down and then Giant Swings him around the ring. Claudio goes for a pin, and Eddie reverses for two. Claudio uppercuts Eddie before whipping him into the corner. Eddie biels Claudio to the apron. Claudio blocks a punch and hits one of his own. Claudio springboards into the ring and Eddie side-steps the attack. Eddie hits a Yakuza kick in the corner, and lands the Royal Flush (a tribute to Blackjack Marciano). Eddie blasts Claudio with the shotgun lariat for two. Eddie looks for the Sliding D, but Claudio escapes. Claudio hits a big Bicycle Knee Strike and set up for the Ricola Bomb. Eddie escapes and trips Claudio. Claudio tries for a pin once reversing for two. Claudio ducks the backfist and comes off the second rope with a twisiting uppercut. Claudio drapes his arm around Eddie and only gets a two at the pin attempt. Claudio puts Eddie on his back in a torture eack and spins Eddie, even releasing his arms once during it. Claudio slams down Kingston, only getting two. Claudio lifts up Eddie for the Ricola Bomb. Eddie lands the Backfist to the Future and then the Back Drop Driver. Claudio rolls to the floor to escape a pin attempt. Kingston comes out to the apron. Claudio ducks a dive attempt from Eddie. Claudio gets back in the ring at 19, and Kingston gets counted out at 20 in 15:45. The fans are not pleased, but they’ll be happy to know they’ll get another match. That’s good news, because this was another very good match. I enjoyed this as match as their Aniversario Yang match and look forward to the third match, which I assume will be at the season finale. ***1/2

Golden Dreams Triangle Trios Match
Jigsaw and The Future Is Now (Equinox & Helios) vs. Chuck Taylor and The UnStable (Vin Gerard & STIGMA) vs. Fire Ant, Arik Cannon, and Hallowicked

Chuck comes out wearing a winter cap. Chuck, still wearing the cap, starts with Arik Cannon and Helios. Pardon me in advance if I lose track of what’s going on, as it is going to get crazy I am sure. Arik and Chuck work on Helios together. Helios pushes them both off to the ropes. A series of armdrags to everyone takes place. Arik pulls of Chuck’s cap to reveal GREEN HAIR. Chuck Taylor traded Green Ant’s costume to a young boy in Japan for some hair tonic. Well, the joke is on him, because Chuck’s hair is now green because of the tonic. An embarrassed Chuck gets thrown to the floor. Helios sends Cannon to the floor with a hurricanrana. STIGMA comes in and sends Helios to the floor. Jigsaw and Hallowicked come in. Jigsaw catapults over Hallowicked then armdrags him. STIGMA whips Jigsaw to the corner. Wicked places Jigsaw up top and throws him off. Jigsaw gets popped up and dropkicks STIGMA. Hallowicked tiger walks up STIGMA to arm drag Jigsaw. Hallowicked pins Jigsaw and Vin Gerard breaks up the pin. Vin brings Wicked and Jigsaw to the floor. Fire Ant and Equniox come in and Vin bails. Chuck Taylor comes in, but then leaves allowing Vin Gerard to get brought in the hard way. Fire Ant and Equinox elbow Vin down. Fire Ant then lifts up Equinox, but Vin makes it so Fire Ant DDT’s Equinox. Vin applies the STF to Equinox, but Arik breaks it up. Chuck comes in and all men dish out chops. Chuck gets slammed by both Arik and Equinox, and Bryce Remsburg even gets caught up and slams Chuck! All the wrestlers point at Bryce wondering what just happened and Bryce can’t explain. All nine men brawl, leading to a trio of double suplexes. Now everyone does the multiple headscissors spot. Three men roll the other three into surfboard’s across the knees. The others break up the hold. Jigsaw and Equinox whip STIGMA into the corner. Helios, Hallowicked, and Cannon follow suit. Fire Ant gets in the corner and gets attacked. STRIGMA ends up back in the corner and also gets attacked. Chuck gets arm dragged into the corner by Helios, and Fire Ant takes out Helios. Chuk rids of Fire Ant, and then Helios cannonballs onto Chuck! Fire Ant lands the Antzugiri on Helios and then a satellite headscissors to Chuck. He tries a tornado DDT, and Chuck throws Fire Ant into the corner. Arik Cannon lands a belly to back suplex. Vin comes in and trades chops with Arik in the corner. Arik gets pushed outside by Equinox. Equinox grabs Vin up top and Arik comes back and also goes up top. Arik sunset flips Equinox who powerbombs Vin. Helios hits the Shooting Star Press on Vin, and STIGMA saves. STIGMA blocks a Hallowicked boot and superkick from Jigsaw. STIGMA sends them outside with German suplexes, and then comes at them with a cannonball suplex through the ropes. Equinox notices, and moonsaults on those three. Helios lands the Sasuke Special onto more men on the floor. Hallowicked and Cannon from the ant Hill for Fire Ant, and launch him. Fire Ant lands back first on the steel guardrail! Oh my, that looked like it sucked. Jigsaw dives onto his own partners by accident. Hallowicked and Arik hit a pair of pescado’s on the floor. Chuck Taylor lands a senton from the top onto the mass of humanity. Vin Gerard goes up top, and then comes off the top to taunt the crowd. Arik grabs Vin by his hair and drags him up top. Cannon superplexes Vin onto the pile of wrestlers! STIGMA and Jigsaw end up back in the ring, with STIGMA hitting Jigsaw with forearms. STIGMA face washes Jigsaw, and Hallowicked smacks STIGMA with a big boot. A series of big moves from everyone ends with a superkick from Jigsaw to Cannon! Great moment in this match. Fire Ant blasts Chuck with an Antzugiri and the wheelbarrow stunner. Helios lands a cartwheel reverse hurricanrana on Chuck. Fire Ant lands the Beach Break, and Jigsaw breaks up the pin attempt. Jigsaw and Fire Ant go back and forth with Jigsaw hitting a powerbomb variation. Hallowicked nails the Go Too Sleepy Hollow on Jigsaw and the Graveyard Smash. STIGMA breaks up Wicked’s pin attempt. STIGMA hits an inverted code breaker, and Arik breaks up that pin. STIGMA dropkicks Arik’s knee out. Arik blocks That Japanese Move with a punch to the face. Arik hits the Total Anarchy and STIGMA is able to kick out. Arik places STIGMA up top and calls for a brainbuster. Chuck stops Cannon and hits Arik with the Awful Waffle! Hallowicked blasts Chuck with the Big Boot, and then hits his top rope Fisherman’s Buster on STIGMA to win the match for his team! Holy cow, that was so awesome. That was high flying, fast-paced insanity and I loved every minute of it. The match went 13:57, but you would never know it. Props go out to every single man in this match, and I hope we get something as cool as this soon. ****1/4

Young Lions Cup VII Tournament Finals
Player Dos vs. Colin Delaney

Colin refuses a handshake attempt from Dos. A hard lock up between these two leads to Dos finally getting a headlock. Colin immediately grabs the rope to break. Same things happen onve more. Dos gets a hammerlock and prevents Colin from getting the ropes this time. Both men exchange holds and pin attempts on the mat with both men reaching a stalemate. Colin teases Dos with a test of strength, but kciks Dos in the gut. Dos ducks a clothesline and backslides Colin for two. Colin side steps a dropkick, and then misses a Senton. Dos hits a pair of armdrags. Colin retreats to the floor, and as Dos runs at him, steps out of the way. Colin gets back in the ring, but Dos kicks him right out. Dos slingshots into a twisting plancha onto Colin. Dos throws Colin back in. Colin turns Dos into the corner and chops him. Dos avoids a splash, and takes down Colin with a belly to back suplex. Dos gets a two. Colin knee lifts Dos and tries a hip toss. Dos blocks so Colin drops a side Russian leg sweep. Colin slams Dos and lands the five knuckle shuffle. Colin looks for the Future Endeavor. Dos slips off the shoulders and sends Colin into the corner with a hurricanrana. Colin sends Dos to the floor with the Future Endeavor, but Dos lands on his legs instead of his back. Colin pushes Dos back first into the ring apron, and then drops Dos face first onto the steel guardrail. Dos comes in after Colin and slingshots into a small package for two. Colin hot shots Dos throat first on the top rope. Dos back bridges Colin for two. Colin comes up and drops a knee onto Dos. Colin picks up Dos and drives his knee into Dos’ neck before wrenching back with a chin lock. Dos elbows Colin in the gut and tries to hit the ropes, but Colin grabs Dos’ mask and throws him down to the mat. Colin lands a neck breaker for the two once again. Colin pulls on Dos’ face, and kicks Dos in the face as well. Dos fights back with a headbutt to the gut, and Colin responds with a knee to the face. Colin throws Dos into the corner and rams his elbow into Dos’ head. Colin hangs Dos on the top rope and then rams his knee into the side of Dos’ head. Colin chops Dos and few times. Colin hits the Twist of Fate on Dos, including the Matt Hardy yell. Colin poses with the Hardy gun salute and goes up top. Dos attacks with a flying forearm. Colin rakes his eyes to prevent Dos from climbing up after him. Colin comes off the top with a tornado DDT instead. Colin covers but to no avail! Dos nails Colin in the gut and the head, but gets mowed down with a back elbow from Colin. Colin stomps on Dos’ face and ties up a leg before pinning for a two count. Colin whips Dos off the ropes. Dos goes under the leap frog but does not avoid a leg lariat from Colin. Colin tries to grab Dos, but Dos kicks Colin in the head. Dos hits a jumping Enzugiri. Colin counters a suplex attempt from Dos by suplexing Dos over the ropes. Dos doesn’t let go, so Colin and Dos both tumble to the floor. Both men climb back into the ring. Dos ducks a clothesline and takes down Colin with two of his own and a moonsault. Dos spins out Colin into a face first slam. Dos pins Colin for two only. Dos heads to the top rope. Colin gets up and goes to the corner. Dos jumps off and Colin moves. Colin elbows Dos and sets up for a powerbomb. Dos drops to a knee, and Colin hits the boot to the head ala Randy Orton. Colin pins Dos, and Dos manages to kick out. Guess Colin doesn’t do it just like Randall. Dos and Colin trade elbows while on their knees. They continue to exchange them as they get to their feet. Dos hits a rolling elbow. Colin tries for his own, and Dos jumps up with an Enzugiri to block. Colin catches Dos off the ropes. Dos puts Colin in a full nelson. Colin switches and tries a suplex. Dos escapes and hits Colin with a release dragon suplex. Dos hits a spin-out X-Factor and only gets two. Dos elbows Colin in the corner. Colin elbows back. Dos and Colin each leapfrog over each other. Dos catches Colin with a superkick. Dos goes up, and Colin kicks Bryce Remsburg into the ropes so Dos moves. Colin hits the Go Too Sleep on Dos, and Dos kicks out! Colin sets Dos up top and looks for a super Frankensteiner. Colin slips off of Dos, and Dos lands a frog splash. Colin gets the knees up and rolls Dos into a cradle for two. Dos jumps up and nails an Enzugiri on Colin. Dos goes up top once again. Colin hits him and follows him up top. Both men stand on the top. Dos jumps off with a mid-air frog splash for the pin in 18:27. Player Dos is the new Young Lions Cup champion! This was a good match, but nothing special when you consider it to be a tournament final. Last years final was worlds better. I’ve seen better from both these guys, but this was decent. ***

The 411: Buy, buy, buy. The four matches before the main event were fantastic, and even the two opening matches offered a lot of fun. The Tag Match got better at the end, and the main event was still good even if disappointing. Still though, with half of the show being ***1/2 stars or higher, I can’t help but recommend this and think it’s a must purchase show.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  8.5   [ Very Good ]  legend

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