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Court Bauer Says Around 90 Percent of MLW’s Roster Is Signed

May 14, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Court Bauer MLW Image Credit: MLW

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, MLW owner Court Bauer spoke about how many wrestlers on the MLW roster are actually signed to deals and said it was about 90 percent. Here are highlights:

On the future of Taya Valkyrie in MLW and if she’s signed a deal: “She’s committed for the time being, and I think you can expect her, I know she’s committed for several of our upcoming shows. There’s a portion of our roster we sign. There’s a portion of our roster, about 10 percent, that isn’t signed so we have that flexibility. So, you then see that open-door policy come into play. There’s talent that come through, like Buddy Murphy, who was a one and done, then some other guys like TJP come in, and stay for almost a year. It just depends on the talent, and he’s just finished up his tour of duty with us in Dallas.”

On the goal for the women’s division: “That’s a really important thing, my end game is to have it have it’s on TV show. Whether that’s on BN Sports, or another network or a streaming service, I want that for the women’s divisions. The featherweight division is one hopefully of multiple divisions. I think a lot of people don’t realize that featherweight is an actual weight class, and we have weight classes in MLW for the men. We have the heavyweight, we have the middleweight, we have the open weight. So, we are establishing a distinct division for the women in the featherweight. There could be a middleweight division for the women, there could be who knows, we are all over trying to establish that. We want to build out the roster. We know the end game for that has to be something where we give them full representation on a show. It should be, they deserve it, they earned it.”

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