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Darby Allin Says “We’re All Pillars” In AEW

May 26, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Darby Allin AEW Image Credit: AEW

In a recent Fightful interview, AEW’s Darby Allin shared his perspective on the tone and impact of the company’s roster and explained that in the years since AEW’s founding, the talent have remained consistent to who they are. Allin also disagreed with the concept of the Four Pillars of AEW, explaining that he puts more value on a wrestler’s commitment to the promotion than whether or not they have been there since AEW’s inception. You can read a few highlights from Allin and watch the complete interview below.

On the consistency and integrity he sees in AEW’s roster: “Man, I don’t know. It’s weird because I feel like everybody’s almost the same. It’s strange in that when I wrestled MJF down in Maine for the first time, it literally feels like the same guy. When I wrestled Sammy at Black Label for the first time, it literally feels like the same guy. When I wrestled Jungle Boy in the no ring match in L.A., it literally seems like the same guy. It’s kind of interesting and I think that shows the beauty of what AEW gives us. We ain’t a bunch of manufactured people.”

On the ‘Four Pillars’ concept and his own view of AEW’s core membership: “I don’t know. I never liked that term, pillars. Never liked it, never liked it. I think it sounds like a cute catchphrase Max came up with. To me, pillars, it feels like we’re above people when we call ourselves pillars and I honestly feel like whoever is ride or die with this company is a pillar in my eyes. So it takes more than just four guys and you got a guy like MJF, how can you really call yourself a pillar when you don’t even know if you want to be here in 2024? So, like I said, man. Instead of making a shirt with four dudes on it, put the whole roster. Put everybody. ‘Cause we’re all pillars, man. We’re all gonna grow this company. It’s so new. I don’t like calling myself a pillar. But I do like the fact that we are four homegrown talents getting in that spotlight. That’s awesome. But a pillar? No.”

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