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Diamond Sheik And Jameson Ryan Talk Training with Nightmare Factory’s Cody Rhodes And QT Marshall

August 13, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Nightmare FactoryDiamond Sheik Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling Image Credit: Nightmare Factory

Diamond Sheik and Jameson Ryan spoke on their experience working with Cody Rhodes and QT Marshall at the rebranded Nightmare Factory on The Spotlight (via Fightful). You can read a few highlights and watch the full episode below.

Ryan on Marshall’s personality compared to his AEW TV persona: “It depends. The Factory guys that he hangs out with, he treats them really well because those are his people. If you’re his people, he treats you well. If you’re not his people, you’re some annoying losers on Twitter that are trying to get a rise out of him, you might get it. Personally, myself, and I know a lot of guys at the Nightmare Factory, we’ve all seen and know what QT is capable of and he’s one of the best unrecognized wrestlers on earth.”

Sheik on the intimidation factor of beginning at the Nightmare Factory: “In all honesty, it’s a life changer. You go through the camp, you stick with it, you put your heart into it, it will change your life. The first time I walked in here, it was intimidating and I’m sure if you put yourself in the shoes of anyone that signed up for a beginners wrestling camp, you’re a true beginner, you’re green as grass. You’re going to be intimidated. You’re going to come in, you’re going to be nervous, you’re going to be anxious, apprehensive, all of the above. I’ll say this, something happened that I did not expect to happen, and that was, this man Cody Rhodes, literally held my arm and ran the ropes with me when I thought that I couldn’t do it right. I run the ropes pretty damn good now and I think it’s just because he stuck there with me. He’s there for the students, he actually gives a damn, he’ll come in on film days, watch film with us, come and dissect stuff. Him and QT are possibly the greatest assets to any pro wrestler in training in the country. it is a little intimidating at first, it does give you butterflies. I know some guys, that had experience, that still felt that way. As long as, like Cody says, you’re willing to do the work, he’ll hold your hand and do it with you. I’ve experienced that first hand.”

Ryan on his experience starting up: “When I started, it was actually the One Fall Power Factory with QT and Ray (Lloyd). Cody hadn’t come in yet. It was cool for me because I was at the airport one day, and I saw Trent from Best Friends walking through, right before AEW started, I went up to him, just being a mark, said ‘Hi, how are you doing? I’m excited about AEW. Looking forward to it.’ He asked me, ‘Are you in the business? Are you a worker?’ I said no. He looked at me up and down and was like, ‘You look like that for no reason?’ ‘Alright, fair enough.’ [laughs]. Shortly after, an ad popped up for the One Fall Power Factory, I sent a message, and within two minutes, QT sent me a message asking if he could call me. Called me up, we had like a five minute conversation, I went in there the next day, we talked a little bit, brought me in the ring, he had me do a couple of things and he was like, “What do you think?’ I was hooked, obviously. I’m a huge, die hard fan, so getting in that ring was incredible. QT has helped me really develop what I’m able to do now. In-ring, promos, I like to fancy myself as a bit of a talker, QT really helped me out with that. The in-ring work is all psychology based, we really focus on doing things right and making sure you’re telling a story and not just going in there and doing whatever you want.”