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Hall’s Ring Of Honor TV Review 3.16.23

March 17, 2023 | Posted by Thomas Hall
Dalton Castle Ring Of Honor TV Image Credit: ROH
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Hall’s Ring Of Honor TV Review 3.16.23  

Ring Of Honor
Date: March 16, 2023
Location: Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

It’s the third week of this show and hopefully the improvements they made last week are taken further this week. Last week’s show was a bit shorter than the debut and also felt like it was more important, with fewer squashes. They need to start announcing some more stuff for Supercard of Honor so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Willie Mack

Non-title but a Proving Ground match, meaning if Mack wins or survives the ten minute time limit to a draw, he gets a future title shot. Castagnoli works on the arm to start until Mack armdrags him out to the floor. Mack teases a dive but Castagnoli walks away in time, leaving Mack to pose instead.

Back in and Mack snaps off a hurricanrana for two before hitting a running kick to the chest. A hard clothesline and butterfly suplex give Castagnoli two and we hit the chinlock. With that broken up, the Samoan drop into the standing moonsault gets two on Castagnoli and they forearm it out. Mack goes Sky High for two more but Castagnoli BLASTS HIM with a running uppercut for the pin at 7:12.

Rating: B-. Mack has the charisma and the impressive looking offense but Castagnoli is on another level in there. He shrugged off everything Mack threw at him and then finished it with one heck of an uppercut. It made Castagnoli feel like the bigger star while he beat someone who felt important as well. Good opener and dang that uppercut looked great.

Castagnoli shows respect while Mack is still down.

Mike Bennett vs. Dante Martin

The rest of the Kingdom and Darius Martin are here too. Dante spins out of a wristlock to start and shoulders Bennett into the ropes. They strike it out with Dante getting the better of things, setting up a dropkick to the floor. There’s the big dive to take Bennett out again but a Maria distraction lets Bennett hit a piledriver on the ramp. Dante beats the count and is fine enough for a springboard crossbody.

A package sitout powerbomb gets two on Bennett and they both need a breather. Back up and Bennett grabs a Death Valley Driver into a seated armbar, sending Dante over to the rope. Bennett takes him up top but gets hurricanranaed down, setting up a frog splash for two. The Kimura is reversed into a cradle to give Dante two and a spinning half nelson slam finishes Bennett at 10:02.

Rating: B. This was REALLY fun as they had me wondering who was going to win in the end. It was a back and forth match that had both of them looking good multiple times, as Martin continues to know how to do the comeback well. Cut out the piledriver on the ramp not knocking Dante out cold and this would have been even better. Heck of a match.

Post match Matt Taven comes in to beat on Dante, with Darius making the save.

Trustbusters vs. Metalik/Blake Christian

Mark Sterling is here with the Trustbusters. Christian and Daivari start things off with the former working on the arm and bringing Metalik in to do the same. The rope walk dropkick gets two on Daivari but a Slim J distraction lets Daivari take over. That doesn’t last long as Metalik gets over for the tag to Christian so house can be cleaned.

Back in and Slim J takes Christian down before Daivari drives him into the corner. Christian handspring kicks his way out of trouble and it’s back to Metalik, who gets dropkicked out of the air. Everything breaks down and Christian dives onto Daivari, leaving Metalik to Michinoku Driver Slim J for the pin at 8:50.

Rating: C+. Well thank goodness we got the Trustbusters on for the third show in a row. The good thing is the match was better, though it’s still rather hard to care about anything Trustbusters related as the team is just so uninteresting. Metalik and Christian worked well together for a makeshift team, though I’m not sure how much of a future they’ll have.

Video on Mark Briscoe wanting the TV Title and Samoa Joe’s history of success against the Briscoes.

Mark Briscoe calls the TV Title his destiny but for now, he wants to take out everyone who works for Mark Sterling.

Jeeves Kay vs. Eddie Kingston

Believe it or not, Kay is part of the Trustbusters. Claudio Castagnoli has a seat in the crowd as Kingston grabs a headlock takeover. They head outside with Kingston sending Kay into the barricade, knocking a drink onto Castagnoli’s expensive shirt. The distraction lets Kay get in a shot of his own and a frog splash gets one. Kingston isn’t having that and suplexes him into the Stretch Plum for the tap at 2:36.

The Trustbusters (Are they kidding?) says there were some illegal tags so that loss didn’t count. Oh and Kay gave Kingston his best match in AEW. Daivari is fed up and wants Christian and Metalik in a six man tag.

Athena vs. Hyan

Another non-title Proving Ground match. Athena drops her to start and mocks the fans a bit, only to get kicked in the face for her rudeness. A swinging chokeslam cuts Hyan down again but she fights out of a chinlock. Athena catches her on top and spins into a powerbomb to the floor (ouch). Back in and the Crossface makes Hyan tap at 4:41.

Rating: C. They didn’t have time to do much here and a lot of that was spent on Athena playing to the fans. That powerbomb looked good though and Athena ran through an opponent who shouldn’t have caused her much trouble. This was little more than a showcase for Athena and in that regard, it went well.

Post match Athena sends her face first into the title belt.

Blake Christian and Metalik have AR Fox to help them deal with the Trustbusters.

Silas Young vs. Marcus Kross

This is Young’s first ROH appearance since Christmas 2021. Young grabs a headlock to start but gets pulled into a rollup for two. Back up and a hard whip sends Kross into the corner and we hit the double arm crank. Kross fights up and hits a high crossbody but gets sent into the corner again. The Pee Gee Waja Plunge (handstand into an Arabian moonsault) finishes Kross at 3:07.

Rating: C. Young is a good hand to have around as he is someone with the resume to make a difference around here. I don’t know if he’ll be a star in the new Ring Of Honor but he ties back to the past in a way that could be beneficial. The match was almost a squash and that was a good way to bring Young back.

Post match Young says no one measures up to him but here is Shane Taylor to interrupt. Taylor doesn’t like Young calling himself the most dominant TV Champion ever, so let’s see who is more dominant next week. Young is in.

Athena wants to know where Yuka Sakazaki is because she hurt Sakazaki, who is now staying in Japan to avoid her. Well come challenge for the title at Supercard of Honor.

Six Man Tag Team Titles: Dalton Castle/The Boys vs. The Embassy

The Embassy, with Prince Nana, is defending. Castle and Kaun start things off with Castle wrestling him to the mat without much trouble. Brent comes in and gets taken into the wrong corner with straight power. Toa chokes away and runs over the now legal Brandon. The Boys are back up with stereo basement Downward Spirals, setting up Castle’s splash. That doesn’t last long as the Gates are right back up to take over on Brandon.

The chinlock goes on, before Toa backbreakers Brandon onto the top rope. Cage’s apron superplex gets two and Kaun’s spinebuster gets the same. Brandon gets over for the tag off to Castle, who is promptly kicked down by Cage. Everything breaks down and Nana breaks up the Bang A Rang. The Boys beat up Cage but get crushed by the Gates. A double clothesline (one to the front and one to the back) drops Brent, with Brandon being slammed on top of him for the double retaining pin at 10:26.

Rating: C+. Given that these are the only two teams who ever talk about going after the titles, it would have made some more sense to put this on Supercard of Honor. Then again it would make more sense to drop these titles altogether, but that isn’t likely to happen. It gives Cage something to do though and that at least keeps him from being on Dynamite.

Post match the Embassy beats up Castle and the Boys again until Blake Christian/Metalik/AR Fox make the save. They hold up the titles, because forming together, setting up another match, and then going after the titles in the span of 45 minutes is perfectly normal pacing.

Trish Adora vs. Madison Rayne

They lock up to start, with Madison climbing the ropes and spinning her way out to take Adora down. Adora blocks a crucifix bomb and uses the power to take over. The Lariat Tubman is blocked though and Rayne plants her with a DDT. Rayne is right back with a cutter for two and the crucifix bomb gets two more. Back up and the Lariat Tubman finishes Rayne at 5:19.

Rating: C. Again they didn’t have much time but pushing Adora as a star is far from a bad idea. She’s got the charisma and abilities in the ring to make a go of something so let her see what she can do. If the division is going to work this time, it needs to make some new stars. Adora is a very interesting place to start.

Top Flight isn’t done with the Kingdom so next week, Darius is ready to take out Matt Taven.

Outrunners vs. Christopher Daniels/Matt Sydal

Truth Magnum jumps Sydal to start and Daniels gets planted. Daniels slips away though and brings in Sydal to kick away. A suplex gives Sydal two and everything breaks down. Turbo Floyd is sent outside and the Angel’s Wings into the Lightning Spiral finishes Magnum at 2:42. That worked.

Post match Aussie Open comes out and, after insulting Sydal and Daniels for being old, challenge them to a match. Daniels and Sydal seem in.

Video on Clark Connors challenging Wheeler Yuta for the Pure Title.

Pure Rules Title: Clark Connors vs. Wheeler Yuta

Yuta is defending and they run the ropes to start until Connors tells him to chop away. Yuta pulls him down into a choke and Connors has to use his first rope break. Back up and Connors grabs a brainbuster, only to get pulled into octopus stretch. That’s broken up as Connors falls into the ropes (there’s the second break) so Yuta punches him in the face (not seen). Yuta starts going after the arm by sending him into the corner but Connors comes back with a Pounce.

Another Pounce is blocked though and Yuta scores with his top rope forearm. Back up and Connors flips out of a belly to back and hits a hard spear. Yuta dropkicks him in the arm to break it up and ties the….leg up. Connors has to use his still legal punch for the break but Yuta punches him back (both are warned, meaning another punch results in a DQ). That’s fine with Connors, who grabs the ankle lock to make Yuta burn a rope break. Yuta ties up the arm with something like a Crossface before switching into the Seatbelt to retain at 9:57.

Rating: B-. Yuta cheating is working for the title and Connors was a nice safe title defense for him. Connors isn’t the biggest guy but dang that Pounce and spear looked good. With this out of the way though, Yuta is going to need a bigger name to come after the belt, or at least someone who doesn’t feel like they were drawn out of a hat.

Post match Yuta brags about his win and calls out Katsuyori Shibata for a title match to end the show.


Claudio Castagnoli b. Willie Mack – Running uppercut
Dante Martin b. Mike Bennett – Spinning half nelson slam
Blake Christian/Metalik b. Trustbusters – Michinoku Driver to Slim J
Eddie Kingston b. Jeeves Kay – Stretch Plum
Athena b. Hyan – Crossface
Silas Young b. Marcus Kross – Pee Gee Waja Plunge
The Embassy b. Dalton Castle/The Boys – Double pin
Trish Adora b. Madison Rayne – Lariat Tubman
Matt Sydal/Christopher Daniels b. Outrunners – Lightning Spiral to Magnum
Wheeler Yuta b. Clark Connors – Seatbelt



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The final score: review Good
The 411
As usual, the show was good and the wrestling isn’t the problem. Even the run time isn’t the problem (still under two hours, which is about as long as a show like this can reasonably go), but rather how much stuff is crammed in here. On this show, you had one story involving a tag match, the losers of that match wanting a six man, the winners finding a partner, the match being made and the winners wanting the Six Man Tag Team Titles. That sounds like about a month of one story and it took place in less than an hour and twenty minutes of one show. I’m aware that they have a pay per view in a few weeks, but starting the build almost from scratch with about five weeks to go is turning the build into a train wreck. Things are being rushed together as fast as they can and very little is sticking in any way. It will likely get better after Supercard, but this show still feels like they’re racing to cover as much as they can as fast as they can instead of putting on a well polished product.

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