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Hall’s ROH TV Review 11.16.23

November 17, 2023 | Posted by Thomas Hall
ROH TV 11-16-23 Image Credit: ROH
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Hall’s ROH TV Review 11.16.23  

Ring Of Honor (ROH) TV
Date: November 16, 2023
Location: Moda Center, Portland, Oregon
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

We have five shows left before Final battle and it would be nice to see something added to the card. There is a good chance that we’ll start doing that tonight as we need to crown a new TV Champion. Other than that, Dalton Castle wants a shot at Eddie Kingston’s World Title. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

The announcers preview the show.

Peter Avalon vs. Trent Beretta

Kris Statlander and Orange Cassidy are here with Trent. Avalon shoulders him down to start but Trent is back up with a heck of a chop. Trent knocks him to the apron but gets sent hard into the post for his efforts. A missed charge into the barricade makes it even worse for Trent and Avalon grabs the armbar back inside.

Avalon spends too much time going up though and gets suplexed back down for a nasty crash. Trent rolls some German suplexes and hits a running knee for two. Back up and Avalon wins a battle over a Tombstone for two. A sunset flip is loaded up but Trent reverses into the Scrunchie for the pin at 8:05.

Rating: B-. It was a good match and that’s not the biggest surprise given the people involved. Trent is consistently solid in the ring and Avalon can hang in there with a lot of people if given the chance. I could go for more of Trent, but that isn’t likely to happen while he’s still under Cassidy’s shadow.

Dalton Castle is confident going into his World Title shot because he knows he’s better than Eddie Kingston. Castle is lighter on his feet and the only way Kingston can beat him is by knocking him out. For now though, cheese time.

Outrunners vs. Jacoby Watts/Sebastian Wolf

Before the match, Watts actually gets to talk, sounding like a preacher who praises…himself. The Outrunners jump him from behind though and we’re off to a fast start. A double elbow drops Wolf as commentary compares the Outrunners to a variety of classic 80s teams. Floyd misses an elbow and the tag brings Watts in to clean house. Everything breaks down and a powerslam/sliding neckbreaker combination finishes Watts at 2:25. Yes, the Outrunners won a match and yes that is awesome.

Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal are ready for Komander/El Hijo del Vikingo because this is what they live for.

Emi Sakura vs. Kel

Sakura easily takes her down into a surfboard to start but Kel manages a kick to the head. The rapid fire chops in the corner rock Kel and the rather delayed butterfly backbreaker finishes for Sakura at 2:15.

The Outrunners are VERY happy with their win and they’re here to show us what tag wrestling is all about.

Bollywood Boyz vs. The Boys

Brent slips out of Samir’s sunset flip to start and grabs a rollup for two. Sunil comes in to take over on Brandon’s arm and we hit the Bollywood dance. That takes too long so it’s off to Brent to clean house with some dropkicks. Everything breaks down and the Bollywood Blast gets two with Brent making the save. A double belly to back faceplant finishes Sunil at 4:47.

Rating: C+. It was fast paced while it lasted but again it didn’t last that long. These teams are capable of going out there and popping the crowd with some fast paced offense and that is a good thing to have on a show. The Boys continue to be a nice team but they’re so often used in six man tags and squashes that they don’t get to showcase themselves often enough, At the same time, the Boyz have long since shown that they can hang at a high level and I could go with seeing them around more often.

Tony Khan announces that since Samoa Joe vacated the TV Title (on AEW TV, because AEW actually has TV), we’ll have a Survival Of The Fittest match (six way elimination with qualifying matches in the coming weeks) for the title. I will absolutely take that over another ladder match.

The Renegades say they’re a real team, unlike Leyla Hirsch and Rachael Ellering. They may have lost singles matches, but tag matches are their thing. Maria Kanellis-Bennett comes in to ask for a minute of their time. Lexi Nair: “I’m very confused. I’m not sure what that was about.”

Billie Starkz/Athena vs. Brooke Havok/Johnnie Robbie

Robbie kicks Athena in the face to start but gets powerbombed out of the corner for her efforts. Starkz comes in (with Athena telling her to not screw this up) and gets DDTed by Havok. That doesn’t work for Starkz, who hammers away with forearms. Athena’s Despicable Knee finishes Havok at 2:14.

Post match Starkz and Athena wreck them again as Starkz is now more evil.

Ethan Page is interrupted by Mark Sterling and Tony Nese. Sterling rants about how Page cost Nese a match against Serpentico last week but Nese cuts him off. Nese yells at Page and a rematch is set for next week.

Renegades vs. Leyla Hirsch/Rachael Ellering

Charlette and Hirsch lock up to start with neither being able to get very far. Hirsch pulls her down and into the other corner so Ellering can grab a front facelock. With that broken up a middle rope crossbody hits Ellering and it’s Robyn coming in to hammer away. A double suplex hits Ellering, setting up a Muta Lock/slap to the face for two. Ellering fights up and hands it off to Hirsch for the suplexes. Everything breaks down and Ellering rams the Renegades into each other. That’s enough for a sunset flip to pin Charlette at 7:21.

Rating: C. So again, Maria seems interested in someone and they lose. That’s about all you can expect from the story at this point as it seems to keep going with almost nothing working for her. The match itself was decent enough as Hirsch and Ellering made for an ok team, though it’s not like there are many teams for them to face around here.

Post match Leyla’s knee seems to be hurt so here is Maria Kanellis-Bennett to check on her.

Athena is pleased with Billie Starkz’ progress but doesn’t see anyone on the horizon for Final Battle. At the same time, Starkz needs to step up as a Minion In Training or she’ll get stomped out.

Marina Shafir vs. Amira

Shafir takes her down without much trouble to start but Amira knees and strikes away at the head. A crossbody gives Amira two but Shafir kicks her in the face and chokes her out at 2:10.

Final Battle ad.

Christopher Daniels/Matt Sydal vs. El Hijo del Vikingo/Komander

Sydal gets two off a fast sunset flip to Vikingo, who is right back up to avoid a kick to the face. Komander flips in to impress Daniels but a running shoulder puts Komander down. A dropkick to Daniels does the same thing and some double dropkicks do it twice as well. Daniels gets caught in a double 619 and Komander’s standing moonsault gets two.

Daniels hot shots his way out of trouble and it’s back to Sydal for the chops in the corner. It’s back to Daniels for the chinlock and a suplex, setting up Sydal’s slingshot knee for two. The STO gives Daniels two more and frustration is setting in. Komander rolls away though and it’s Vikingo coming in to clean house.

A springboard crucifix driver gives Komander two (Ian: “You can’t do that with action figures. He did it as a person.”) as everything breaks down. Daniels hits a powerbomb/Meteora combination for two on Vikingo but Komander is back up to knock Daniels down. Komander dives onto Sydal and Vikingo hits a frog splash for the pin on Daniels at 11:28.

Rating: B-. Much like earlier, this is a match where you knew it was going to be good based on the wrestlers involved. Daniels and Sydal are the talented jobbers of the tag division and building up Vikingo and Komander is not a bad idea. Granted I can’t imagine them being a long form team, but this was a nice, long match to let them do all of their crazy dives, which they do so well.

Respect is shown post match.

Ring Of Honor World Title: Eddie Kingston vs. Dalton Castle

Castle, with the Boys, is challenging. Feeling out process to start with neither being able to get very far. Kingston takes him down by the arm so Castle bails to the floor for some fanning. Back in and Castle wrestles him to the mat for some forearms and a clothesline. A knee to the back sets up a choke as Kingston can’t get off the mat. They finally get up and Kingston snapmares him into a double stomp to the chest.

Castle slugs away in the corner and hits a spinning bulldog, followed by a running knee to put Kingston on the floor. There’s another running knee off the apron to the floor but Kingston blasts him with a clothesline back inside. The rapid fire chops in the corner rock Castle, who is right back with a German suplex for two. The Bang-A-Rang is blocked and Kingston hits the spinning backfist for two more. A half and half suplex into another spinning backfist retains the title at 10:38.

Rating: B-. It was another good match, though Castle could have been built up far stronger as a challenger. Angelico got about a month of buildup for his title shot while Castle got a week? That aside, this at last felt like a big match, though I’m not sure who is going to be coming after the title at Final Battle.

Post match Kingston shakes Castle’s hand, saying this was for Brodie.

After some highlights, Kingston is in the back to say he’s really tired. Not just from defending the title, but seeing other World Champions barely ever showing up. You’re supposed to be the tide that raises everything up. He’s a true World Champion and remember that.

Is he kidding? Kingston has been World Champion for two months and has been here three times. That’s a bit better than Roman Reigns (I’m not sure who else he would be talking about) but stop acting like you’re Bruno Sammartino. You’ve been on the show two straight weeks now and have beaten Serpentico and Angelico before having a real challenger. That’s not exactly tearing up the world.


Trent Beretta b. Peter Avalon – Scrunchie
Outrunners b. Jacoby Watts/Sebastian Wolf – Powerslam/sliding neckbreaker combination to Watts
Emi Sakura b. Kel – Butterfly backbreaker
Boys b. Bollywood Boyz – Double belly to back faceplant to Sunil
Athena/Billie Starkz b. Brooke Havok/Johnnie Robbie – Despicable Knee to Havok
Leyla Hirsch/Rachael Ellering b. Renegades – Sunset flip to Charlette
Marina Shafir b. Amira – Choke
Komander/El Hijo del Vikingo b. Christopher Daniels/Matt Sydal – Frog splash to Daniels
Eddie Kingston b. Dalton Castle – Spinning backfish



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The final score: review Good
The 411
This was Ring Of Honor in a nutshell: they had good stuff but there was so much added to the card that absolutely could have been cut without losing anything that just made the show feel longer. Was anything going to be lost without squashes from Emi Sakura and Marina Shafir or the Boys vs. the Bollywood Boyz? Or maybe a few minutes less on the Daniels/Sydal tag match? This was a heck of a one hour show show stretched out to over an hour and a half, which might as well be called the Ring Of Honor special at this point.

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