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Jeff Cobb Uses Math to Show How He Wins A-Block of G1 Climax, Predicts United Empire Final

August 14, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Jeff Cobb AEW Dynamite 2-19-20 Image Credit: AEW

– At Saturday’s NJPW G1 Climax 32 Night 16 event, Jeff Cobb defeated Toru Yano in their A Block match. The win gave Cobb 6 points in the tournament. After the match, Cobb cut a promo on Yano and also used some creative math on how he can still win the A Block. Below are some highlights and clip of the promo:

Cobbon his win over Toru Yano: “There you go, huh? Is that what you wanted? You wanted funny Jeff? This, this right here, for the people who are out there that are unstinkable! See I can play funny games too, Yano. But there comes a point where I’m done playing funny games. I’m still in contention to win the A Block and make it a United Empire Final. Either I’ll see Will Ospreay or The Great-O-Khan. It doesn’t matter. See, one more match to go, and that’s you Filthy Tom [Lawlor]. See Filthy Tom, I’ll bring an extra bottle for you because tomorrow, you are the only road block that is stopping me from winning the A Block. That is the only time I’m going to say Lance Archer, I hope you win! It’s the only time I’m going to say that because realistically, I already beat your ass.”

Cobb on his math for the tournament: “So let’s do some math, huh? We do math? Alright. If Jeff beats Tom who lost to JONAH, who beat Okada, but beat me, but beat Lance, who beat Okada, which in turn it around in 1972, Okada’s father beat Joe Schmo, and in that turn, by points, 6 + 4, carry the 2 — 81, 69, 29.93%. I win the A-Block.”

Jeff Cobb’s prediction of an all United Empire final for the G1: “And that’s not it. After I win the A-Block, I will destroy whoever they put in front of me, whether it’s the B-Block, the C-Block, or the D-Block. And then, you know what? That might mean Jeff Cobb vs. Will Ospreay in the finals of the G1 like I predicted, All United Empire Final. Now, I’m going to go shower because it is hot as hell in here. But again, after I’m done showering, Gatsby Ice Type.”