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May 24, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite Image Credit: AEW

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Did you miss meeeeeee!?!?!?

I am sunburned and detoxing the alcohol and drugs from EDC Weekend, but doing a live report is like riding a bike, right?

Let’s find out together!

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

Big thanks to those that covered for me while I was out under the Vegas sun staring at lasers and losing what’s left of my hearing!


International Championship
Orange Cassidy vs Kyle Fletcher

While OC is readying himself in the corner, Fletcher runs at him with a HUGE boot in the corner. He spins OC and drops him hard, covers for 1..2.NO!!! Tries for another, OC escapes to the outside, and Kyle hits a dropkick, sending OC flying! Suciide dive to OC with an added push to the barricade from Fltcher. He sends OC into the ring. Huge clothesline. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! OC rolls outside and holds his head. Kyle to the apron. He heads to the top rope with his back to OC. He mocks OC with the pockets nad here comes OC to shove Fletcher onto the apron back first. OC to the 2nd rope, he dives off and hits a sloppy DDT to the apron. Ref starts te count and OC rushes into the ring. Ref hits 6, Fletcher stands, so OC runs out and hits Beach Break, then rolls back in. OC is holding his neck as the ref counts. Ref to 9, Fletcher dives into the ring. OC covers for 1..2.reversal! 1..2..NO!!! OC misses an Orange Punch, Fletcher kicks, OC catches, spins ihm, tries for pockets, dropkick to Fletcher, but Fletcher with a superkick! Cover! 1…2…NO!!! Kyle grabs the left arm, locks the head, hooks, delayed suplex to Orange! Cover! 1…2…NO!!!!

We are BACK and Fletcher tries for another suplex in the middle of the ring, but OC hits a Stundog Millionaire then a sick ass DDT! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! OC to the to rope, Fletcher grabs his boot. OC stomps the back. Fletcher hits the ropes. Huge kick to OC and OC is on the apron hurting. Fletcher grabs the left arm and pulls Fletcher up to the second rope. OC hits the kidneys, attacks with some elbows, then shoves Fletcher down on his shoulders. OC flies with a crossbody, but Fletcher catches him and SPINS OC Into a Michinoku Driver! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! OC tries for a Beach Break, but Fletcher escapes, kicks, OC catches, right, another right and OC is fading. He falls in front of Kyle. Kyle with a right elbow. Running kick to the side of the head of OC! He hooks the head! BRAINBUSTER FROM ORANGE CASSIDY!!!! Both men down. Ref starts the count. Crowd cheers for OC. OC up first. Right from Fletcher. THE MOST DEVESTATING RIGHT FROM OC! THE MOST DEVESTATING LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT!!!!!! HE’S GEARIN UP!!! Fletcher kicks, OC ducks, MICHINOKU DRIVER!!! But Fletcher deadlifts OC into a a piledriver positon! He hits a Tombstone! Fletcher doesn’t let go! ANOTHER SPINNING PILEDRIVER! COVER! 1..2…..NO!!!!! They head to the corner. OC is trying for something. But Fletcher is able to grab the leg and hit a sitout Michinoku Driver! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!!! Running leg lariat to the side of the head of Orange. Hammerlock, tries for the Grimstone but OC with a DDT!!!!

Fletcher to his feet! Tries for Orange Punch, big kick to the hand, tries for Grimstone again, but OC with a rollthrough, crosses the legs, pins for 1..2….3!!!!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy
Damn. Just damn. The story here is that Orange is all but spent, and is likely losing the PPV. He is in pieces, held together by popsicle sticks and Elmer’s Glue, and yet he foolishly keeps on going. I love it. The quality of the match was a just a taaaad Indyriffic, what with the piledriver barrage and driver off the top, but Orange Cassidy can do no wrong.
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: 15:06

Backstage, Ricky Starks is with Renee. He says last week we may think he acted out of emotion, but he was in full control. Every week, he gets beat up by Jay and Juice, and he’s tired of it. He will take matters into his owqn hands. He has nothing to lose. This Sunday, he will refocus his energy on winning the International Title. What he can do to two guys, he can do to twenty.

Here comes Juice Robinson with the surprise attack. Ricky fights back, but here comes Jay Lethal to odd the evens. Juice beats down on Ricky while Jay mocks Ricky’s pose. Lol. Nice.

Jay with a chair. He smacks Ricky across the back as Juice screams. Jay takes a seat, grabs Ricky by the chin, tells him he is not done with Bullet Club. They will continue to have fun making his life hell.

Jungle Boy has a sitdown promo talking about how he used to drive down the same road he did today when he used to perform in this little casino, but every time he drives down that road, he’s a little bit different. What stays the same? The ring. The ring has given him a purpose and a life, and on Monday, when he drives down that very same road, he’ll do it as AEW World Champion.

FTR is here as we get a recap of how JJ and Lethal have been trying to wedge a gap in the friendship of them and Briscoe.

Cash Wheeler says it would be easy to say that Jay and JJ are trash, carny, and politicked their way to where they are. The truth is they are smart, though. They are good. More importantly, they’ve been lucky. Sunday, Double or Nothing, their luck runs out.

Dax Hardwood says a couple of guitars aint going to happen. Jeff has broken a million guitars and still cant stay relevant, so he attached his name to the best tag team in the business, and Dax would probably do the same, but if he thinks for one second that the head of the tag team division will be some rejects from TNA, it aint gonna happen. After Double or Nothing, maybe call Queen of the Mountain for some job security. And no, he doesn’t mean his bitch wife Karen, he means Dixie Carter.

Top Guys, out.

Here comes Mark Briscoe with a mic.

Cash warns Mark not to let the others make him look stupid. They went to hell and back for Mark and his brother, and this Sunday, they will do the same.

Briscoe asks what’s up with that piledriver. Dax apologizes, offers a handshake, like a man. Mark smacks the hand. Dax tells him not to embarrass him on tv, and shake his hand. Briscoe smacks Dax in the face. Cash tries to stop both of them from going at it. Briscoe leaves the ring, but here comes the goons.

Mark Briscoe walks up the ramp, shoves Karen, shoves Sonjay, cold clocks Jeff Jarrett, and walks up to Lethal. He tells him he don’t give a damn about none of these clowns, Jay is his boy – he knows that – but he’s getting tired of these games.

Mark Briscoe grabs the face of Jay, and shoves him aside, then leaves.

Renee is backstage with Sammy Guevara and has a message for Sammy. IF he lays down in the main event, he’d still receive the check. Sammy knows MJF will watch, he says hell no. He wont lay down for MJF. He cant buy everything. Sammy is not for sale. He never would have got here if he was. His entire life, people tried to buy him out of his dreams. He was told to live in the real world and grow up by old bosses, and he told them what he will tell MJF – shove the offer up your ass. He’s livin in the real world, and he is the man who will take the title from MJF.

AEW Trios Championship Match
House of Black vs AR Fox, Blake Christian, and Metalik

We got a bit more light on this match, with just the crowd in semi-darkness.

Budy and Blake start, but Buddy murders him with a knee. In comes Metalik with an arm drag. There is no tag necessary if one man leaves the ring. Bzudy leaves the ring, Black in to kick metalik out, and here comes AR Fox to eat a huge elbow. Black rushes the corner, gets sent to the apron, Black drops to the mat and in comes Brody to splash AR in the corner. IN comes Blake to springboard into the arms of Brody. Brody slams him, tags in Black, Black with a kick to the face. Strikes from Black. Leg sweep. Black to the apron, grabs Blake, who sends Black into the post. Kick to Blake. Black entesr the ring, locks the waist, Blake flips back into the arms of Metalik who kicks high, elbow from Black, Metalik springboards into a knee. Tag to Buddy, whip to Metalik. He rolls across the ropes and dropkicks Black and Buddy out of the ring. Blake and Metalik dive over the top rope onto the others! AR looks to fly, but Buddy is in the ring. AR hits the ropes, stops dead in his tracks. Kick to Buddy, another, a third, AR hits the ropes, huge chop to the chest from Brody. He grabs AR, hits the ropes, Blake grabs the foot, dropkick sends Brody outside and Metalik and Blake attack. Here come Buddy and Black to help out. AR with a senton onto everyone! He sends Buddy into the ring! AR to the top rope! 450, roll through, Buddy misses a clothesline, kick misses from Fox, Buddy hits the ropes. STOMP to AR!!! Buddy grabs the legs and locks in a modified Cloverleaf. No Rope Breaks, AR, ya dummy. Metalik in, Black goes for a knee bar.

Blake in, SUPERKICK TO BUDDY’S FACE!!! ANOTER!! BUDDDY WONT LET GO!!! Brody is on the apron! He grabs Blake and pulls him to the apron, hanging him with a sleeper! AR taps!!!

Winners: House of Black
Good God these boys are animals. That ending was great.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 5:18

Blackpool Combat Club is in the back.

Daniel Bryan says they have two objectives. One – Claudio and Wheeler win the tag team titles. Two, they end The Elite.

Jon Moxley says they are the best in the world. He is not trying to sell us anything. His hand doesn’t shake. He says this because that is the standard they set for themselves. Fans open their pockets and part with their money and time to watch them do their job the way it’s meant to be done. No one is better than them. This is the major leagues, kids. One thing matters: are you willing to stand in the line of fire and deliver when it counts. This Sunday, it will count, and they will deliver. IN a storm of violence, they will stand calm, ready, take aim, and fire, and we will see the difference between professionals and amateurs.

YOUR World Champion is here!!

He feels like he wants Sammy to keep sticking his tongue out until it gets into a light socket, like he wants Darby to climb Mount Everest with his shoes untied, and wants Jungle Boy to speak into an echo chamber so he can bore himself to death.

He is intelligent and fully aware of how important this matchup is. The four of them, the main event. Homegrown is a term that gets tossed out a lot and it doesn’t get more homegrown than them four. They weren’t on national tv prior. Four years ago, we didn’t know who they were. Four years later, they’ve given us the best matches and moments in the history of this company. They aren’t just a part of AEW, they ARE AEW. HOWEVER….

He doesn’t want to be anymore. He’s kind of bored around here, a bit sick of this place. Sick of the lack of competition, of competency, and sick of the fans. Daddy’s contract is coming up. You don’t think it’s a coincidence he’s in a match where he doesn’t have to be pinned to lose? We are all hitting the panic button because we want the title off of him. Guess what – be worried. He just might take his ball and go home. This is his ball; he earned this ball. He took this ball. He has run faster than anyone can keep up. This Sunday, we will find out that the other three are talented, but like everyone – none of them are on the level of the devil.

Darby Allin is here.

MJF tells him to cut the music. He’s a bit busy, does Darby have something to say?

Darby says he’s lost a lot in this life. But he never lost his mind. He knows who Darby is and where he was going. In 2011, he graduated High School, and everyone told ihm to play it safe and don’t ecpect much. This got him working at the 99 Cent Store cleaning toilets. That’s not what his life is meant. He moved to Atlanta, lived in his car, and he used to talk to himself. He doesn’t deserve to leave the car untuil he makes it as a wrestler. AEW saved his sanity. This company lets him live how he wants to live. For example, no other company will let him skateboard wit Tony Hawk, and jump over his house in a car, or even climb Mount Everest. He is not a moldable puppet. You cannot create him, he is him. He needs to be champion. This Sunday, he will take the title, and he might even do it with a headlock takeover.

MJF kicks him in the nuts.

Sammy runs down to help. MJF leaves the ring.

Jungle Boy’s music hits. He is at the top of the ramp. MJF tries for a belt shot, JB ducks and hits a clothesline. He grabs the title and holds it up.

Taya Valkerie vs Lady Frost

Taya with a takedown, tries for a pin, Frost gets out, stalemate. Rana from Lady, arm drag from Taya. She hits a back elbow in the corner. Taya high kicks then rolls Frost into the center of the ring. Taya hits the ropes, clothesline to Lady. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Taya whips Lady into the corner, hits a back elbow, then a HUGE chop to the chest. Whip into the corner, Taya misses a splash, and eats post. Lady Frost with a high kick to the side of the head. Front flip….right into a clothesline! Cover from Taya! 1…2…NO!!!!

Jade Cargill shows up on the top of the ramp looking like the best representative of broccoli ever. Oh, she’s with Leila and Sterling.

We come back and Frost hits a senton in the corner. Frost to the top rope. She flies, rolls through, spear from Taya! Taya grabs Frost by the hair, right hand, Frost returns. Taya with another, Frost with another. Taya with a modified sitout powerbomb. Cover for 1…2…NO!! Taya locks the legs up, then slaps the back. She stomps the back of Frost! Ouch. Frost is up, Taya looks towards Jade, tells her to come on down.

High kick from Frost, hits the ropes, tries for a rana but Taya drops her with a backbreaker. Knee strike to Frost. Road to Vahalla. Cover! 1…2….3!!!

Winner: Taya Valkyrie
Lady Frost showed up and showed out. Not bac.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 7:29

We head backstage with Tony Khan who is happy to be here in Vegas where it all began. AEW Collision will start June 17th, and the first episode will be in…Chicago.

Time to sign a contract.

Adam Cole comes out with Roderick Strong and Chris Jericho is with JAS.

Cole is quick to sign the contract and toss it.

He says for weeks, he has wondered why Jericho did what he did. Maybe he’s a disguting humn being. But that’s not why. He did it because he believes he’s invincible. Sunday night he’s going to break his hand. He tells Jericho to sign the paper and calls him a bitch.

Jericho stands up. He is about to sign, but says he thinks the head injury may have affected his memory, so let’s go back and watch Britt get her ass beat again. Lol.

Jericho wonders what kind of a man would allow the love of his life to get thecrap beat out of her. Jericho tells Cole he got outsmarted. Look at right now. There are five of them and only Cole and Strong.

Cole says he called for some friends in Vegas. They’re a little crazy.

“Homicidal. Suicidal. Genocidal. His name….is SABU!!!”

SABU is here! Holy cow. Sabu makes his entrance. Cole tosses him a chair, and Matt Menard gets hit in the face. JAS makes their exit quickly.

Roderick Strong vs Daniel Garcia

Strong starts with a front face headlock. He muscles Garcia down, then stands and Garcia gets a hammer lock. Strong reverses and gets a side headlock takedown. Garcia with some shoulders. Chop to the chest. Strong reverses. Another. They go back and forth. Strong chops Garcia down to the floor. Strong with another chop. Another. They exchange forearms. Garcia with rights to the side. Kick from Strong. Backbreaker to Garcia.

We are BACK and Garcia is stomping the face of Strong into the mat. GAWDDAMN. Elbow strike from Garcia. Stomps to Strong. Garcia locks the head, but Garcia hits a front suplex. Running high knee from Strong. Into a crazy slam and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Garcia with a throat thrust but Strong captures the leg and hits aback breaker. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Another slap battle and this time Garcia hits a Uranage! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!

Fireman’s. Garcia slips off, shoots the leg, DRAGON TAMER! GUT BUSTER FROM STRONG! BRAINBUSTER! Cover! 1…2…3!!!!

Winner: Roderick Strong
Deeeeyum. They did that.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 8:39

Excalibur runs down the card as we ready ourselves for the main event.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match
Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta vs The Lucha Bros

Ah shit, I had to take a piss and missed about 45 seconds! I come back to see Rey Fenix flying off the top rope onto the boys outside!!! Yuta gets into the ring and Penta, the legal man, gets a pin for 1..2.NO!!!! Penta locks up Yuta, Rey to the top rope. Claudio runs in with an uppercut to Rey, then to Penta. Rey flies off the top rope into an uppercut, cover for 1..2.NO!!!

We are BACK and Yuta and Castagnoli are wishoning Rey. Yuta with a cravat from behind. Rey turns into it. Yuta kicks penta off the apron then turns and gets back body dropped! Tag to Claudio. Claudio locks up from the front, shoots the legs, GIANT SWING!! Yuta with a dropkick to Rey! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Claudio locks in a straight jacket. Penta in! Rana to Claudio! Pop up powerbomb to Yuta! He pulls back the arm and here comes Claudio to stop it. He gets kicked in the corner. One for Yuta in the opposite corner .Tag to Rey! He kicks Claudi, rolls through and punches Yuta. Yuta in the center. Kicks from Lucha Bros! Penta flies over the top of Rey, hits a destroyer to Claudio! Piledriver to Yuta! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Rey pulls Yuta towards the corner. Penta to the top. Claudio shoves him of! Yuta rolls into a cover for 1…NO!! Rey gets shot into the sky and Claudio hits an uppercut! Claudio tosses Yuta ONTO REY! Cover! 1..2……NO!!!!! Yuta has Rey against the ropes. He’s sitting on him against the ropes. Ref stops ihm and Claudio runs up to hit an uppercut. Yuta locks the head, Alex on te apron, superkick from Rey. Tag to Penta. Penta with a kick to Yuta, locks the head, Rey ot the top, Claudio is trying to get in but

THE YOUNG BUCKS ARE HOLDING ONTO CLAUDIO!! Lucha Bros finish Yuta! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Lucha Bros
About what you would expect – which is awesomeness.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 11:01

The Young Bucks run into the crowd. Out come Jon and Bryan and they talk shit from afar.

Moxley has a mic. He tells them to smile while they still can, take pics with the fans, facetime their family, because this Sunday, they will be plastered on the pavement.

This Sunday, it’ll be the wildest, most violent match in the history of AEW< because thy will not accept anyting left. If you think The BCC has gone too far, buckle your seatbelt because you haven’t seen anything yet.

End Show

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