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Mid-South Wrestling (9.22.1984) Review

February 24, 2021 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling
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Mid-South Wrestling (9.22.1984) Review  

-Originally aired September 22, 1984.

-Your hosts are Jim Ross and Joel Watts.

-We recap the severe beating of Butch Reed at the hands of Master G last week. Joel deduces that Master G is one bad dude. Listening to Master G cut a promo kind of brings to mind the expression “He knows the notes but not the music.” He says all of the right things, he gets his point across, but they don’t land with any kind of oomph. JYD had this certain extra something when he talked, and Bill Watts is determined to find a new Junkyard Dog without regard for if they have that extra bit of ability.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (Tag Team Champions, with Jim Cornette & Hercules Hernandez) vs. RICK MCCORD & STEVE MILLER

-But first! Buddy Landell and Butch Reed head into the ring and telegraph their big plans, demanding that Master G get down to the ring while Buddy eagerly holds a sack of feathers and a bottle of “tar.” Boyd Pierce tells them that they don’t have all day to wait, and Butch implies that he’s just going to stay at ringside for the entire hour and wait for Master G to show up.

-McCord takes a beating while the commentators remind us that the Rock & Roll Express AND the PYTs have quit this territory because of the competition from the Midnights. Condrey has McCord so thoroughly batters him that he drags McCord and forces him to make a tag. Eaton comes off the second rope with a knee to finish off Miller.

-Landell and Reed storm back into the ring because they had to wait through ONE WHOLE MATCH and Master G still isn’t here. So Reed expands his invitation and promises there’s enough feathers to go around for Brickhouse Brown if he wants to drag himself down here too.


-Funny visual slowly developing as Buddy Landell has spilled a few feathers every time he’s stepped in the ring, so there’s just more and more of them as the show goes on. Jackson tries an arm wringer, but Street just somersaults around on the mat to get out of the hold. Jackson gets his token offense and gets a backslide for two. Street gets aggressive with forearms to the back. Stomach breaker by Street, and an odd finish, as he tries to do a really elaborate bridge to pin Jackson, but Jackson’s shoulders are down the entire time he’s setting it up, so the referee just counts three before Street has even done the thing.

-Bodypress by Brown pops the crowd. Mantell tags in and gets his stuff in too. Mantell is good, but he kind of brings to mind Jim Cornette’s comment about Tim Horner. “If this was a movie, you’d be The Friend.” Like, he just gives off the vibe of being a guy who’s in the middle of the card.

-Dropkicks by Brickhouse, and Mantell finishes with a Russian legsweep.

-Magnum TA is in the ring, but Reed doesn’t even give a shit, he and Landell are tired of asking “Master Gutless” to get to the ring.

MAGNUM T.A. (North American Champion) vs. ART CREWS

-And now there are MORE feathers scattered around the ring because of the latest disruption. Amateur holds work in TA’s favor, and he goes to work on the arm. Belly to belly gets the win for Magnum. Is it just me or does the reigning North American Champion feel like an absolute afterthought in this territory?


-Taylor doesn’t even have the TV Title medal because Dr. Death tarnished and abused it so much after he stole it that Taylor took it to a jeweler to have it restored. Since the TV Title was introduced, nobody has had possession of the TV Title less than its rightful possessor.

-Herc takes control with a back suplex and an elbow as Jim Ross gushes about how much better this match is than one-sided, predictable New York Wrestling. Hercules locks on a chinlock as JR is handed a note that Master G has accepted Butch Reed’s challenge, time permitting, but only on the condition that Buddy Landell is barred from ringside.

-Terry Taylor comes to life but accidentally five-arms the referee. Dr. Death comes to the ring in his football helmet. Another referee hits the ring and calls for a DQ before any evil-doings can be evil-done. Taylor fights them off for a while, but Dr. Death is suddenly like, “Wait, I can just hit him with the helmet,” so helmet goes CLONK and Taylor’s bleeding. Magnum TA, Brickhouse Brown, and Johnny Mantell come to the rescue, but it’s all too late.

-So Butch Reed and Buddy Landell are back one more time, and a couple of referees head to the ring and tell Buddy Landell to go the hell away.


-WWE Network spares us Master G’s awful custom rap entrance theme, which is interesting only because the lyrics seem to imply that his name is actually “Master Gee,” which doesn’t help. Fist fight to start, but G just overwhelms Reed, so Reed tries going to the eye. G shakes it off, so Reed tries shots to the throat and G just keeps dishing it out. G hits Hacksaw so hard that his forehead bandage flops off. Landell decides he’s had it up to here with your stinking “rules” and comes to the ring to help his friend, but Reed accidentally lays out Landell with a clothesline from the second rope. G dropkicks Reed to the floor and G just drives him right into the barricade, and Reed is unconscious, so G grabs the tar and feathers and just covers Landell in them to finish the show.

BREAKING–Jim Ross announces that the Rock & Roll Express are returning to Mid-South!

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Well, we're stuck with Master G for now. Let's see what happens.

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