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My Take On 12.27.07: The Top TNA Matches of 2007

December 27, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka

It’s that time of year again kids. The end of the year and 411 is preparing for the next year of wrestling, but with this year ending we tend to break down what was. We have the yearend awards coming up, JD has already broken down his top 10 matches of the year as always and it is just a fun time to be looking back. With all of that being said, it is time that I continue a tradition of mine. It is time that I look back on TNA and decide what were their top 10 matches of the year. I have done this for years now, due to the fact that I broke in writing about TNA and still enjoy doing this column. Basically JD covers the overall top 10 every year (and does an excellent job) so I see no need to step on his toes, and so I will stick with my tradition. Sit back, relax and check out what was the best of TNA in 2007.

The Top 10 TNA Matches of 2007

10. (TNA Victory Road) 10-Man Gauntlet Ultimate X Match
It will be a 10-man Gauntlet, you can be eliminated by being tossed over the top rope and once the 10-men have made their way to the ring, who ever is left is eligible to begin Ultimate X. The winner is the #1 contender for the X-Title.

Christopher Daniels is #1. Black Machismo is #2. Daniels attacks before the bell and we’re off. Chops by Daniels, off the ropes and jabs by Macho now. They are using the elevation X structure for the match. PUMA is #3. He attacks Macho and off the ropes, elbows by Macho and Puma gets a basement dropkick. Suplex countered and kicks by Puma. 619 deal by Puma and a spin kick to Macho. #4 is Homicide! One-minute intervals it seems. He pairs off with Puma and then backdrops Macho. Dropkick and a Cutter on Macho! He and Puma play nice and they all work over Macho. GURU Sonjay Dutt is #5. Up top and a HUGE cross body by Dutt. RANA and moonsault on Cide. Kick to Daniels, springboard onto Daniels. Irish whip to Puma and boots to Dutt. Kicks to Dutt and #6 is Petey! LUNG BLOWER to Daniels! Neck breakers and the crowd is into Petey. Russian Leg Sweep to Daniels. Destroyer try countered and then Puma levels him. CANADIAN DESTROYER ON PUMA~! Petey tosses him and then Dutt tosses Petey! #7 is Sharky! Missile dropkick to Cide. Neck breaker to Daniels. SHARK BITE~! Clothesline to Daniels and tries to toss him, #8 is Elix Skippper! Elix looks reverse well. He tosses Sharky! Dutt and Macho try to double team and we find out Elix has a fractured hand. Elix eliminates Dutt! #9 is Kazarian back in Frankie gear! Leg lariats to all and a sweet springboard leg drop on Daniels. Dropkick to Daniels in the corner and he is on fire. #10 is Senshi!

And now we can begin ULTIMATE X! Kaz climbs and Senshi battles and kicks Kaz. DRAGON CLUTCH ON THE TRUSS~! Senshi climbs now and Elix, Macho, Cide, Kaz and Daniels are in. Elix up and pulled off and that had to hurt. Chops by Cide to Senshi, off the ropes and a spin kick by Senshi. Daniels climbs now and Kaz grabs a leg and pulls him down. Kaz up now to climb as Macho works over Elix. Macho up as well and so is Daniels. Senshi up now and they all climb. 4-men go for it and Elix and Cide pull men down and they all fall. Sweet enziguri by Kaz to Daniels. Skipper with a spin kick and eats a Yakuza by Cide. Senshi levels him and Macho and Daniels take men out. Daniels climbs now and uses his legs as well. Macho up and knees Daniels and falls and Daniels is upside down…SICK CUTTER OFF THE TRUSSES BY KAZ~! Crowd loves this. Enziguri to Kaz by Senshi. Tidal crush misses and Macho nails Senshi. TOWER OF DOOM QUAD GERMAN~! Kaz climbs and is all the way up top. Elix is up and walks the trusses! They are all the way up and fight…they stand off and fight! They hang now and Kaz kicks at Elix…and they fall! Daniels gets back dropped by Macho and LETHAL COMBO by Macho! SUDDEN DEATH BY ELIX to Macho! Wave of the Future by Kaz to Elix! Cide up top…kick by Kaz…and then up top…FLUX CAPACITOR TO CIDE~! Daniels tosses Kaz into a truss and climbs now. Macho over and tosses him back into the ring. He climbs now… Daniels up and climbs as well! Elix grabs Macho and pulls him off. He and Senshi Double team kick him ala the Hart Attack and Daniels gets the RED X and wins!

Winner: Christopher Daniels @ 19:00 ***¾

  • A fun match to show off the X-Division and their signature match. Also the reformation of XXX was a nice moment, even though past stipulations were forgotten and the follow up booking sucked.

    9. (TNA Victory Road) MATCH OF CHAMPIONS: Joe and Angle vs. Team 3D

    Devon and Joe to begin things. Lock up and Joe works the arm. Reversal by Devon, Joe counters and gets an arm bar of his own again. Hammerlock and Devon reverses and they exchange forearms. STIFF kicks by Joe and rights by Devon. Running elbow by Joe and Devon is down. Joe takes Devon to the corner and tags Angle. Boots by Angle and uppercuts. Devon with rights and Angle is down. Devon rocks him and Angle back with uppercuts. Ray tags in and Arm drags by Angle. German try and Ray rams him to the corner and Angle is down. Chops by Ray and off the ropes and a boot by ay and then a German by Angle gets 2. Angle tags Joe and Joe lays the boots to Ray. Jabs now and he works Ray down and wears him out. Eye rake by Ray and in, Atomic drop by Joe, and a running boot. Senton follows and a cover for 2. Arm bar by Joe and a tag to Angle. Double ax smashes to Devon, snap suplex and a cover for 2. Joe back in and jabs to Devon. Snap mare and chops and kicks by Joe. Knee drop by Joe and a cover for 2. Tag to Angle again and rights to Devon. Uppercuts by Angle and Devon is down. Back suplex by Angle and a cover for 2. Joe tags in and they are working well as they double team Devon, double back elbow and a double hip toss on Ray. Jabs to Devon in the corner, crowd way into Joe and he pummels Devon. Tag to Angle and uppercuts connect. Off the ropes and a spinebuster by Devon gets 2 as Ray stops the tag! They argue and Ray tags in. Rights by Angle and a tag to Joe. Kicks to Ray and off the ropes and a Uranage by Ray and a cover for 2 as Devon stops that. Dissention in the ranks! They shove each other and Ray tosses Devon down. Ray slaps him and says to do it yourself and LEAVES! Joe works over Devon, Ray sneaks back in and LOW BLOWS Joe and Devon nails Angle! SET UP! They toss Angle and HUG! Ray works over Joe with forearm shivers. In the corner and Devon tags in and they chops away at Joe. Elbow drop by Devon gets 2 on Joe. Ray chokes out Joe and the crowd is pissed at 3D. Devon chokes out Joe now and Ray stun guns him off the ropes. Devon chokes Joe as Ray grabs him and gets a neck breaker and then gets the chin lock. Elbows by Ray get a 2 count. Devon tags back in and rights by Devon in the corner. Joe fights back with forearms and then gets slammed down. Irish whip and a boot by Joe. Back elbow and a 2nd rope knee shot by Joe! Angle wants in badly and Ray rushes in and nails Angle! Ray levels Joe and Devon back in with boots to Joe. A cover gets 2. Chin lock by Devon, Joe is stirring and starts to rise. Elbows out and an eye rake by Devon. Ray in and an Irish whip and Devon misses Joe and Joe levels Ray! TAG to Angle! He cleans house and levels 3D at will. Big backdrops and Overhead belly to belly on Devon! One for Ray! STRAPS DOWN! 3D counters and Devon up top…Joe pulls down Devon and crotches him. Joe back in and Angle levels Ray. Angle runs up top and suplexes Devon off! SNAP powerslam by Joe on Devon! ISLAND DRIVER on Ray gets 2! Angle slams Devon, up top…MOONSAULT CONNECTS~! Ray saves him! Ray grabs Devon and GET THE TABLES~! Angle and Joe take them down, DOUBLE ANKLE LOCK~! They stand off and wrench on the holds! 3D escapes and Angle misses Ray and levels Joe! 3D on Angle! Devon covers 1…2…RICK STEINER is there to stop that! Payback is a bitch. To the floor and they brawl and SCOTT STEINER IS BACK and KILLS Ray with the pipe! Joe covers Ray, no ref and back in, 1…2…Angle stops that! Angle slam is stopped by Joe, Joe covers Ray and WINS!

    Winner and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS SAMOA JOE @ 18:30 via pin ***¾

  • This was a good main event tag, and match that vindicated 3D as people thought they couldn’t work anything resembling a good match anymore, and they proved those people wrong here.

    8. (TNA Genesis) Team 3-D (Ray and Devon) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Sabin & Shelley)

    The MCMG’s charge up the ramp and jump 3D! They slam 3D to the railings and control early. Shelley in with Ray, Sabin in as well and an Irish whip and double charge to Ray. They sidestep Devon, who nails Ray. Off the ropes and a double backdrop to Ray. Kicks to Ray and he rolls to the floor. Crowd is HOT for the Machine Guns. Ray and Devon talk, and then decide to walk away. They talk and then decide to come back. Ray throws a bottle of water into the crowd and Ray is back in. Sabin and he lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder tackle by Ray. Kip up by Sabin and he out quick’s Ray and gets a RANA! A cross body gets 2. Ray is pissed and lays the boots to Sabin. Tag to Devon, off the ropes and a side slam/leg drop double team gets 2. rights by Devon, off the ropes and Sabin rolls and tags Shelley. Devon tackles him, Shelley trips him and gets a jawbreaker. Dropkick follows and they go up top and Ray crotches them. Devon up top and a SUPERPLEX to Shelley. Devon chokes out Shelley, and then delivers rights. Devon then chokes him over the ropes, and then tosses him to the floor. Ray whips Shelley to the steps and yells at fans. He tosses Shelley in, and Devon covers for 2. Shelley fights to his feet, escapes and gets an Enziguri. Ray comes over and pulls Sabin to the floor to stop the tag and then nails Shelley. Devon with a delayed vertical suplex on Shelley and a cover for 2. Tag to Ray, and clubbing shots to Shelley. Chops by Ray in the corner, and calls Shelley a bitch. Shelley tries for a tag, Ray stops him and Devon charges over to knock Sabin to the floor. Devon tags in, rights to Shelley in the corner and beats him down. Snap mare and a head butt by Devon for 2. Devon locks in a headlock, Shelley fights to his feet and escapes. Superkick to Devon! TAG to Sabin! Clothesline to Devon. One for Ray! A sweet leg lariat by Sabin and up top…springboard clothesline gets a CLOSE 2! He nails Ray and then trips Devon. Sabin gets a SWEET tornado DDT for 2! Sabin nails Ray, Cradle shock try and Shelley flies in with a kick to Devon. Missile dropkick/STO combo for 2! Dropkick to Ray, corner assault to Devon and the sandwich Enziguri to Devon! Devon set up top…Sabin up with him and SUPER RANA. FROG SPLASH by Shelley gets 2! Ray tags in, and clotheslines the MCMG’s. Ray slams Shelley, Devon up top and the wassup head butt. Devon goes for the tables, but Sabin dropkicks it into his face! Sabin and Shelley gets the total elimination! 1…2…Devon pulls out the ref. PLANCHA by Shelley misses! Boot to Sabin, and Ray whips him with the belt. They go for the Dudley-ville Device…and get it. Ref in, 1…2…NO~! Devon looks for another table, gets it and slides it in. They set it up in the corner, grab Sabin and whip him, he dropsaults off the tale and sidesteps Devon, who runs through the table! SWEET double team kicks and Sabin pins Ray!

    Winner: The MCMG’s @ 17:50 via pin ***¾

  • Some would say that match #8 was a one-hit wonder, due to 3D working Angle and Joe. But it became pattern here as they worked hard and put on a smart match with the Machine Guns. With the match layout and clean job by Ray, the machine Guns got a career victory on a he stage here.

    7. (TNA Final Resolution) 30-MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH: Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

    Angle tries a takedown, to the corner and they break. Lock up and to the corner, they fight for position and break again. Arm bar by Angle, take down and he works the arm of Joe. Switches to a headlock now, Joe to his feet off the ropes and a shoulder tackle to Angle, takes him down. Angle to the floor and Joe calls him on. Angle back in, lock up and a headlock by Joe. Angle reverses the hold and Joe then takes him down. Angle escapes and they stand off. Lock up again, off the ropes and a shoulder tackle by Joe. Angle to the floor again for a powder. Back in now, they circle and lock up, headlock by Angle. Off the ropes no wand Angle holds on, hits the ropes himself and gets a flying shoulder tackle to Joe. Uppercuts by Angle rock Joe. Angle chokes out Joe with his boot. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Joe. Jabs to Angle, off the ropes and a corner forearm smash by Joe. Leaping Enziguri gets 2. Snap mare and a seated abdominal stretch by Joe. Angle sneaks out, to the corner they go and they break, but Angle with a shoulder ram to Joe. Kicks to the legs by Angle as he works the knee. Overhead belly to belly by Angle. Rights to Joe now, and then a choke by Angle. Angle grabs Joe, backdrop suplex gets 2 for Angle. Mounted headlock by Angle. Switches to the side now, Joe works to escape and gets to his feet. Elbows to Angle, off the ropes and a knee to the gut by Angle, cover gets 2. Another cover for 2. Snap mare by Angle, headlock and the body scissors by Angle. Joe works to escape the scissors, but Angle gets it back. Angle with more of a high bear hug now, Joe works to the ropes and Angle has to break. Rights by Angle now. Uppercuts to Joe and he is rocked. Angle lays the boots to Joe as he slides to the mat. Suplex try by Angle, countered and Joe with a snap suplex on Angle to turn the tide for now.

    10:00 in now (0-0) and they exchange rights. Off the ropes and Joe sidesteps Angle and he flies to the floor. ELBOW SUICIDA by Joe connects, but Joe hits hard. Joe rolls Angle back into the ring and covers for 2. Uppercuts again by Angle, off the rope and a snap powerslam by Joe gets 2. Irish whip and Joe misses a charge, GERMAN by Angle and a cover for 2. Uppercuts to Joe, Irish whip and a reversal, forearm by Joe. Sets Angle up top… Angle slides out of the muscle buster and then Joe gets the CLUTCH~! ANGLE TAPS!

    13:00 in and Joe is up 1-0. Angle back to his feet and they stare down from across the ring. Joe charges with a boot to Angle, and then lays in the chops. Eye rake by Angle, rights to Joe now. More rights by Angle and Joe is down as Angle nailed Joe in the throat. Mounted headlock by Angle now into a modified camel clutch. Angle slides back to the headlock again. Joe fights to his feet, elbows out and Angle clubs away at the back of Joe. Olympic slam countered by Joe, SICK LEAPING KNEE by Joe! Clutch by Joe, no ANKLE LOCK APPLIED~! Joe taps!

    16:15 in now, 1-1 is the score. Angle back to the leg, kicking away at the knee of Joe. Angle chokes out Joe in the corner now. Uppercuts by Angle, cover gets 2. Angle back to the headlock and half scissors on Joe. Crowd still very lively at this point. Joe rolls Angle, but he still holds on. Joe to his feet, elbows out and Olympic slam countered, Angle covers for 2 though. Angle trips Joe and gets the ankle lock again with the grapevine! Joe Taps!

    19:00 and Angle is up 2-1. Angle stalks Joe, rights to Joe in the corner. Joe back with jabs, but Angle kicks the leg. Uppercuts to Joe, who can barely stand. Angle kicks away at the knee again. Uppercuts, Irish whip but Joe gets an STO on Angle. Rapid fire punches by Joe. Irish whip…RUNNING KNEE OF DOOM! Sets Angle up top…Angle slips out of the muscle buster and rolls up Joe for 2. Olympic Slam by Angle! 1…2…NO! STRAPS DOWN! Ankle lock applied again! Joe rolls, Angle slams into the corner and Joe sets Angle up top…MUSCLE BUSTA~! 1…2…3!

    22:30 in and we are tied 2-2. Jabs by Joe now. He rocks Angle in the corner, off the ropes and Angle CHOP BLOCKS Joe. Angle gets a step over toehold on Joe now and rolls into the ankle lock with the grapevine! Joe fights, Angle changes to a standing position and Joe rolls out and Angle to the apron. Up top…Leaps…Joe catches him, reverses, German countered and Angle gets a victory roll and gets the pin!

    25:00 in and Angle leads 3-2. Joe fires up and goes after Angle with rights and lefts. Angle to the floor and Joe follows. Angle kicks the knee again, uppercuts and they exchange shots now. Angle back in and catches Joe on the way on. Rights by Angle now, uppercuts and charges…STJOE~! Joe has Angle, sets him up top…rights to Angle, he slides out and pulls Joe down and slams his knee off of the steel post! Again! The ref warns him and he beats down Joe on the floor. Angle tries to stay away from Joe, back into the ring and jabs by Joe. 2-minutesleft in the match. Joe has Angle up top again…LEAPING Enziguri! MUSCLE BUSTA~! 1…2…ANGLE GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES! Joe goes for the clutch, Angle tries an ankle lock but Joe rolls, clutch try, Angle rolls and Joe back for a clutch try. MMA elbows by Joe, ANKLE LOCK BY JOE! 20-seconds left, Angle fights…GRAPEVINE BY JOE! 7…6…5…4…3…2…1!

    Angle taps after the bell at 30:01. Angle gets the title shot next month.

    Winner: Kurt Angle @ 30:00 via 3-2 decision ***¾

  • A disappointing match to many, due to people’s high expectations and the fact that Joe took another loss to Angle. But a good match overall.

    6. (TNA Slammiversary) KING OF THE MOUNTAIN MATCH: Angle vs. Harris vs. Cage vs. Joe vs. AJ

    They all start brawling in the ring. Chops by Joe, and Joe won the TEXT poll they say. AJ and Cage beat down Harris. Off the ropes and AJ corner clotheslines Harris. Cage as well. AJ and Cage celebrate and AJ lets Cage pin him but Angle breaks it up. Angle cleans house and Joe pulls him to the floor. Harris and Cage battle and AJ kills Harris with a dropkick. AJ wants Cage to lay down and he refuses as Angle is tossed into the cage and AJ rolls up Cage for 2. Harris lariats Cage and eats and Enziguri by AJ. Superman forearm stopped by Joe. Joe SLAMS AJ by the legs into railing. Joe kills Cage and gets tossed. Harris gets the catatonic try, countered and Harris with the full nelson bomb for 2. AJ in and eats the catatonic as Cage was hit and Harris pins AJ.

    AJ to the box and Harris is eligible to climb the ladder. 4-minutes in BTW. Cage and Harris brawl ringside now. Joe throws a ladder at them and levels them! Angle in and a face wash by Joe. Olay blocked and a GERMAN by Angle! Another! A 3rd! Cage in and breaks it up. Slam to Angle and Angle counters into an ankle lock. Joe grabs the clutch on Cage as well and the ref goes to let AJ out. AJ and Harris break that up. Angle and Harris brawl and he sends Angle to the floor. They set the ladder up across the apron and railing. Cage falls and CROTCHES himself on the ladder! AJ and Harris brawl, Asai DDT by AJ and a cover for 2 as Joe breaks that up. PELE to Joe! Superman forearm by AJ connects! AJ has Angle, clash try and Angle gets the ankle lock! AJ escapes and kicks Angle to the floor. AJ charges Harris and gets tossed onto Cage who was still on the ladder! Harris grabs the ladder, has the belt and climbs! Angle in and Angle slams Harris off the ladder! 1…2…3!

    8:48 in, Harris to the box and Angle is eligible. Joe in and a SNAP powerslam on Angle! Cage in and Joe murders him with shots and STJOE on Cage! ISLAND DRIVER ON AJ~! AJ set up top…MUSCLE BUSTA~! 1…2… Angle stops that! Angle slam countered and Angle bumps the ref. CLUTCH BY JOE~! Angle phantom taps as the ref is out. Cage in and KILLS Joe with the ladder! Ref is back and Cage pins Angle.

    11:00 in and Angle to the box and Cage is eligible. Cage has the ladder, gets the belt and climbs. Joe is up and grabs his leg. Joe climbs…nails Cage and GETS A CUTTER OFF THE LADDER~! Harris is out and rolls into the ring. He grabs the ladder and sets it up. He gets the belt and climbs. Joe is up and he and Harris brawl. He hits Joe with the title and then nails Cage. AJ DROPKICKS THE LADDER AND HARRIS IS DOWN~! AJ climbs the ropes and onto the penalty box! Joe up with him, they brawl on top of the box! They tease a suplex…Joe nails AJ and has the choke on! LOW BLOW by AJ! Joe chops ay AJ and TOSSES HIM OFF THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE~! Cage and Harris up to the top of the box and Harris gut busters Cage into the ring! Angle is up and Harris DIVES with a lariat to Angle! Crowd is going bananas! Harris sets the ladder and Cage grabs him and they brawl. Harris battles Cage and Angle. FUNK LADDER SPOT~! He resets the ladder and gets the title belt. He climbs and Cage slides back in as Angle stirs. Cage tosses him off the ladder! He then throws the ladder into his face and Harris is down! Cage sets the ladder, grabs the belt and climbs. Angle is up and grabs an ankle lock on Cage on the ladder! Cage kicks Angle away and has the belt again. They battle up top and Harris SPEARS Cage off and Angle has the belt! He climbs…and hangs the title!

    Winner and NEW TNA CHAMPION Kurt Angle @ 19:25 ****

  • The addition of Harris was nice and most of the crowd was hot for him because they thought the surprise man may walk out with the title. Hard work by everyone involved and it pays off with a **** effort, but at the bottom of those matches due to it being a gimmick affair with so many people.

    5. (TNA Lockdown) Lethal Lockdown Match: TEAM CAGE (Christian Cage, Scott Steiner, Tomko, Abyss, & AJ Styles) vs. TEAM ANGLE (Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, & Rhino)
    Winner of the fall gets the next title shot at Sacrifice.

    -AJ and Angle kick things off. They will go 5-minutes and then others will come in at 2-minute intervals. The pins or submission only can come after all the men are in and the lethal lockdown cage top closes. AJ plays stay away and mocks Angle. Arm drag by Angle. Headlock takedown by Angle, AJ fights to his feet and then a shoulder block by Angle. Angle lays the boots to AJ, side back breaker by Angle and more boots to AJ. Uppercuts by Angle, then rights and an Irish whip and AJ counters with rights. Charges and Angle slams him down. Slam by Angle, uppercuts again by Angle. Irish whip and Angle misses and NAILS the steel post VERY hard, like that shouldn’t have happened Bill Goldberg hard. Rights by AJ as he takes control. He chokes out Angle and talks shit. Snap mare and a headlock by AJ. Angle escapes, off the ropes and eats a spinkick. Angle manages an Angle slam on AJ, but the time runs down and the next man in is…Abyss!

    -Abyss hits the ring and Angle is over to greet him with rights. Abyss grabs Angle, Shock treatment connects. Mitchell is ringside now and he and Race argue. Abyss beats down Angle now. AJ backs off Abyss and slams Angle to the corner. He chokes out Angle and Abyss helps in the beat down. Corner splash by Abyss connects.

    -Rhino is now out to the ring. He charges in and starts to clean house. Off the ropes and a corner gore to Abyss. One for AJ as well. Belly to belly on Abyss. Gore is countered and then he gets a flying clothesline on Abyss. Rhino catapults AJ into the cage. Angle and Rhino double team Abyss and double shoulder block him. Rhino back to attack AJ, Angle beats down Abyss with boots.

    -Tomko is out now. Bog boot to Rhino. Stiff clothesline to Angle and AJ is bleeding already. Tomko with a charging knee to Rhino. He slams Rhino to the cage and then a running powerslam on Angle. Rhino is busted open now as well. Angle tries to battle with Abyss but Abyss slams him down. Abyss chokes out Angle now, and Tomko with a big boot to Rhino.

    -Joe now is out and starts to whoop ass. Head butts to all! Atomic drop to Abyss, yakuza and the senton splash connects! Back elbow to Tomko and then the 2nd rope knee of death! Dropkick by AJ, charges…STJOE~! Sets AJ up top…MUSCLE BUSTA~! GERMAN on Tomko by Angle! Another! A 3rd! A 4th! A 5th!

    -Steiner hits the ring now and levels Angle with a clothesline. Overhead belly to belly on Angle. One for Joe! Sets Rhino up top…FUCKING TOP ROPE FRANKENSTEINER 2k7 ON RHINO~!!!!!!!!!! SCOTT STEINER IS MY HERO! Belly to Belly on Angle! They all brawl now as Team Cage has control, Joe with a leaping Enziguri on Abyss!

    -Sting hits the ring to even things up. Clotheslines for all by Sting. Deathdrop on Abyss! Stinger splash on Steiner! One for Abyss! Then onto Tomko and AJ! Sting crotches Steiner on the top rope and rocks him almost to the floor through the door. Joe and AJ battle up top, Tomko up as well and Abyss is up. Rhino and Sting over and TOWER OF DOOOOOOM~~~~! Sting has the deathlock on Steiner and here comes Christian Cage.

    -Cage takes his time to get to the ring. He tosses Rhino to the cage and then chops for Sting. Sting gets a backdrop on Cage. Chops by Cage, Sting laughs and no sells and fires up and starts to kick Cage’s ass! Stinger splash connects on Cage! Another connects! He slams Cage into the cage. Deathlock applied on Cage! AJ save shim and Rhino and he brawl.

    -And here comes JJ! JJ is in and smiles, dropkick to Abyss. One for Steiner! Then Tomko and then AJ. Here comes the top of the cage and Lethal Lockdown has begun. They stand off and then all charge and brawl! They try to get weapons and JJ tosses Cage into the steel. JJ gets a bat and tosses it to Sting. A trashcan for Rhino! Nightstick for Joe! He gets a trashcan lid and nails Abyss. Joe lays out a trashcan and JJ kills Steiner with lid shots. Steel pipe shot to Abyss by JJ. AJ has the bat and starts to clean house on Team Angle. Angle takes it from him and a GERMAN on AJ! Another tried but a low blow by AJ. AJ up top…leaps to the roof and goes to the top ala last year. Angle looks to follow AJ and does! Mitchell gives Abyss 2 bags of tacks. Harley Race lays out Mitchell with lefts! AJ and Angle fight up top and Joe and Tomko fight on the top rope, Enziguri by Joe and then a GORE TO TOMKO AND HE FLIES OUT OF THE CAGE~! AJ and Angle fight up top, chair shot to Angle and he is down. Rhino to the floor and Steiner as well. They brawl ringside. ELBOW SUICIDA TO TOMKO BYJOE~! Steiner kills Joe with the NWA Title belt. Abyss lays out the tacks now, JJ up and GOOZLE! Sting over, GOOZLE! They counter and Sting and JJ CHOKESLAM TO CAGE INTOTHE TACKS~! Abyss attacks Sting…BLACK HOLE SLAM TO JJ INTO THE TACKS! Angle and AJ brawl up top…near the edge and AJ almost falls…ANGLE THROWS HIM OFF ONTO STEINER, TOMKO AND JOE~! HOLY SHIT~! Abyss has more tacks and fills them into JJ’s Guitar! Crowd loving this match. He grabs the guitar…Sting stops Abyss and JJ has the guitar, Sting turns around and then JJ hits ABYSS! He points to Sting to cover, he does and Sting gets the win due to JJ.

    Winners: TEAM ANGLE (Sting) @ 28:15 via pin ****

  • Another **** effort, but near the bottom of these matches due to it being a gimmick affair with so many people.

    4. (TNA Destination X) NWA TITLE MATCH: Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe

    They stand off mid-ring and here we go. Leg kicks by Joe to begin. More leg kicks and Christian to the apron. Greco Roman Knuckle Lock, Christian with a go behind and Joe escapes into a hammerlock. Off the ropes and Joe slides down with a headlock on Christian. Lefts by Christian, counters by both and Joe gets a shoulder block and that takes Christian down. Joe brings him back in, open hand slaps and kicks by Joe who is in firm control right now. Chops by Joe, Irish whip and a back elbow by Christian and then misses a 2nd rope cross body as Joe just walks away. SICK kicks to the head, knee drop by Joe as well and a cover for 2. More kicks by Joe and a running one takes Christian to the floor. Joe follows and after a reversal gets whipped to the steel post. Christian with rights, backs up and gets a chair. He tosses it away as he is reminded that he can lose on a DQ. He charges at Joe…STJOE ON THE FLOOR, which makes a SPLAT sound when he lands. Joe tosses Christian into the crowd and we have returned to the TNA MAIN EVENT STYLE~! Joe in control just beating down on Christian. He slams Christian to the wall and uses a crutch and nails Christian. They go to another part of the crowd and Joe is killing Christian. Sets Christian up…charges and…OLAY to Christian! Finally back to ringside we go. On the apron and Christian with a boot and DDT’s Joe on the apron! Joe hangs there and Christian with boots to the head and then rolls him back into the ring. 2nd rope back spinning elbow by Christian gets 2. Rights and knees by Christian, but a big kick by Joe, but he misses the running senton. Elbow drop by Christian and covers for 1. Kicks by Christian and then rakes the eyes. Christian with a choke and the ref breaks it. Head butts by Joe, picks Christian up and he counters it and gets the inverted DDT and covers for 2. Christian chokes Joe over the top rope now. He stand on his back and chokes him more. Joe now fires back after slaps by Christian. Christian to the 2nd rope…leaps and JOE KILLS HIM WITH A LEAPING KICK! They exchange shots from their knees now. To their feet, charging forearms by Joe and then the corner knee of doom! Mounted punches in the corner by Joe. Christian tries to powerbomb out and falls and Joe with more rights. Running face wash by Joe! Cover by Joe for 2. Irish whip and a reversal, back elbow to Christian, Joe off the second rope with a sick knee strike and cover for 2! Christian off the ropes, snap powerslam by Joe for a CLOSE 2! Christian goes for the Unprettier…POWERBOMB by Joe gets 2, into the Boston Crab now! Transition into the STF, and now the cross face! Middle of the ring now with the cross face!. Joe now transitions into the choke and Cage grabbed the ref and rolls for the ropes. Christian on the apron, springs in and gets the Unprettier! 1…2…NO! Crowd wants Joe to win badly. Christian with a headlock, onto Joe’s back and Joe looks to be fading. No, he runs and sits back ad breaks the hold! Christian on the apron and Joe KILLS HIM WITH A SPEAR and they fall to the floor, Joe not so kindly I may add. Both men battle to get back into the ring, Cage looks to walk away and Joe stops the count. The X-Division guys come out and tosses Christian back into the ring! ISLAND DRIVER by Joe! The ref is dealing with the X-Goofs and is back now, 1…2…NO. Christian pulls the ref in front of him and gets killed with a Joe kick. Joe goes for the elbow suicida but Cage nails him with a chair, but the ref is out. Christian gets the chair again, misses Joe and Joe back with wild slaps. MUSCLE BUSTA BY JOE~! Joe kicks the ref to wake him up…1…2…NO!!!!! Clutch try, low blow by Christian. Christian up top…ENZIGURI BY JOE! CLUTCH while Cage is in the ropes, he kicks off and Joe locks it in, down to the mat, Cage rolls and gets his feet on the ropes and gets the pin!

    Winner: Christian Cage @ 17:10 via pin ****

  • The first single PPV match with Cage and Joe that exceeded expectations and was, at the time, Cage’s best singles effort in TNA.

    3. (TNA Genesis) #1 CONTENDER’S LADDER MATCH Christian Cage vs. Kaz

    Lock up and they go to the corner, and they break. Boots by Cage, rights and then chops to Kaz. More chops, Kaz counters and kicks to Cage and a spin kick takes Cage down. Kaz looks for a ladder, grabs it and Cage to the floor and stops Kaz. Cage tosses him back into the ring and lays the boots to him. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Cage. Grinds the boot off of Kaz’s face and then celebrates does Cage. Cage grabs a ladder, Kaz to the floor and Cage beats him down and tosses him into the ring. Kaz kicks the ladder into Cage and then gets a HUGE cross body into the ladder and Cage! Cage got his mouth busted open for sure off of that. His eye is cut as well. Yeah, it’s already getting black and blue. Cage beats down Kaz and then gets another ladder and places it between the ring and railing. Kaz slams Cage off of it, lays him on it and then Cage low blows him. Cage kicks him back onto the ladder and then goes up top. FROG SPLASH ONTO KAZ ON THE LADDER and it doesn’t break! Crowd is finally alive again. Cage in the ring with a ladder, sets it up and climbs. Kaz in and shoves Cage off the ladder, but Cage gets a clothesline to take Kaz down. Kaz whips Cage into a ladder in the corner. Kaz puts the ladder in front of him and charges, but Cage tosses the ladder into his face! The blood has all but stopped from Cage, which is good. Nasty cut though. Cage catapults Kaz into a ladder. Cage sets up the ladder, climbs and Kaz tries to stop him, pulls Cage down and Cage clubs away at him. Kaz slams Cage into the ladder, but then Kaz tosses the ladder back at Cage. Ladder in the corner and then Kaz KILLS Cage with it and send shim to the floor. Kaz sets up the ladder, climbs and Cage is in, grabs a ladder and nails Kaz with it. Two ladders set up and Cage climbs. They brawl on top, Cage fights…grabs Kaz and INVERTED DDT off the top of the ladders! Cage sets a ladder in the corner, grabs Kaz and Kaz counters and Monkey flips Cage onto the ladder! Springboard leg drop onto Cage, who was still on the ladder. Kaz grabs a ladder and suplexes it onto Cage! Kaz sets a ladder in the corner and wedges it in the ropes. He climbs…Cage is on a ladder in the ring…LEG DROP ONTO THE LADDER and misses Cage! Cage grabs a ladder and rams it into Kaz. Again to the back of Kaz. Cage sets it and goes to climb. Kaz up and Cage kicks him away. Cage almost has it…MISSILE DROKICK into the ladder by Kaz and Cage is down. The paper of the contract falls off and the refs say he has to grab the clipboard to win. They set the ladder and climb. AJ and Tomko are out to root Cage on. They climb, Cage tells AJ to go and Kaz climbs as AJ and Tomko argue. The ladder teeters and Cage falls onto Tomko and AJ. Kaz stood on the ropes, kicks the ladder back center and WINS THE MATCH! Cool finish as Kaz stopped on the top when Cage fell, and pushed himself and the ladder back into center and grabbed the clipboard.

    Winner: Kaz @ 15:10 ****

  • Cage went back to his ladder match roots here and worked a very smart match to help get Kaz over here, who with his performance and the win had a career night.

    2. (TNA Bound for Glory) Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe

    Mat Morgan is too good for a shirt as the special enforcer. They circle and talk smack. Joe misses a kick and Cage backs off. Lock up and Joe slams Cage face first to the mat. Lock up and reversals, headlock by Joe and off the ropes, but Joe holds on. Crowd is hot for Joe. Joe slams Cage down, they lock up and to the corner they go. Cage slaps Joe and Joe slaps back. Irish whip and running knee of doom by Joe! Choke by Joe, face wash time! Joe misses the running kick, chops and rights by Cage. Back elbow by Joe and then the 2nd rope leg lariat to Cage. Chops, kicks and Joe flapjacks Cage. Knee drop by Joe and Cage rolls to the apron. Cage nails Joe, up top and Joe grabs him, chops and tree of woe! Running kick by Joe to Cage! To the apron they go, Joe tries to suplex Cage, eye rake and a kick by Cage and Joe to the floor. Cage up top…CROSS BODY EATS RAILING! ELBOW SUICIDA BY JOE~! Joe gets a chair ad puts Cage onto it. Chops by Joe…OLAY, OLAY, OLAY, OLAY KILLS CAGE and knocks down the railing! Cage slams Joe to the apron and then gets a spike DDT on the floor. Into the ring they go and Cage lays the boots to Joe. Cage chokes Joe on the ropes and takes control. Joe tries to fight back, but a back elbow by Cage gets 2. Cage gets a seated head scissors on Joe. Joe stands up with Cage, Cage slides down and gets an inverted DDT for 2. Cage up top…MISSES the frog splash! They fight from their knees, rights and slaps by both. Joe tosses Cage to the apron, ENZIGURI kills Cage and he falls to the floor. Cage tries to run and Morgan is here to scare him and Joe gets the SPINNING PLANCHA on Cage! Back into the ring, clotheslines by Joe. Irish whip and Cage misses a cross body as Joe sidesteps him. SICK clothesline by Joe turns Cage inside out and covers for 2. To the corner, Cage set up top…Muscle Buster try and Cage escapes…leaps off and KOKINA CLUTCH by Joe, countered and Joe now gets a corner powerbomb! Atomic drop, running kick and the senton connects! 1…2…NO! In the corner, Cage powerbombs Joe off the top, gets the ropes and only gets 2. Roll up try, and Joe gets the clutch again! Cage rolls out and lays the boots to Joe. Kick by Joe, snap powerslam gets 2! Cage to the apron, Joe grabs him and they brawl. Up top they go…head butt and they fall, Joe to the ring and Cage to the floor. Tomko is out now. Morgan tells him to get out of here and they brawl! AJ is out now and hits the ring. Morgan stops him as well and choke tosses him into Tomko. Morgan chases them away with a chair. LOW BLOW by Cage to Joe! Unprettier on Joe! 1…2…NO! Cage locks in the choke now, gimmick infringement! Joe is fading, the arms drop…but Joe is alive! Stands up and Joe rams Cage to a corner, ENZIGURI! MUSCLE BUSTA~! KOKINA CLUTCH BY JOE! CAGE TAPS!

    Winner: Samoa Joe @ 15:45 via submission ****¼

  • The last PPV meeting between the two men saw not only another great effort, but Cage take his first submission loss in TNA in nearly 2-years. An excellent match.

    1. (TNA Sacrifice) TEXAS DEATH MATCH: Chris Harris vs. James Storm

    They are doing pins and then answering the 10 count.

    They brawl on the ramp to begin. Hip toss by Harris on the ramp. They fight into the crowd and brawl. Into the bleachers and Harris with wild lefts. Storm fights back and Harris slams Storm to the wall and then tries to toss him over the edge. Storm fights back and they continue to brawl, TNA MAIN EVET STYLE. By the way, Impactwrestling.com is stealing this recap and they suck balls. Storm tosses a drink into Harris’ face and then he gets tossed into the wall. Some dude almost got hit. Harris has a beer bottle and is in the ring drinking. Harris then hits a HUGE TOP ROPE CROSS BODY over the railing onto Storm! Harris covers for 3 @ 4:15. The ref counts for Storm and he makes his feet at 8. Back ringside and Harris brings him in the ring. Harris up top, and Storm tosses a chair into his face and Harris is stuck in the tree of woe, hanging outside the ring. Storm KILLS Harris with a chair shot and he is busted open. Storm gets a table now. He sets it up, sets him up top and climbs. Harris counters a RANA and Storm hits hard. Counters and Harris tries a sharpshooter, but nails him in the gut. Harris CATAPULTS Storm into he table bottom! Storm is busted open big time as well! Harris sets up the table, lefts by Harris and grabs Storm, suplex countered by Storm, and Storm gets the WHILRY BIRD through the table! Storm covers for 3 @ 9:30. The ref counts and Harris battles to his feet and is up at 9! Storm moves the table, and gets a new one. He is pouring blood now. Storm sets up the table on the floor and they duke it out. Storm grabs a powerbomb, Harris escapes and to the apron. Boot by Storm, and a hanging DDT by Storm. Storm now gets toys from under the ring and tosses them in. Trashcan stuff. Storm is bleeding a ton. Kendo stick as well. HARRIS SPEARS HIM OFF THE APRONAND THEY GO THROUGH THE TABLEON THE FLOOR! Harris landed badly as well. Jackie tries to toss Harris off of a pin and Storm is in a pool of blood. Harris has a chair and they get back into the ring. Misses and a SUPERKICK by Storm into the chair! 1…2…NO! Storm nails him with lid shots and Harris is down. Harris back with shots. Storm with a shot. Catatonic through a trashcan! 1…2…NO! Storm IS the definition of a crimson mask. Jackie in and has handcuffs and beats down Harris. GAIL is here and she handcuffs Jackie and drags her away. Storm has the beer bottle and Harris has one as well. Harris NAILS Storm and he is dead. 1…2…3. The ref works the count and Storm cannot answer.

    WINNER: Chris Harris @ 17:18 via Not Answering the Count ****½

  • And finally we come to what I feel was the BEST TNA match of the year, the Texas Death Match between Storm and Harris. This was just raw hate and emotion that translated into a war in the ring. I love this match, and it is just a shame that the booking and management has held these guys back because after this effort they were on the cusp of something big.

    My Take On Breakdown:
    I always like to do this. I love to look at who was in the matches, who made it into the most matches listed above for fun. I will do that, listing guys who made at least two matches and leave you all with that.

    Samoa Joe – 6
    Christian Cage – 5
    Kurt Angle – 4
    AJ Styles – 2
    Brother Ray – 2
    Brother Devon – 2
    Kaz – 2
    Chris Harris – 2

    If you have a match you think should have been listed, shoot me an email and tell me why!

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