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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (9.23.1995)

May 16, 2018 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Jim Cornette Smoky Mountain Wrestling
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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (9.23.1995)  

-Originally aired September 23, 1995.

-Your hosts are Les Thatcher & Chip Kessler.

TOMMY RICH (with General Jim Cornette & The Punisher) vs LARRY SANTO
-They duel for a top wristlock until Cornette distracts Santo, and Rich sneaks up with a forearm to take control. Clothesline and an elbow by Rich, and he chokes out Santo in the corner. DDT gets three for Rich.

-We flash back to last week. Cornette runs down Buddy Landell for having an ugly wife, and Landell runs out and chases the group off with a chair. Bob Armstrong comes out and fines him $500 for using the weapon, but then says because he has his own personal issues with The Militia, as a show of friendship, he’ll pay the $500 out of his own pocket for Landell, as long as Landell understands that this is his only freebie.

-General Cornette warns that old drunk Buddy Landell that the Militia will permanently cork his bottle.
-We go to the locker room, where Robert Gibson tells his new tag team partner, Chris Michaels, to keep his ears open and listen to a veteran, and he can go far in this business.

-In the other locker room, Tom Prichard is wearing a new “orthopedic boot” so he can continue competing with an injured leg, and the subtle undertone here is that they’ve loaded the boot with a weapon as long as Prichard has clearance to wear it anyway.

-Gibson hiptosses Prichard and Michaels (who’s been given a Ricky Morton-esque makeover and they might as well call him Curly Ricky DeRita) and they clear the ring with dropkicks. Back in, Gibson gets caught in the Bodies’ corner but just throws a flurry of elbows and gets away without any harm. Michaels tags in and goes for a Frankensteiner, but Del Ray turns it into a powerbomb. Big backdrop by Del Ray, and in comes Prichard.

-Prichard gets some heat by outright calling Michaels “a Ricky Morton wannabe.” He flips his partner on top of Michaels for a two-count. Del Ray applies a chinlock and we get a classic too-long crowd shot to let us know that Michaels screwed something up. Stunner by Michaels breaks the hold—“Comet! Comet! Comet!” and a hot tag brings Gibson in to clean house. Prichard loads the boot and knocks Michaels out cold. Series of boots by Prichard to work Gibson over, and the Thugs come out to call bullshit on this whole thing and clear the ring, which is sure nice of them except they just totally cost Robert Gibson the match.

-Chip Kessler welcomes Brad Armstrong. We go back to “last week’s show” and see highlights from Brad Armstrong vs. Al Snow. Gordy steals the SMW Title belt but he’s talked into returning it by the powers that be. We get pretaped words from General Cornette, demanding Terry Gordy’s property back.

-Brad, live in the arena and sounding more than ever like a midday country station DJ, promises that the good people of SMW like him, and he won’t back down.

-Halloween Scream Tour ’95 is coming. Kids in Halloween costumes are admitted free!

-Landell lights into Kyle with punches until Kyle goes out to the floor for a time-out. Back in, Kyle tries a backdrop but Landell just counters it with an uppercut and Kyle takes another break. Back in, Buddy pokes his eyes and rakes his back. More punching and stomping and it’s pretty clear that Landell doesn’t have much experience working babyface.

-Kyle gets an Irish whip, but Landell clothesline him on the attempted charge, and the figure four finishes.

-Buddy Landell says he’s had guns pointed to his head and he’s had to sleep on bare floors from screwing his life up. That’s all in the past, but that’s the reason that he’s not afraid of the militia. He calls Tommy Rich “Sgt. Carter” and says his stupid haircut is proof that he lives the gimmick.

-The Thugs know that Prichard’s boot is bogus, man, and they’re gonna strip that boot right off of him.

BOO BRADLEY vs THE PUNISHER (with General Jim Cornette)
-Punisher manages to backdrop big Boo but misses an elbow. Punisher cuts off the comeback and applies a chinlock. Bradley elbows out and backdrops Punisher, who tries to land on his feet, bungles it, shakes it off quickly, and takes Bradley back down with a clothesline. Back to the chinlock. Bossman legdrop by Punisher gets two.

-Back to the chinlock. Boo is still in this, reversing an Irish whip but missing a corner charge. Vader bomb by Punisher gets two. Chinlock #4. Boo escapes but crashes on an attempted moonsault. Punisher ducks a charge and Boo ends up on the floor. For no good reason, Punisher grabs a chair and whacks Boo with it, getting himself DQed and earning himself a fine under the new SMW rules.

-After the bell, Punisher goes nuts on Boo’s leg with the chair. Bob and Brad Armstrong put a stop to it, but Boo’s injured.

-Commissioner Armstrong has three announcements to close out the show.
#1: Punisher is fined $500.
#2: He can’t really do anything about Tom Prichard’s boot unless somebody can show him some kind of evidence first.
#3. He wants another match against Jim Cornette, and to make it fair, he’ll fight Cornette with one hand tied behind his back.

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The 411
Two okay feuds and one just-okay one. It's not a good sign when Cornette is recycling an angle and even using the same team. The Heavenly Bodies already had a suspicious loaded boot. We know how this story ends.