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Wardlow On Why His Feud With MJF Is The Most Entertaining in Wrestling

May 27, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Wardlow AEW Dynamite Image Credit: AEW

Wardlow believes his storyline with MJF is the most captivating in wrestling right now, and he recently explained why. The AEW star, who is set to face his rival at AEW Double or Nothing with his professional freedom on the line, spoke with Jon Alba for a new interview for One on One on AdFreeShows and talked about his feud with MJF. Wardlow noted that the angle is as entertaining as it is because it’s the two of them.

“The reason Max and I are arguably the hottest and most interesting, most entertaining, most captivating storyline in professional wrestling is simply because it’s me and Max,” he said (per Fightful). “This truly does not work with any two other people. Max is the epitome of evil. I don’t know if I would say I am the epitome of good but I am most definitely the yin to his yang. MJF and Wardlow will go down in history as one of the greatest wrestling feuds of all time and something tells me after this weekend, I’m sure it’s not over. I don’t see Max wanting to show his face around here, but Max and I — I feel like we’ll be married forever, just because we’ve done so much together and for it all to come to this. You talk about Max, he’s unique, he’s special. He is special, I will say as shitty of a human being he is, when it comes to this business, he is special. He is once in a lifetime. You haven’t seen someone like him in years. But you haven’t seen someone like me in decades.”

He went on to say that he’s learned a ton from his time with MJF, noting, “Oh, man. I’ve learned so many positives and negatives. I will say as far as being a human being, he has taught me what not to be. Just his daily interactions with people are so wildly disrespectful. But as far as business goes, I think we can all agree when it comes to business. He’s a very intelligent individual and he’s very, very smart. He’s very tactical with his decision-making, and the business he does with people, and [the deals he makes] only benefits him. So I respect the fact that he’s such a good businessman. I do not respect him as a human being and knocking some respect into him this Sunday is my goal.”

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