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Wesley Blake on Being Taken Off TV After Jaxson Ryker’s Tweet, Ryker Being a Babyface on Raw

June 24, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Forgotten Sons Jaxson Ryker, Wesley Blake

Wesley Blake recently discussed the Forgotten Sons being taken off TV last year after Jaxson Ryker’s controversial tweet, his release and more in a new interview. Blake spoke with Wrestling Inc and talked about the group’s removal from Smackdown after the tweet last summer, Ryker’s current Raw push and more. You can check out highlights below:

On what went down after Ryker’s tweet: “When Ryker made the tweet, Steve and myself, we messaged him and just said, ‘Can you please take that tweet down?’ He’s his own man. He said, ‘No, I will not. I will stand by that tweet.’ Well, me and Steve, we’re going to put out our own opinions and our own statements to kind of separate ourselves from you, which he understood. And then Steve and myself, the very next day, we went in to the Performance Center to talk with creative and kind of make amends. That’s what Ryker did, here’s what the opinion of Steve and I, and at first, what creative told us that we were going to lay low for two weeks, then we will kind of pick back up with us and New Day.”

On the group being taken off TV: “They said, ‘We’re just gonna let this blow over for two weeks, and then we’ll kind of pick it back up.’ When we left there [the PC], we thought everything was still going to be a okay. But then, of course, a week later, we get a text saying that The New Day will be feuding with Shinsuke [Nakamura] and Cesaro, and so that’s when Steve and myself, which we told Ryker, ‘Hey, we’re going to pitch ideas with us three, but we’re also gonna pitch ideas with just Steven and myself.’ That’s when we were off TV for a good while, and that’s when we didn’t find out till that December that Ryker get moved to Raw, and we were staying on SmackDown.”

On Ryker being a babyface on Raw: “It’s whatever the company wants to do. That’s nothing that I can control. That’s what creative wants to do with him so more power to them if that’s what they want to do. I told Steve, ‘We made our tweets. We made our voices known, and now the best thing we can do is just try to make the best out of it.’ And that’s what Steve and I did. We pitched stuff. We sent multiple pitch ideas for a plethora of stuff. We kind of threw everything at them.”

On his reaction to his release: “One thing about us get released, I call it a blessing in disguise just because I was able to, one, be with my family a little bit more. When I first got hired by NXT / WWE, I thought I was gonna be a lifer. I’m gonna sit here, work my way up through WWE, and hopefully, I can be one of the few that would stay here and continue to work with incredible talents here for the rest of my career. But unfortunately, that didn’t happen. But I am excited to work with other companies, with other incredible talents because the great thing about everything starting to open up again, there’s a lot of companies with a lot of incredible talent that I am looking forward to working with.”