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Latest AEW Games 2.Show Features In-Game Footage of Darby Allin, More

June 17, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Game Darby Allin

The latest AEW Games 2.Show showed off footage of Darby Allin in the upcoming console game and more. You can see the video below along with screenshots of the footage of Allin, which both shows off the modeling and features Allin in a development build of the game.

The episode featured some updates on all the AEW games. Host Allie and guest Aubrey Edwards announced that AEW Casino Double or Nothing is getting more AEW-related content on the way including AEW-branded slot machines and other new content like gifts, with Edwards noting that they want the game to feel more like an AEW game.

Edwards also discussed the updates that AEW Elite GM has gone through since the closed beta began. She noted that they’ve been squashing a lot of bugs and making it work right across multiple devices, along with stress testing servers by adding more and more users to the closed beta. She noted that another beta may be coming in the near future.

Finally, Kenny Omega appeared (in voiceover) to give an update on the console game with the footage of Allin in game.

AEW Console Game – Darby Allin In-Game Footage