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Top 8 Most Anticipated Games of 2024

January 31, 2024 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Image Credit: Squaresoft

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! This week I’m here to talk about games going forward in the next year, specifically, what I’m most excited about. Some of these games will be on most everyone’s lists but not all of them, this is just my own list. I wanted to get this column out before February because there are at least three big games coming out that I really want. Let’s begin:

#8: Helldivers 2

When I’ve seen the trailers for this game my immediate thought has been “What if Earth Defense Force was actually good?”. EDF is like a D-list franchise but Helldivers 2 looks at least a B-tier game, possibly more, depending on how long and interesting it is. The shift from it being a top-down game of the first one to now a behind the back third person game is probably going to be good, since more people will feel at place with it. I just hope you can turn off the squad-killing stuff that the first game had as well.

#7: The Wolf Among Us 2

It’s kind of an open question if this game is still being worked on or if it comes out in 2024 but I am somewhat optimistic. I really enjoyed the first Among Us game and count it among the top 3 games Telltale has ever done. While it was a licensed game, it didn’t adhere to the original franchise and had a good take on the material. Plus, the original game was just very well-written, good music and was fun. I hope the sequel can live up to it, since this new version of Telltale seems to be doing well.

#6: Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game

I really love Snowrunner, even to this day. It’s a bit janky when it comes to the mechanics of doing quests but just exploring the environments and trying to figure out how to get somewhere is top-notch. From the trailers I’ve seen Expeditions to really ditch the whole quest system and focuses much more on scaling mountains, getting across muddy terrain, etc., which is what I want. It also looks to have more varied settings for you to explore and hopefully the world won’t be quite as static. Snowrunner is the perfect relaxation game, so I hope this continues in the same mold.

#5: Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes

Eh, if Konami isn’t going to make a new Suikoden, why don’t the creators do it instead? Crowd funded games are a bit of a mixed bag but this has some of the right people involved so I am still optimistic it’ll be good. I mean, it does look like a modern Suikoden game and that’s what they pitched. While a lot of the most Suikoden stuff won’t make it into this game sadly, like runes, Viki/Jeanne, or all 108 Stars of Destiny, it does look to recapture the spirit of the old Suikoden franchise, so that’s nice. I’m also really looking forward to the Suikoden 1+2 HD collection as well.

#4: Tomba (Limited Run Games)

This is a partial cheat since this is just a port/slight remaster of an old game, but who cares? Tomba is high on my list of top Metroidvania games ever, simply because it’s very fun to play. There are ways you can screw yourself, if you do certain events out of order or if you kill enemies incorrectly, you’ll miss out on a few events. Hopefully with this slight remaster they can streamline a bit of this stuff. But just the act of playing as Tomba, swinging around the levels, biting and throwing pigs is still fun. I can’t wait for others to finally get the chance to experience how great this game is.

#3: Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

I imagine this will be on the top of most people’s lists and I don’t begrudge them that. I do have a few other games I am more excited for, though. This looks to just be what you want from where this game takes place in the story, but with breathtaking graphics and combat. The Golden Saucer part looks great, the mixing of timelines with the “regular” stuff and the Zack/Cloud stuff is interesting and I’ve had this thing pre-ordered for a few months now, just to get both steelbooks from Best Buy. My fondest wish for this game is that it ends with Sephiroth stabbing Aerith in the Temple of the Ancients. Then the next game starts with this scene and Barret just goes “Oh, I’ll just use a Phoenix Down!” and she pops right back up. If this actually happens, it’ll be the greatest thing ever in Final Fantasy.

#2: Granblue Fantasy Relink

The game I’ve been waiting for, for almost 7 years is due out in just a few weeks. Yes, I’ve known about/wanted this game since 2017, possibly even 2016. It’s a four player action RPG where you fight monsters but can combine your special attacks with your party members to do even more damage. After playing the demo finally, I still thought it was neat, even if the demo is kind of nuts. I hope the actual game does a better job of onboarding you to the characters, classes, etc., but that’s just me. I’m more impressed the game is online, so hopefully I can play it with a friend or two as I go further in the story. Finally, the wait is almost over.

#1: Persona 3 Reload

While a much more recent announcement than Granblue, I am extremely excited for Persona 3 Reload to come out. It’s basically a remake of Persona 3 using the Persona 5 game engine, and that means I am automatically on board. Even if it was just that, I’d be interested, but they are expanding gameplay systems that Persona 3 was lacking, so as to make it a more modern and enjoyable RPG. The only real downside to me is them getting rid of the original voice cast, seriously Tara Platt was amazing in original Persona 3, but I hope the new cast can be as good as the old one.

For comments, list which games you’re looking to in 2024 and why.

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