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Nate Diaz Says He Deserves a Rematch After Controversial UFC 244 Ending

November 3, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Nate Diaz UFC 230

– Nate Diaz is none too happy with how the end of UFC 244 went down, nor the fact that Dana White isn’t big on a possible rematch. Diaz spoke at the post-fight press conference (per MMA Weekly and discussed his issues with not getting a rematch after the fight was called off due to a doctor ruling him unfit to continue over two big cuts he suffered. Highlights are below:

On White not being interested in booking a rematch: “[The UFC] are not giving me no fights, you know what I am saying? And I know they aren’t going to give me another good fight because I have already been through it. So, it’s kind of like, give me what the f**k I deserve. You know what I’m saying? I think, I believe I deserve a rematch. I’ve given mine … I’m realest fighter in this whole game. Let’s see if he is. Don’t play me. I plan on getting along with them. I hope they plan on the same.”

On the significance of the event: “It’s great. It was a big historical thing, whatever, I’m dealing with a loss right now so. But you know what I’m saying it’s pretty cool to come out here and headline Madison Square Garden. To be this big of a deal, like I said the President came out and all this stuff. Man ain’t ever no President never came out for no fight you know what I’m saying.”

On The Rock: “And fuck The Rock too. I saw him smiling with Masvidal. He can get it too.”

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