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Frank Miller Set to Develop Sin City TV Series, Robert Rodriguez in Talks

November 16, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Sin City

Frank Miller has closed a deal to develop a Sin City TV series, with director Robert Rodriguez in talks to come on board. Deadline reports that Legendary Television has closed a deal to turn Miller’s iconic comic book into a television series, with a guaranteed first season should a network or streaming service come on board.

The deal also features an R-rated animated prequel based on Miller’s graphic novels. Miller and (if he comes on board) Rodriguez would executive produce the show, though there’s no word if they would direct as well. Miller reacquired the film and TV rights to the franchise in July of 2018.

Miller and Rodriguez famously teamed up on the Sin City film and its less well-received sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Rodriguez directed and gave Miller a co-directing credit, even pulling out of the Director’s Guild Association when the DGA refused to agree to the co-director’s credit for Miller.

The report doesn’t make it clear if this series would be narratively connected to the films or be a complete re-adaptation. With the deal not yet complete for Rodriguez, there’s also no timetable for when the plans may see fruit.