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Tenet Won’t Be Allowed To Play In Drive-In Theaters Unless Traditional Theaters Are Open In Area

August 25, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
Tenet, AMC

Variety reports that Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, currently scheduled to be released in some United States locations on September 3rd, may not be hitting a drive-in theater near you due to strict guidelines set by Warner Bros. that drive-ins can only play the film if indoor theaters in the area are open. In other words, drive-ins in the Chicago area will be able to show the film since Chicago theaters have opened, but drive-ins in the New York City and Los Angeles areas will not be able to play the film since theaters in those cities remain closed.

The reason for this is because Warner Bros. is hoping to keep the film’s twists and surprises a secret in areas where traditional theaters remain closed. This has led to concern among theater owners in some markets that people will end up pirating the movie online if it’s not playing near them.

So far, 1,738 theaters (of the over 5,000) across 44 states in the United States have reopened, but the country’s two biggest markets, New York City and Los Angeles, still have theaters closed.

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