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411’s AEW Double or Nothing 2023 Preview

May 28, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Double Or Nothing Anarchy Image Credit: AEW

Hello 411 guys, gals, enbies, and everyone else! Welcome to 411’s AEW Double Or Nothing preview! I’m Jeremy Thomas and for Double or Nothing, we actually have a guest previewer! Yep, I’m just here to do the intro and outro. This is a busy-ass weekend and so when 411 reader Ryan Ciocco sent his own preview along to me, it was so good that I couldn’t not run with it. AEW has a big show this weekend with lots of titles on the line plus a big Anarchy in the Arena match and more. There’s plenty to get into, so I’m gonna hand it over. Ryan, take it away, and thanks for the assist!

The Buy-In Match
Ethan Page & The Gunns vs. The Hardys & HOOK

Image Credit: AEW

If you’re looking for a feud that has existed in platitudes for some time now, then you have come to the right match. It’s true that, while a lot of this has tended to take place on the now defunct Dark Elevation, they have been making a noble effort to move the confines of this situation and rivalry over to Rampage and Dynamite. Even so, one had to suspect that when The Firm was “DELETED” a couple of weeks ago on Rampage, this would be the end of the deal, allowing for Matt and Jeff to fulfill that promise of challenging for (and perhaps winning) the AEW World Tag Team Title belts.

However, contracts are apparently a sticking point, and so in order to get more life out of this feud (and perhaps even more yet) we’re now in a position where Matt Hardy could very well own the contract of “All Ego” Ethan Page IF Matt, Jeff, and Isaiah defeat Page and Austin and Colton Gunn. Remember when the brothers were supposedly a part of The Firm at the very beginning? I guess we’re going to reach back and mine that aspect of history, as Page will look to keep his contract (and apparently his independence) from being acquired by The Hardy’s and Brother Zay. And while the match won’t be the same as the Firm Deletion match, this should still be acceptable to good based on the talent in the ring.

EDIT: So apparently during the “go home” edition of Rampage, Matt and Jeff Hardy announced that Brother Zay was injured and would be taking part in the 6-man match. Therefore, Matt also announced that HOOK would take his place, which I mean, that makes sense since HOOK helped Matt, Jeff, and Zay to “Delete The Firm” a couple of weeks back at the Hardy Compound.

WINNER: The Hardys & HOOK

Unsanctioned Match
Chris Jericho vs. Adam Cole

Image Credit: AEW

Let’s be honest here, this match REALLY did not need the Unsanctioned stipulation/absolving of guilt for whatever happens attached to it. Jericho has done a great job of stirring up animosity between the two and, as a cheap ploy, used Cole’s well noted girlfriend Dr. Britt Baker (D…M…D) against him as he was handcuffed to the bottom ring rope and forced to watch on helplessly. To say that we got from point A (which was following Cole’s return victory over Daniel Garcia, and Jericho wearily eyeing him from the ramp post match) to point B (the beating put on Baker) pretty quickly would be quite the understatement.

But wait, there’s more, for it would be revealed in a post match beat down that the JAS gave Cole, Bandido, and Orange Cassidy, that Roderick Strong had become All Elite and came down to help the Best Amigos and his former Undisputed Era running buddy Cole. From here, the guys knocked off Jericho’s minions, leading to Strong challenging Jericho to a Falls Count Anywhere Match with Cole and the JAS “banned from the building”. Smartly crafted in its ways, Strong led Jericho outside, where the ban was not enforceable on Cole, helping Strong to defeat Jericho.

And so we arrive at this match, and given what we know about Jericho, he is not above putting someone over in a match. We also know that Cole has aspirations to go after the AEW World Title, and you have to think a win here (even if it’s Unsanctioned, see also Lights Out) would push him ahead of the pack for that title shot, depending upon what happens in the World Title match later on.


AEW Trios Championship Match
The House of Black vs. TBA

Image Credit: AEW

If I could be serious for a minute (does Lance Storm side look), I think it was pretty obvious that the House of Black were going to be involved on the main card, it was just a matter of who they were going to defend the belts against. I mean, it does say it is an open challenge by the House, and the House always wins.

Or will they, and does the “Open Challenge” part of the match ring hollow given the fact that, on the go home Rampage, The Acclaimed and Daddy Arse basically called their shot? I mean, when Max, Anthony, and Billy won the Tres De Mayo Battle Royale back at the beginning of May it should have signified that they were the true top contenders for the Trios Titles?

If it is in fact The Acclaimed and Daddy Arse that challenge for the belts, it will be on practically next to no build at all for the match, but at least it’s a way to get six of the companies top talents on the main card. If it ends up being another team that the House of Black face, then it becomes safe to “Bet on Black”.

WINNER: The House of Black (STILL AEW Trios Champions)

AEW International Title Blackjack Battle Royale
Orange Cassidy vs. The Field

Image Credit: AEW

Assuming that, as I believe will be the case, Cassidy retains the title on Wednesday, that will then move him on to this match here, which he willingly accepted after Renee Paquette told him that “twenty guys went into Tony Khan’s office and put their name down to challenge for the International Title”. And, of course, given the fact that Double or Nothing takes place in Las Vegas, it makes total sense to bring back the Blackjack rules to the Casino Battle Royale.

For those that don’t know, five wrestlers will draw a suit from a deck of cards (Hearts, Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds) and they come out to the ring according to the suit that is called. Once those 20 combatants are in the ring, then the mystery 21st entrant will make their appearance, hence the Blackjack stipulation. Usually, this 21st entrant is a newcomer to the company, be it someone who signed or someone who is a one-off, but the mystery is intriguing at the very least. As for whether or not Orange can continue his run with the belt, well, we’ll see if it is in the cards.

I will say that, as they released the names for the match, there are some interesting names that could overtake Orange for the title, such as Ricky Starks, Juice Robinson, Jay White, and Powerhouse Hobbs. But, as we all know, Orange is indestructible and just…whatever.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy (STILL AEW International Champion)

AEW TBS Championship Match
Jade Cargill vs. Taya Valkyrie

Image Credit: AEW

Credit where credit is due; when it comes to story lines (or whatever you can cobble pieces of together) involving Jade, this one has actually hit the spot. And to add intrigue to the situation, Taya is a legitimate threat to take the title from Cargill and end the undefeated run of the champion before it can reach 60 in a row. For those who have followed Valkyrie’s career prior to her arrival in AEW (and still even with her work in Mexico), they will know that she is a former champion in other lands and can bring the fight to Jade.

Oh, wait a second, I’m spinning this like it’s the first time they have faced off, right? Well, it’s not, as fans will remember these two ladies squared off a little over a month ago with the stipulation that Taya could not use “Jade’s” finishing move, Jaded (or Road to Valhalla). As camp and corny as the stipulation was, it still borrowed its self to a fine match, and easily the toughest challenger Jade had encountered for her title belt to date.

Now, Taya is back after being “suspended” for nearly dropping referee Aubrey Edwards with her finisher after losing to Cargill, and this match should be just as good as the first encounter. As for who wins this match, I’m hesitant to pick against Jade because I feel like they have a number for her run to hit, and it’s almost certainly going to be at more than 60 wins. However, if Valkyrie doesn’t win this rematch, it will make her look like arguably one of the biggest losers on the roster…

WINNER: Jade Cargill (STILL AEW TBS Champion)

AEW TNT Championship Ladder Match
Wardlow vs. Christian Cage

Image Credit: AEW

Again, credit where credit is due when it comes to challengers for a title belt and, in this case, identifying what the strength of the challenger may be and playing on that. However, make no mistake; while Christian Cage used to be a ladder aficionado, this is not the same man who used to partake in crazy ladder stunts with the likes of the Dudley Boys and Hardy Boys in WWF. With that in mind, this match I feel will lend its self to a more subtle use of ladders in terms of stunts and spots, and making use of them as weapons instead.

While this match feels thrown together (and while it could be argued that the better bet was Cage’s charge Luchasarus going after Wardlow instead), there is smart money in this kind of match, mainly because, as previously mentioned, Cage used to excel in ladder based matches. Even so, it’s not like Wardlow isn’t used to this kind of match as well, as he previously won a shot at the the TNT title by getting the golden ring above the confines of the squared circle.

There does exist a situation where, because of the fact that the TNT title has become the equivalent of a shiny hot potato, that Cage wins the belt as a “thank you” from the company. And let’s be honest here, with his dinosaur sure to be lurking around the ring, it could very well happen. However, I’m going to air on the side of the champion if, for no other reason, I want to see the TNT belt FINALLY have some stability to it and for that to happen, Wardlow needs to retain here.

WINNER: Wardlow (STILL AEW TNT Champion)

AEW Women’s Championship Match
Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm

Image Credit: AEW

While the premise of this feud is cliche and trite, it has allowed for clear lines to be drawn and finally, after the fans kept cheering for her to turn, Hayter became a baby-face (and, by extension, her best friend Baker). On the other side of this equation, you had the abrupt heel turn of not only Storm and the then recent newcomer Saraya, but also Ruby Soho as well, turning on her friend Willow Nightingale to join the former WWE girls in The Outcasts, complete with the ability to use green spray paint on their hapless opponents (What is this NWO chicanery?)

Another interesting angle to this feud now is that, while this match isn’t exactly fresh or new, the alignment of the combatants has changed since the last time they met for the title. In the previous meeting where Hayter took the belt from Storm, Jamie was heel and Toni was face, and with the dynamic having shifted (plus all the school girl, spray paint stuff that has arisen), this makes for a fresher feel to the rematch between these two ladies.

I do feel, however, that the result of this one is up in the air. You can make the argument that, with the realignment as a heel, that a title run for Storm being backed up by Saraya and Ruby would make sense. You can also make the argument that it’s been a while since Hayter has had a title defense (whether due to injury or the story line not allowing for one) and she should reassert her dominance as the champion and soundly defeat Storm here. One interesting thing that may get overlooked here, though, is the fact that Storm made this challenge on her own, without Ruby or Saraya around to back her up, and maybe I’m reaching here, but could that have put some kind of divide between The Outcasts?

WINNER: Toni Storm (NEW AEW Women’s Champion)

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match
FTR vs. Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal

Image Credit: AEW

On paper, this match actually does not look all that bad, given that the guys in the ring all wrestle a similar, mat based style and can also go to lengths to win matches that other wrestlers may not want to go to. However, let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that this match won’t come down to the involvement, whether one way or the other, of Briscoe as the special guest referee, and the fact that both sides have been trying to appeal to his better senses.

Also, let’s not fool ourselves with how this title match came to be; while it’s true that Triple J (as Lethal and Jarrett are referred to) challenged FTR in the middle of the ring, the fact remains that Jarrett defeated Dax Harwood, and then Lethal defeated Cash Wheeler within the same week in singles matches. And as everyone knows, the singles victories over the tag team champions means they are worthy of a tag team title shot (look it up, it’s in the Wrestling Book of Rules!).

Still, all of this becomes a moot point when the guest referee has alliances (whether forced on him or willingly by his own accord) with both tag teams, and so this one will ultimately come to who he decides to be most fair to. And while I don’t want to see a title change here, I feel like the interference of Sonjay Dutt and Santam Singh will provide the help that Jarrett and Lethal need to steal this one and take the title belts away from FTR. I really hope I am wrong, and I hope Mark doesn’t go full blown heel here, but…

WINNER: Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal (NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Anarchy In The Arena
Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Elite

Image Credit: AEW

Ordinarily in doing my preview of the card, I like to leave non-title matches at the beginning and only put the title matches at the top of the predictions. However, this time around, the gravitas of the situation feels like this one is too big of a match to leave at the bottom with the other non-title matches, and it definitely belongs near the top of the card listing.

It’s been a bit of a longer road than some people may realize to get to this point in time; the cage match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley combined with the betrayal of Don Callis against Kenny is only the tipping point in all of this. At its basis, the BCC (which again, I have to question why they have not changed the group name since William Regal has left) thrive on competition, and as the weeks have passed, they have become increasingly intense in their attacks. The fact that they targeted the Young Bucks, Hangman Page, and Omega was surely no accident, however, the reunion of the true Elite was bore out of desperation to fight the threat known as the Blackpool Combat Club.

Two wildcards remain in this situation, however, and one is most obvious in Callis. The other one is Konosuke Takeshita; everyone will recall the over the top recruiting that Don did of the Japanese Sensation, but that was BEFORE Don turned on Kenny and went to the dark side. With Don now firmly back as a heel (a role that, let’s be honest, he’s so much better at), does that mean that Takeshita follows the man who showed him the affection desired to make him a client? I feel like if he does, it will be the turning point of this match, and whether during it or after it, we’ll see the debut of a certain “Golden Lover” to even the odds in the bigger blow off between these teams. As for this match, tho…


AEW World Championship Four Pillars Match
MJF vs. Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Jungle Boy Jack Perry

Image Credit: AEW

If we’re being honest here (and sure, why wouldn’t we be) there was simply no way that this match was going to just be Sammy and MJF going at it for the World Title (or as MJF likes to call it, the BBB). That Darby and Jack teamed up a couple of weeks ago on Dynamite and defeated Sammy and MJF in order to earn their way into the title match and make it the “Pillars Match” felt like an adamant conclusion, but yet one that was clearly the right call. It also makes this match feel weird and a touch interesting in terms of who can trust who within it, or rather, who will try to work together to isolate another opponent.

It’s no secret that MJF winning the belt has caused a certain level of chaos from underneath and helping to build up title contenders is not the easiest thing to do when you have title shots galore with the TNT, International, etc. That being said, this field (otherwise known as the company’s original “Four Pillars”) is a strong one and flies in the face of the conventional wisdom that the company relies too much on former WWE wrestlers.

But what does that mean for MJF and his title reign? Well, despite the fact that, at its core, he has ONLY a 25% chance of retaining the belt, you have to believe that someone as smart as MJF will find a way to catch one of the challengers. So, let’s say that Sammy would hit the GTH on Darby, it then becomes fully believable that MJF would cheap shot Sammy in order to sneak in and get the easy pin. Will that happen? It seems like the logical thing to do if we are keeping the title on Maxwell and assuming that his challengers are “clearly inferior” to him, and frankly, I would not expect anything less at all.

WINNER: Maxwell Jacob Friedman…MJF (STILL AEW World Champion)

And that’s all we have for AEW Double or Nothing! Thank you again to Ryan for sending this in and saving me on a way-too-hot weekend with more PPVs than you can shake a stick at. Thanks to you all as well for reading and remember that we will have live coverage of the show courtesy of Robert Winfree right here on 411mania.com.