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411’s Ring of Honor TV Report 11.05.11

November 6, 2011 | Posted by Shawn S. Lealos

Welcome to Week 7 of the Ring of Honor television show. My name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world…

World Champion:
Davey Richards
Tag Team Champions: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas
TV Champion: Jay Lethal

We start out with highlights from last week’s match between Roddy Strong and Kyle O’Reilly, which ended with a huge beat down that got all three members of the House of Truth fined.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us and our main event tonight is a “Proving Ground” match between Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander.

Jim Cornette is in the ring (holy crap – they finally got the sound problems fixed! It actually sounds great!). Cornette is here to announce who will face Davey Richards at Final Battle for the World Championship. It will be a rematch with “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards. To the ring comes Edwards. Eddie Edwards talks about how great Richards is. Edwards said he now has a new Head Trainer but won’t tell who it is (I smell a heel change).

That brings out Davey Richards, and the music is actually louder now (the howls were very clear). The sound is officially fixed. The two shake hands. “We’re gonna do it one more time for one of the few belts in the business that actually means something.” Next week, Richards wants to team with Eddie as the American Wolves one more time to fight Roddy Strong and Michael Elgin. Edwards agrees but then said he will be the next world champ.

When we come back from commercial, we see a video promo with highlights from Eddie Edwards win over Michael Elgin in Week 4. When we come back, we are backstage with Truth Martini. He tells Elgin that he allowed his brother to drive drunk, spoke hateful words to his dad and never apologized before he died and finally he let Roddy down as well. Those sins seem kind of different. Truth finishes by saying “they said God created all men equal” before Elgin looks at the camera and says “they were wrong.”

Next up is a promo with Shiloh Jonze. Jonze is from Ohio Valley Wrestling. Jonze said Elgin is the biggest star he has ever wrestled, and if he wins, he will be a star.

MATCH 1: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin (0-1) vs. Shiloh Jonze (0-0)

Shiloh Jonze has some very unflattering tights. He looks less than manly wearing those. McGuinness name drops Gorilla Monsoon when describing Elgin as an immovable object. We are 19 minutes into the show when this first match starts. That’s not good for a one hour show. Truth Martini and Roddy Strong are at ringside.

Elgin is stalking Jonze and gets him in the corner. He hits a couple of shoulder tackles and then clubs him with forearms. Elgin sends Jonze into the opposite corner and charges but Jonze moves and starts throwing punches. Elgin throws him off and then slams him to the mat. Elgin with an avalanche. He hits a second one and then goes up top. Flying shoulder tackle by Elgin. Only gets two. Elgin is bleeding from the mouth. Elgin starts pounding on Jonze again. Every time Jonze tries to fight back, Elgin overpowers him. Jonze went for the tornado DDT but Elgin catches him and then hits the Oklahoma Slam. Jonze kicks out.

Kevin Kelly finally mentions Kevin Steen’s name. Jonze with a clothesline but Elgin does not go down. Jonze tries a sunset flip. Elgin holds on and then drops down but Jonze moves out of the way. Jonze heads up top and hits a flying punch to the head of Elgin for one. Elgin just bitch slaps Jonze! Elgin hits the buckle bomb and then lifts him up for a spinning sit-out powerbomb for the three.

Winner: Michael Elgin by pinfall in 03:37 (**) (The match was a squash for Elgin. Jonze looked spunky at times but there was no way he wins here.)

Inside Ring of Honor: It is time to talk about Kevin Steen. Kevin Kelly talks about how fans have been demanding Steen be allowed to return. Last week, Jim Cornette said Kevin Steen would never be back in Ring of Honor and if he didn’t like it, he could sue him. Apparently, that is what Steen did. He also sent a videotape, which we now get to see. The video is from Steen and his attorneys and said that they are seeking an injunction to allow Steen to return based on collusion. They said they will sue Cornette and Ring of Honor if there is no reinstatement within three weeks. There was one thing I hated about the video – they kept cutting to sneering attorneys which was really cheesy. However, Kevin Steen was great with his promo and did more with his face time than anyone so far in Ring of Honor. This is the guy who should be the main heel in Ring of Honor, hands down.

Next up on Inside Ring of Honor, Mike Bennett talks about how he didn’t run away from Jay Lethal after their time limit draw. Bennett said he already won the match and the referee should have stopped the match when he was beating down Lethal. Bennett said he wants a rematch because he would be a better draw as champion. Then they go to the referee, Todd Sinclair, who said Lethal never gave up. Jay Lethal then said Bennett’s ego is too big and he never gave up.

Next week, Ring of Honor shows the crimes of Kevin Steen.

Back from commercials and we get highlights of the Briscoe Brothers win over the All-Night Express.

MATCH 2: Proving Ground Match: Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (1-0) vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander (0-0)

The Proving Ground is a challenge match against the champions at the time. If the challengers win or go to a draw, they win a contract to fight for the title within 90 days. This is a Proving Ground match. This has a 15-minute time limit. Both teams show the Code of Honor. Benjamin starts with Coleman. Shelton with a shoulder tackle and locks in a headlock. Coleman fights out but Shelton back in with a hammer lock. The two wrestle for position.

Benjamin throws Coleman into the ropes but Coleman leaps onto the second rope and spins into a body press. Benjamin catches him though and tries a slam but Coleman lands on his feet. Coleman attempts a roll up but Shelton blocks it and goes for a kick which Coleman ducks and then Coleman with a leg sweep. Benjamin finally gives in and looks surprised at how good Coleman was there. He tags in Charlie Haas.

Haas with an amateur takedown and then takes control. Haas with two clubbing forearms and then locks in an armbar. Coleman escapes with an armdrag and makes the tag to Alexander. Alexander kicks Haas’ legs out from under him, Coleman hits a leg drop to the back of the head and Alexander goes for the pin. He gets one. Alexander gets Haas in the corner and charges with a knee to the face. He is chopping on Haas but Charlie is too close to the corner and Benjamin blind tags in.

Benjamin superkicks an unaware Alexander and then Haas punts him in the face. Benjamin gets a two count. Benjamin locks in an Indian Deathlock. Haas tagged back in and they work on Alexander’s leg. Alexander tries to fight back but Haas back to his leg. Haas tries to hyperextend Alexander’s leg and gets a one-count. COMMERCIAL BREAK.

Back from commercials and Alexander and Benjamin are slugging it out. Benjamin gets the advantage and locks Alexander in chinlock. Alexander fights out but can’t get a tag. Haas in and lays the boots to Alexander. Haas with a step over toe hold as they continue to work on Alexander’s leg. He makes the ropes and forces the break. Haas tries for an exploder suplex but Alexander turns and hits a sunset flip for two. Haas back with the boots. Alexander thrown into the corner but he leaps to the second buckle and flies off with a tornado DDT.

Alexander tries to work himself up to make the tag despite the bad leg. Haas makes the tag and Benjamin in but Alexander tags in Coleman as well. Coleman is a house of fire. He hits a sunset flip for two. Benjamin misses a clothesline and Coleman hits the jumping leg lariat for two. Benjamin jumps to the second buckle but Coleman races in and leaps up hitting a flying hurricanrana. Coleman and Alexander both in but the camera cuts to a fan and misses their move. Double dropkick to Haas. Alexander hit an enziguiri and then Coleman hit something but the camera switched again, this time to Haas, so it missed another move. I have to think, since it happened so quick, they switched cameras for a reason but I don’t know why.

Coleman and Alexander go for a double clothesline but Benjamin ducks. Haas gets Alexander by the legs and drags him outside the ring. Haas back in the ring and hits Coleman with a back suplex. Alexander back in the ring and runs into a Benjamin superkick. Benjamin and Haas hit the Leap of Faith on Alexander. Then WGTT hits Wrestling’s Greatest Finisher (a double powerbomb) for the win.

Winners: Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team by pinfall in 13:07 (** 1/2) (That was a really good tag team match that just went to hell in the last two minutes. From the cameras cutting away when the challengers attempted their moves to the lackluster finish, it just ended bad. It also didn’t help that they all started moving really sloppily at the end. That was a good match for 10 minutes but the final three just ruined it for me.)

The Briscoe Brothers come out after the Code of Honor. Jay got a microphone and said “congratulations, you just beat the two biggest greenhorn rookies on the roster.” He then said they had to put the belts up in New York against the “baddest tag team on the planet.”


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