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411’s Ring of Honor TV Report 12.03.11

December 4, 2011 | Posted by Shawn S. Lealos

Welcome to Week 11 of the Ring of Honor television show. My name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world…

World Champion:
Davey Richards
Tag Team Champions: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas
TV Champion: Jay Lethal

We start off the show with a look at last week’s controversy when Mike Bennett kept Jay Lethal from getting the win in his TV title match.

Next, we get pre-recorded comments from Prince Nana and Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa says he finds it funny that everyone in Ring of Honor claims to be the best in the world but only he holds that title. He also makes fun of everyone who has their training partners because he only needs himself.

MATCH 1: Shiloh Jonze (0-1) vs. Tommaso Ciampa (2-0)

Jonze has a lot of fans cheering for him, obviously because he is an OVW property. Ciampa comes out with Nana, Mia Yim and Ernesto Osiris. When Jonze tries to shake hands before the match, Ciampa throws him down and delivers a rocking knee strike. Ciampa beats down Jonze and then delivers some more knee strikes. Ciampa with nine brutal elbow strikes. Ciampa misses a clothesline and Jonze fights back. It goes nowhere and Ciampa delivers a clothesline that turns Jonze inside out. Ciampa continues to beat down Jonze while the fans cheer for Shiloh to fight back. Ciampa gets a two count. Jonze finally dodges a strike, heads to the top buckle and hits a flying forearm strike. Jonze gets fired up and delivers another forearm. Jonze into the ropes but Ciampa drops to the mat, and after Jonze rebounds back, kips up with a kick to Shiloh’s knees. Ciampa then boots Shiloh in the head. With Jonze in the buckle, Ciampa sets up and delivers five running knee strikes to Jonze’s head. Project Ciampa gets Tommaso the three count.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa by pinfall in 04:07 (** 1/2) (This was a very effective squash match and Ciampa still looks like the real deal. Hopefully, they move him into a feud with Jay Lethal soon. I’d also love to see him get a shot at Davey Richards or Eddie Edwards down the line. He’s going be a star in ROH if he keeps this up.)

Next up we get a promo with the Briscoe Brothers. I like how they mention that, when they brought in steel chairs, they got fined but when the WGTT did it, nothing happened.

After that, the All Night Express give a promo where they announce they get a Proving Ground match against WGTT next week.

It’s time for Kevin Steen. Kevin Kelly is in the ring with Nigel McGuinness, Jim Cornette, Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs. Steen comes out with his attorneys. Cornette is up first. First Jim explains that everyone in Louisville knows how much he hates Steen’s attorney. Cornette said that Steen is a great wrestler he would love to have in Ring of Honor except he is a nut and has more petty issues than anyone he has ever dealt with. He also said he wouldn’t be surprised to go to TMZ and see Steen with numbers across his chest.

Kevin Steen is next. He said the only numbers he will ever get on his chest is a tattoo of the date that Cornette dies. He then said that Cornette’s comments about him were kind. But, he said he’d rather be an asshole than a hypocritical piece of garbage like Cornette. He said he carried the company while Cornette kissed Davey Richard’s ass. He said Cornette hates him because he made himself a star and didn’t need Cornette’s help.

Steve Corino is next. Corino said he is the one who turned Steen into the monster he is. It is his fault Steen turned on Generico but Steen went too far. He said that he has no friends, and that if Steen wants to see his future, look at Corino because that is what Steen is turning into. Steen said that Ring of Honor made Corino cut his own balls off. He said that the old Jimmy Jacobs would have made him bleed but the new one cut his balls off too.

Corino challenged Steen to a match at Final Battle, and if Steen wins, he can come back to Ring of Honor. Steen accepts. Cornette said that Jacobs will be the referee of the match and then Steen demands that Cornette be at ringside for the match to watch him end Corino’s career. Cornette accepts, Steen spits on Corino and everyone has to be separated.

Inside Ring of Honor: We start off with the TV title situation from last week. That leads to the announcement of a triple threat match at Final Battle between Jay Lethal, El Generico and Mike Bennett for the TV title. Last man remaining is the new TV champ.

Next up is more of Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards. Edwards mentions that in contact sports, big rivalries are normally trilogies. This is the rubber match, and whoever wins 2-out-of-3 will be the better man. Dan Severn compares this to Dan Severn-Ken Shamrock and how they only fought twice and will never know who the better man was because they never got the rubber match.

Next up, Davey talks about how he doesn’t even know who Eddie Edwards is anymore. He said that, thanks to Severn, Eddie will be a new beast in the match and he has to change his style to win this match. He then said that everyone told him there is a dark side to Eddie and he only hopes he is a man of honor and not evil.

Finally, we get Roddy Strong who claims that no one at his level has accepted his challenge yet. Strong said that if Davey-Eddie isn’t the best match ever, he will walk down and kick them both in the nuts and ask for a refund for his plane ticket to the event.

We get a Young Bucks promo where they said they don’t have to respect anyone if they don’t deserve it. They said Matt is 26 and a father and Nick is a home owner and they aren’t kids. They said they are always told to have a great opening match while the old guys get the main events. They name drop Booker T and said he believes they don’t kiss enough butt. They said they are in Ring of Honor because they have the best wrestling in the world. They also said they don’t believe n the Code of Honor.

MATCH 2: Future Shock (Kyle O’Reilly (1-2) and Adam Cole (1-0)) vs. Young Bucks (1-0)

Nick and Cole stars and the two do some nice counters. Cole gets the advantage and tags in Kyle. Kyle with a knee, followed by a kick, and Cole follows up with a dropkick to Nick. Nick tries to fight back but Kyle with rapid fire kicks takes down Nick. Matt heads up top but comes down into two boots by both members of Future Shock. Nice double team move gets Cole a one count.

Nigel makes a good point about high fliers. He said they flip and flop all over the match but it takes a while to wear them down to get the pin. Nice double Northern Lights suplex to Matt and Kyle gets a two count. Kyle with more strikes but Nick interferes and all four men are fighting now. Matt with a BIG dropkick to send Kyle O’Reilly to the floor. The Young Bucks work over Kyle and get a two count on him.

Commercial Break.

Back from commercial and they continue to dominate O’Reilly. Matt is toying with O’Reilly. Now, he shakes his hand and makes fun of the Code of Honor. Kyle grasps Matt’s hand and wraps him up in a cradle for a two count. Nick back in and they start to work on Kyle some more. They get Kyle in the corner and then Matt runs in with a clothesline. Matt charges in again but Kyle with an exploder suplex. Nick comes in with a flying splash attempt but Kyle gets his legs up and blocks it.

Kyle with the hot tag. Double missile dropkick by Cole. Another big dropkick to Matt and then a Pele. Nick interferes and then elbows Cole out of the ring. Nick charges out after Cole but is caught. Oh my God! Cole catches Nick in a wheelbarrow and then spins and launches him, back of the neck first, into the ring apron. Great move! Matt reaches out for Cole but gets hit with an Enziguiri.

Cole with a flying body press on Matt for a two count. Matt tries to fight back but gets dropped with a cutter for two. Tag in to Kyle. Kyle hits his series of butterfly suplexes to Matt. Nick in and Kyle grabs him with more butterfly suplexes. Cole hits an exploder suplex on Nick. Matt is the legal man and they try to hit Ride the Lightning on him but miss. Stereo kicks by the Young Bucks. Matt his two powerbombs and a buckle bomb followed by a superkick to Cole. Nice series of moves.

Cole makes a blind tag to Kyle. The Young Bucks try to hit More Bang for Your Buck on Cole but misses and O’Reilly charges across and locks in the guillotine chock on Matt. Nick in and Hits O’Reilly three or four times but Kyle won’t release the hold. O’Reilly spits in Nick’s face. Nick delivers a kick to Kyle’s head but O’Reilly still won’ let go. Incredible. Cole in as Kyle continues with the choke on Matt. Nick throws Cole out of the ring and finally forces the O’Reilly to break his choke with a leg lariat. More Bang for Your Buck finally gets the win for the Young bucks.

Winners: The Young Bucks by pinfall in 12:28 (*** 1/2) (This was a fantastic tag team match with both teams looking strong. The Young bucks are arrogant bad guys but they still remain innovative in their double team moves. I don’t think that Future Shock is that great of a team but they looked really good tonight and O’Reilly looked like a beast, especially with the guillotine.)


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