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411’s TNA Impact Report 08.26.15

August 26, 2015 | Posted by Aaron Scott

Hello and Welcome to 411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report. My name is Aaron Scott, thank you for joining us! Fresh off an interesting week across the world in the industry of professional wrestling, Impact emanates from Orlando via Destination America and we will begin tonight at 9pm EST. The main event is a Fourway to the King of the Mountain as Lashley, Bobby Roode, James Storm and Mr. Anderson will do battle to establish the contender for PJ Black’s King of the Mountain Championship. Plus, we have three title matches with the belts on the line as Brooke defends her Knockouts Title against Velvet Sky. Tigre Uno wrestles DJZ and GFW’s Sonjay Dutt for the X-Division Championship. The Wolves will face challengers The Revolution as Abyss and Manik step up to compete for the TNA World Tag Team Titles. Chris Melendez had to put his prosthetic leg on the line to get another shot at Eric Young! Plus, we find out if Dixie Carter will allow Jeff Jarrett to run Impact permanently, and Jeff Hardy has requested to open the show and has promised to stay until Ethan Carter III grants his brother Matt another title shot. We have yet to discover who attacked Drew Galloway and put Bully Ray out of the company. In case you missed it we will find out who wins the cover of the 2016 TNA Knockouts Calendar! Card subject to change, match times not exact, here we go with our Report.

Jeff Hardy has something to say

Welcome everyone to Wednesday Impact as the Hardys are on their way out. On Twitter Jeff stated “I will be on Impact tonight and I am not leaving until my brother gets what he deserves – one more shot at the World Titleā€¦ #Matt4Champ”

The fans in Orlando are happy to see them, a “Hardy” Chant breaking out early. Jeff starts off by apologizing for breaking his leg. He tells Matt they’ve always been talked down to and not given a chance, but they believed and their creatures have to. They made it this far and they are right here. They’ve won titles, international gold and that brings him to EC3. Matt needs one more chance to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Matt: That Matt for Champ, that is music to my ears, thank you.

Hardy has been here for a year and still can’t believe the support. To Reby Sky, his new son Maxwell, to each and every fan of Impact Wrestling. He was this close to beating EC3. He feels that he is the man to carry Impact into the future. Carter refuses but Matt will not let it die. Uno Mas, one more time and he will become the


Tyrus and Carter make their way out, they do not look amused.

EC3: In 1999, when I was just a little 3, I was there for a match that changed my life. And it involved ladders, and it was with you, the Hardys. So to share the ring with two legends, I could not be more


Ethan talks about how the groveler and gimp have already lost. He went into God Mode, and stood upon Mount Olympus to stare down these mortals. The fans are chanting for Hardy but Carter doesn’t care. Ethan and Tyrus make their way out as Jeff stops him and calls him a grade A Jackass.

Carter says he’s not a Jackass, he’s the Hood Ornament of the Company. Top Guy Stuff.

“But what are you Jeff? A Daredevil who can’t stick a landing. So Jeff, unless the next time you want to be in the hospital not for a broken leg, but a broken face?”

Hardy threatens to chairshot them both. Ethan says simmer. Carter has an idea. He will give the man a title shot right now. The fans chant “Matt for Champ” if Matt wins he gets the title.

Ethan: Butttbutbutbut! If I win, Jeff, you must become my personal, assistant. Cleanin my cars, doin my grocery shopping, spottin my squat? No more collectin my Aunt’s money for sittin home and doing nothing!

Carter is all kinds of smug as Jeff and Matt have a new stipulation to talk about. How much faith in his brother does he really have?

Backstage we go to Josh Matthews and Pope Daddy! as they run down the stip thrown out by Carter, and his Aunt’s decision to hand over control of Impact to Jeff Jarrett. Tonight out main event, but we will begin with Eric Young vs Chris Melendez. Let’s hear some exclusive comments from Young on this match where Melendez had to put his prosthetic leg on the line to get this final match.

The Jarretts arrive and Karen looks great as always, Jeff promises something wonderful tonight.

Eric Young vs Chris Melendez

Leg on the Line Match

Melendez puts his leg on the line because that’s the only way Eric would accept this match. Young gets attacked at the bell as Chris comes out with a flurry of offense but EY hits the powerslam and gets a two. Young with the stomp and Chris takes diving forearms across his neck. EY wraps the head and rakes his face along the top rope. The Bearded Terror (TM Pop) is hammering away on Melendez. Chris begins to fight back from his base but Young cuts him down. Eric takes the time to show off and Chris kicks him off his legs. Young comes off the ropes with a diving axe and goes once again to the capacity crowd.

EY has the chinlock cinched in as the fans start clapping to get Chris Melendez back, and Chris jawbreakers out of it. A clothesline takes Young down, another, and a swinging neckbreaker, then the full nelson sitout slam. Young goes to the eyes, and misses a charge, Chris gets two with a rollup!

Young hits the kick and goes to finish Chris off with the Piledriver, Melendez fights out but EY manages a rollup and has his feet on the ropes! Your leg is lost, loser.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young at 3:13, Feet in the ropes

Postmatch, Young demands the leg. Chris is dejected as the fans are booing.


Eric tells them to shut up and says Chris said he was a man of his word. EY demands the leg. Chris removes it, and Eric backs off so Melendez has to hop it towards EY, adding insult to injury. Eric raises it overhead and laughs, the fans in Orlando are booing like crazy.

Eric: Big Game Hunter Eric Young! This one’s going on the mantle buddy! Yeah!

Welcome back, moments ago the caveat saw the leg of Chris Melendez go to Eric Young. And now we go to a promo for the X-Division. Alrighty, business is about to pick up!

Tigre Uno vs DJZ vs Sonjay Dutt

X-Division Title Match

DJ Foreign Objex himself DJZ or Zema makes his way from Ibiza. From Global Force Wrestling, Sonjay Dutt makes his way down next. Tigre rushes to the ring as streamers explode from overhead! All three circle to start, we have a tie-up between Tigre and Zema but Sonjay breaks it up. They both leapfrog a Tigre run and take Uno over with a double hiptoss! DJz dropkicks Tigre to the outside off the rebound. Zema hits the hiptoss on Sonjay, shoulderblocks Sonjay and ducks for the drop but Dutt floats over his back then hits a sweet flying hurricanrana on DJZ. Sonjay prepares for the charge but from under the ropes Uno has his leg, and Zema charges! Dutt backdrops Z over his head and onto Uno! Dutt works the fans and SOMERSAULT SENTON off the apron to take out both men!!

Tigre posts Dutt and takes DJZ back inside, lighting him up with a reverse knife edge chop. He slides the baseball underneath and Tigre springboards the moonsault and only gets a two. Twisting corkscrew no one home! DJZ hits the belly to back into a slam on the knee, it’s the Hostile Makeover and he earns a two, hits a baseball slide to Sonjay to keep him from getting back in. Z sends Uno into the buckles and Uno tries for the running Okada roll but Sonjay somersaults to sunset Uno sending Z flying across the ring!

Dutt has the cravat on Uno, hits the Tornado DDT for the two! Head of Uno and goes into Z! DJ takes the enzugiri, Superkick from Sonjay to Uno and double clotheslines from Zema and Dutt to take each other down!

Everyone begins to get back up as Zema sends Dutt at the corner and takes out Tigre Uno with a strike! DJZ hits the buckles as he misses the charge into Dutt, Pendulum double kick from Dutt, but he gets sent to the floor by a Z snap on the top ropes! Uno throws Z up who hits the dropkick! Tigre blocks the aerial offense of DJZ and wraps a waistlock to hit a german into the ropes! DJZ is hurting as Tigre ascends the buckles, Springboard Froggy Splash off the top and he will retain his title!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tigre Uno at 5:04, Springboard Frogsplash to DJZ

Backstage James Storm is with Abyss and Manik, he says from this moment on, Shera is no longer part of The Revolution. Tonight’s it all about them. Storm says they are what makes this company go, and threatens Manik if he ever dances like a monkey again with that idiot, he will cut him down where he stands. Storm orders his team to bring The Revolution the gold.

The Wolves vs The Revolution

World Tag Team Titles Match

Abyss and Richards start to a massive “Wolves!” chant. Abyss shoves Davey down like nothing. Eddie wants in and Richards complies. Eddie Edwards comes in to lock and Abyss shoves him with authority, Edwards ducks a shot and slaps the chops into Abyss to minor avail. Kneelift from Abyss and Manik tags in, the Wolves send him flying with a double hiptoss. They knock Abyss to the floor and attack Manik in the corner after sending him outside. Eddie with the droptoehold, Davey with the cover and gets a two.

Manik with the whip and Davey hits the kick, but as he rushes back Abyss hits him from behind. Richards is taken into the corner and Abyss attacks, then smashes into Richards as Manik tagged out. Abyss socks his gut sending the man crashing down. Freight Train charge to slam the splash in the corner. Davey is in pain as Manik is in and textbook suplex, back suplex from the transition! Shades of Elijah Burke says Pope Daddy. Two count only. Manik with the bow and arrow but Davey fights to stand, short arm to the inside cradle two only for Richards. Manik escapes and hits the dropkick! Eddie tries to yell encouragement.

Manik remains in control as he tags in Abyss and Abyss flexes at Eddie and missed the charge! Manik is in, he has the leg and Davey rolls to send Manik tumbling, leapfrogs to tag Eddie who runs to tope through the ropes into Abyss! Sunset flip from Edwards to Manik, pickup and atomic drop then a series flying forearm from Eddie Edwards and a series of chops to the chest of Manik! Cross corner whip, Eddie running, takes a boot to the face and Manik sits up top, Eddie with the gamengiri and he lands a piggyback stunner!

Abyss charges in, breaks up the pin! Tries for a double goozle, thrown off, and misses a double lariat, takes a double dropkick from the Wolves! COAST TO COAST FROM THE WOLVES!!! They set up Manik for the Powerbomb/Backbreaker and James Storm runs out to pull Davey from the ring! Manik is able to hit the hurricanrana on Edwards! Mahabali Shera running down to attack James Storm!

Inside the ring, Manik tries for the torture rack, gets shoved to the ropes, a pickup by Eddie, throws him into a kick from Davey! The Powerbomb into the Backbreaker! It’s the Force of Nature!! The Wolves will retain their titles!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Wolves at 6:19, Force of Nature on Manik

We look at the TNA Knockouts bikini video I posted earlier because I’m a nice person.

Jeff Hardy has something Else to say

Jeff talks trash about Ethan Carter saying there isn’t anything that matters to this deal because Matt Hardy isn’t going to lose. Hardy doesn’t give a shit and tells the fans to chant “Matt 4 Champ!” The Hardys are all kinds of confident and he is betting on his brother.

We look at the history of Jeff Jarrett’s return to TNA. His surprise debut, his winning of the KOTM Title belt, then his TNA Hall of Fame Induction. The attacks on Bully Ray, which makes Jeff Jarrett the new man in charge of Impact, and his booking of the KOTM match that saw PJ Black win the gold. Jarrett asks Dixie for full control of Impact and we will find out her answer later on tonight.

Brooke vs Velvet Sky

Knockouts Title Match

They talk about how Taryn Terrell has declared war on Velvet Sky and Gail Kim for injuring her left hand, and promising to build a bigger Dollhouse. Brooke and Sky are in the ring and lock up, headlock from Velvet and takes a few shots from Brooke to the ribs. Shoulderblock off the ropes and Brooke goes down. Velvet sends her into the corner, and cross corner to ram her head into the buckles. Velvet hits the clothesline and gets a two.

Sky sends her and Brooke runs up the ropes to land the lariat! One count only! Brooke smashes the forearms and Sky wraps her around, they both trade shots and Brooke short arm russian legsweep! Brooke gets a two and hammers Sky with forearms, flying forearm off the rope and Velvet is down! Brooke hits the flying lariat in the corner and tries for the X-Factor off the buckles but gets thrown off and takes a flying neckbreaker! Two Count Only!

Velvet with the forearms but Brooke hammers back – Double Flying Facejam!

“Let’s go Brooke!” the fans are on the Champion’s side!

Ref counts them down but they begin to rise and Brooke hits the kick and shoves Velvet to the floor! Velvet drags her out and sends her no Brooke reverses to send Sky into the stairs! Brooke for the pickup and tosses her contender back inside! The Dollhouse attack Brooke on the floor!! They rush in and begin to attack Velvet! We have a disqualification!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Velvet Sky at 3:54, DQ

The Dollhouse separate as Rebel runs in! Rebel helps up Velvet, and kicks Velvet in the back! Sky grabs her spine as The NEW Dollhouse hold Sky up as Taryn comes up on the big screen!

“You made the biggest mistake by getting involved with us.

It’s time for you to pay the price.

Remember, this is our house. The Dollhouse.”

Rebel hits the Split Legdrop as The Dollhouse crawl over Sky and “Doll Parts” plays in celebration.

Backstage Bobby Roode says the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Tonight he proves to Jarrett, Carter, and the Wrestling World why he’s the IT Factor of Professional Wrestling. Let’s hear comments from another one of the participants in tonight’s match, a Fourway Match to the King of the Mountain in Lashley!

Backstage Ken Anderson cuts a promo on the main event saying he could talk about how great he is but everyone expects that. We’re just going to have to see. He heads for the ring as in the background, Drew Galloway is clearly upset on his cell. It’s time for the Fourway to the King of the Mountain!

Lashley vs Bobby Roode vs James Storm vs Mr. Anderson

Fourway to the King of the Mountain Match

All four fight as Anderson and Storm go outside, Roode and Lashley to the other side. Ken gets his face raked by Storm who slams him into the ring apron! Lashley brawls with Bobby Roode and Anderson bangs Storm’s head off the steps! In the aisle, Roode goes for the suplex but Lashley counters to hit the suplex on the ramp!

Anderson with the head and sends Storm to the apron and then into the ring! Lashley is in as both head for James, and Lashley backs off. Anderson gets hit and Lashley attacks Storm as both send The Cowboy to the ropes and hit the double back elbow. Lashley tosses James over the top as both go to the center and Anderson says ALLIANCE! High Fives but Anderson for the Mic Check, countered, a Lashley swinging neckbreaker countered by Ken! Face off and Anderson is clapping as we go to commercial.

Welcome back as James is beating down Anderson in the corner and Roode tosses Lashley through the ropes. Roode and Storm stand together! They brawl and Storm gets the Eye of the Storm now a two count, run for the corner but Bobby hits a Diamond Dust off the top to slam the flipping neckbreaker. One, Two, broken up by Anderson. Ken sends Bobby to the foor and runs at Storm but gets a kick in his face for his troubles. Lashley charges and he rams into Storm, sits him up top and Roode comes in to grab the legs and TOWER OF DOOM to send Lashley and Storm flying over!

Anderson trying to go up top but Roode cuts him off and climbs to the second as Ken beats into his head, Roode sent down and Anderson jumps and misses the Kenton Bomb! Ken Anderson lands hard on his neck! Storm hits the lariat into Anderson and follows outside as inside Roode beats into Lashley. Roode with the irish whip, hits the running clothesline, tries for a second but takes the elbow! LARIAT by Lashley sends the man inside out! Rams him in the corner! To the fans- Lashley sets up for it…


James in and LungBlower to Roode! Lashley ducks a Storm run and hits the diving powerslam in the middle of the ring! Spinning neckbreaker from Anderson to Lashley gets a two count only! Anderson hits the Mic Check on Roode! But his pin is broken by Storm!

James for the rush and sent over the ropes, he lands on the apron, gamengiri to Anderson’s hurting neck! Storm scales up behind him and Anderson still manages to pull the man across his shoulders and Steamroller! Anderson up and SPEAR BY LASHLEY!!!

Anderson falls outside as Lashley turns around and runs for the Spear at Roode-


Roode breaks it up as Storm yells! He gets up and shoves his former partner! They yell at each other, and Mr. Anderson comes back in to attack, so they both hit the double team suplex on Ken!

Both Storm and Roode to the crowd – and



Storm with the Last Call no! Roode caught it, he was expecting! Bobby Roode picks up James and hits the Roodebomb and gets the duke! He will advance to the King of the Mountain Championship fight!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode at 13:30, Roodebomb

The announcers say that the cover girl of the 2016 for the TNA Knockouts Calendar is Gail, Brooke AND Velvet Sky! Well that’s pretty cool.

Backstage the Jarretts discuss their immediate future as we see Dixie Carter on her way to the ring.

We show how the Hardys accepted Ethan’s stipulation and Matt will challenge Ethan for the title. If he loses, Jeff becomes Carter’s assistant.

Ethan Carter is all happies that Matt accepted the match. He tells Matt to get ready because Fair and Square, when he beats him he wants no qualms. Jeff, welcome to Team EC3. His tailor Angelo has a nice suit for him.

Will Dixie allow Jeff Jarrett full control of Impact?

The owner of TNA makes her entrance. Dixie Carter gets a cheer from the fans and takes the mic. Dixie Carter says when leadership works like a team when they’re on top. The best times in TNA were when two people were standing together. Carter was shocked that Jarrett came back to the federation, but she was the happiest when it did. She invites Jeff to the ring.

“My World” kicks up over the PA System as Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring and enters to hug his partner. Dixie Carter and Jarrett both have mics and the fans are cheering Jeff on.

Jarrett appreciates the intro and says this was all out of the blue. But he told a lot of people that he didn’t expect it, but he’s glad to be invited back. He founded TNA, but it was the days and years, the hard work and times that made it special. A place he called special for ten years. Thank you Impact Zone. With Ray on his way out, Jarrett knew Dixie needed help, and is glad she realized that. This is really special, with GFW and TNA working together is a win for both leagues and the wrestling fan.

Jarrett says they have momentum but he believes it needs to keep growing. Dixie agrees she owes a decision and thanks Jeff for taking care of Impact and she has always said, when they work together, they are unstoppable. So, this show it needs a leader and she has talked with her team


Drew comes out and asks to tell the fans he just found out, right now, as he heads to the ring and they go to a hard break.

In the ring Drew is saying he wouldn’t have interrupted unless he had to. On the plus side the partnership has been excited, competition is healthy. Jeff Jarrett’s back! He said he respects Jarrett and the man is the father of TNA. But there has been a dark cloud hanging over the Impact Zone. Carter asks him what is going on. There were a lot of suspects in the recent attacks. But 20 minutes ago he found out what happened. Logically someone must have seen something. And then, he found something in the security footage. The getway car, two attacks, two weeks apart, two separate rental cars. One name on both cars. Jeff Jarrett.

Jarrett is all likes, “Really?” Drew says he’s an idiot. Everything to gain! Ray gone, Drew out of the picture, one of the GFW guys win the KOTM Championship. Jeff tells him off and swears on his life and that of his family’s. Drew tells him if he says he lies to him he’ll drop him where he stands. If it wasn’t Jeff who was it?

Galloway is in Jeff’s face and Karen yells she did it from the stage. She says she did it for GFW. Jeff yells at her he didn’t ask her to do it. Karen tells him he started the company, and one spark can start an inferno. Jeff Jarrett is shocked and he makes his decision, by kicking Drew Galloway in the balls!

Dixie escapes the ring as Jarrett threatens her on the mic, and the GFW rush down to attack Drew! The TNA locker room try to make the save but Global Force attacks and wipes the mat with them. GFW celebrates to end the show as Jeff and company show off for the fans. Thanks everyone for joining me tonight, this has been Aaron Scott saying see you next time from 411Mania’s TNA Impact Report!

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