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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 2.13.14

February 13, 2014 | Posted by Larry Csonka


  • Match times are not exact.
  • We get a video recap from last week.
  • Taz is back on commentary this week.
  • Magnus, Spud, EC3 and Dixie Carter make their way to the ring. Carter says she did not lose one second of sleep from the idle threats that MVP made last week. She will never lose control of the company, because she has something that MVP doesn’t have, the TNA World Champion Magnus. EC3 says she also has a stunning nephew, who has also ended the career of Kurt Angle. Carter blows him off so that Magnus can talk. Magnus says that the champion is speaking, the first British world champion, and it is so good t be back in Manchester. Because it means that it is one whole year before he has to return to Manchester. People like those in attendance make him ashamed to be British. He is not from “the north,” and is not a paper champion. He is a man the sees opportunity, and there is none here; unless you count the chance to get smacked by the world champ. But Carter, she saw him in a magazine, and she jumped on a plane, went across the pond and singed him. BORING chants now for Magnus. Onto MVP, the new investor, he doesn’t care what jail cell he came from, they need to get some ground rules established. The pecking order goes like this, Champion, president, everyone nipping at his heels, and then MVP. He adds that MVP cannot buy him, because he cannot be bought, because he doesn’t sell out.

    MVP now makes his way to the ring, along with the #1 contender Samoa Joe. MVP says that Magnus must have bought Carter, and he hopes he got a discount, due to all of the mileage on her. MVP introduces the #1 contender, Samoa Joe. He is pleased to announce that Magnus will defend the title at Lockdown.

    Gunner now makes his way out with the feast or fired briefcase. He apologizes for the interruption, and says that the people are tired of seeing a paper champion. The people want to see the champion work, and since he is sick of carrying around the briefcase, he gives Magnus seven days, and then he challenges for the title, and the winner will then face Joe at Lockdown. Dixie cuts him off and announces Gunner has to face EC3, and that match will be for Gunner’s briefcase. MVP says he is cool with that, and he wants to play the game. And since “C3PO” has a briefcase for a tag title shot, and since Gunner and Storm are on the same page, lets get a ladder, and have Gunner and EC3 fight for both briefcases. MVP says they can get along and then adds that he knows “C3PO” has a plan to get out of this, but if MVP sees him try anything, he will level the playing field.

    Ladder Match With Both Feast or Fired Briefcases on the Line: Gunner vs. Ethan Carter III

    Gunner has the briefcase for the world title shot, while EC3 owns the briefcase for the tag team title shot. This is a winner takes all match. Carter tries to run early, fails and Gunner controls with clothesline early. Catches Carter, hits the sack of shit slam and heads to the floor. As Gunner gets the ladder, Carter hits a dropkick off the apron to cut him off. Carter gets a ladder, sets it and tries to climb, but Gunner stops him. Gunner slams Carter to the corners, grabs the ladder and nails him in the gut. Gunner sets a ladder in the corner and tosses Carter into it. Carter battles back and slams Gunner into the ladder, and now looks to climb. Gunner cuts him off and powerbombs him off the ladder. Gunner climbs now, but Magnus is out to stop him. Shenanigans! James Storm is out to make the save and cleans house to save Gunner. MVP is out, and says he was not playing. MVP channels Teddy Long, and makes this a TAG TEAM MATCH PLAYA! Now it is a case vs. case match, winner takes all…

    ~Commercial Break~

    Case vs. Case Ladder Match: Gunner and James Storm vs. Ethan Carter III and Magnus

    Back from commercial and the new match is joined in progress. Gunner and Storm in control, and are beating down the heels with the ladder. Gunner climbs, but Magnus stops that and nails Gunner with the ladder. Storm sent to the floor, and Carter and Magnus in control. Magnus lays Gunner on the ladder, Carter up top and hits a splash onto Gunner. Magnus with a gourd buster suplex onto the ladder, and Carter does the same. Magnus has the ladder, and nails Gunner as Carter held him. Knee drop by Magnus, elbow drop by Carter and they toss Gunner to the floor. Carter sets the ladder up, climbs and Magnus stops him and they argue. They shove each other, Storm in and cleans house on both. Gunner in and they hip toss Carter onto the ladder. Gunner goes to slam Carter, Magnus in and Storm takes him out to the floor with the clothesline. Carter in the ring, looks to climb, but Gunner back in and slams Carter down. Hit the head butt off the top, climbs the ladder and grabs the cases for the win.


  • : Gunner and James Storm via @ 14:00 (total time for both matches)

  • We see Anderson backstage, and he says tonight is not about a kutte or a biker club. The one thing he has is a family; it is all about family, about his kids. He shows a picture of his newborn twins.

  • DJ Zema Ion and the BroMans look to meet with Dixie Carter. Spud is there, and they are upset that Gunner and Storm won the tag title shot. They had an agreement that EC3 would not cash in the title shot. MVP arrives and says Dixie’s promises are worth less and less every day. MVP say people pay to see wrestling and action. Now, if we want to get lawyers involved, they can strip them of the titles. MVP says that DJ Zema and the BroMans have to face the Wolves and a mystery partner. MVP says they will not like who the mystery partner is.
  • We get highlights of last week’s monster’s ball match. Abyss will react to being unmasked tonight.

    Samoa Joe and The Wolves (Richards and Edwards) vs. DJ Zema Ion and The BroMans (Jessie and Robbie)

    Joe rushes the ring and it’s an all out brawl. Joe and the Wolves clean house, Richards in control over Jessie, tags in Edwards and they continue the beat down. Head buts to Jessie and a cover gets 2. Quick tags from the Wolves, Jessie manages a tag to Robbie and Edwards lights him up with chops. Sidekick connects, and a dropkick follows and a cover for 2. Richards tags in, some double-teams by the Wolves and Ion with a kick to the back of Richards. Richards head butts him, but that allows Robbie to attack from behind. They beat down Richards in their corner, tag to Ion, elbows to Richards follows. Richards back with rights, looks to fight for a tag but gets cut off. Ion sends him to the corner, double knee strike to the back and Jessie tags in. Press slam on Richards, and Robbie E connects with a forearm smash off the ropes. Chinlock by Robbie, Richards fights to his feet, elbows out, off the ropes and a back elbow by Robbie, and a cover gets 2. The BroMans look for a double team, Richards fights back with a dropkick and tags in Joe. Joe starts with clotheslines to Ion. Atomic drop, running boot and the back splash connects. Knee strikes by Joe, off the ropes and a snap slam on Ion. BroMans in to break it up, Wolves in as well and it breaks down. Stereo dives by the Wolves, STJOE on Ion in the ring, and the clutch follows and that is all.


  • : Samoa Joe and The Wolves @ 6:00 via submission

  • Abyss walks, and assaults a random backstage person.

  • Dixie and MVP are sharing their office, and Dixie is annoyed. Velvet is there to complain about her match with Sabin. Dixie says that Sky is not paid to sit on her ass and look pretty, so good luck to you. MVP is not happy about that, and she says she wished he was a wrestler, and MVP says he is focusing on cleaning up her messes. Spud calls him washed up, and says he was a criminal as well. MVP asks if Spud is still a wrestler. He says he has his gear, and says that he and Spud will have a match. Next.
  • Abyss makes his way to the ring, without the mask on. He says to keep the lights dim, he is sorry. He never wanted this to happen, never wanted it to happen this way, but his god buddy Eric Young, he wanted to prove that Abyss and Joe Park were one in the same, well come down here and see what you’ve done. This leads to EY and his fabulous beard coming out to the ramp. He slowly makes his way to the ringside area, and says that he was trying to help. Abyss asks why he isn’t coming in the ring. Why won’t he get closer. EY hits the ring and stares him down. EY says that he proved last week in their match that he is not afraid of anything. But why he doesn’t understand is what is going on. Abyss asked him for help, EY was asked to find Abyss, and he did. Abyss pulls out the fake hair and mask and says this is the reality of what he did last week. This is the reality of what he did, and EY proved that Joe Park is Abyss. EY says he proved is that they are friends, and he loves Abyss like the people love Abyss. Abyss and Joe Park are the same, when he pulled his mask off, he showed Abyss who he really was. Abyss asks who is he, who the hell is he? Who the hell is Young? Unless you’ve been there you don’t know what you are talking about. He carved up his body to bits, he has destroyed people’s lives, he has destroyed careers and he has left carnage wherever he goes. Look ay his arms, thy tell the story. The blood, tacks, barbed wire… and then he says he cannot be “him” any more. He cannot do what he did anymore with a conscience. He cannot do the blood, violence and destruction, he cannot be him anymore. What he needs is, he needs help. EY says they came this far, and lets finish it together, he says he can help and Abyss snaps and says he doesn’t need or want his help, they are done. What he needs to do, he needs to go away, go away and he needs to fix this, to fix EY’s mistake. He needs to find someone that understands him (PLEASE BRING BACK JIM MITCHELL). He will find someone who understands him, and he will fix this. He picks up the mask, drops it and then leaves.
  • MVP makes his in ring debut next!

  • Earlier today Samuel Shaw creeps on Christy Hemme. He agrees that they should keep their relationship professional and shakes her hand, and then walks away, creepily looking at his hand.

    MVP vs. Rockstar Spud

    Spud plays the stalling game, runs around the ring a bit and then is in and ready to go. He attacks MVP as he gets back into the ring, lays in some leg kicks and then rights. He slaps MVP, and then gets flapjacked. Throat strikes, knee buster and then the ballin elbow drop. MVP then lands a running, shining wizard style kick to finish things.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: MVP @ 1:00 via pin

  • Bobby Roode, who appears to be pissed off, is yelling backstage for Dixie Carter.

  • We get a wacky video package for “Willow,” which appeared to be Jeff Hardy’s Willow the Wisp character.
  • Bobby Roode confronts Dixie Carter about owing her a title shot, but she says he lost it to Joe, and calls him a sore loser. He tosses some shit around and says Dixie promised to have her back like he had hers when he saved Magnus’ ass. Dixie says she owes him nothing, and then Roode says she doesn’t want him as her enemy. She says she understand and Roode storms away.

    Chris Sabin vs. Velvet Sky

    Sabin mocks Sky by rubbing his balls on the ropes as he enters the ring. He says that since he is kind and sexy, as well as a gentleman, he will allow her the first shot for free. He says she is getting all of the attention like she wants. He closes his eyes and mocks her, and she doesn’t hit him. Sabin says he has no idea what he saw in her, and calls her a skank. He offers the free shot again and she kicks him in the knee, and then in the balls. He laughs, and says she was always slow class, and shows he had a cup on. She then low blows him from behind and lays in mounted rights. Alpha Female makes her debut and saves Sabin. She attacks Sky, and then rag dolls her with a full nelson as Sabin does a wacky dance, and covers Sky, and she counts the pin. Sabin celebrates on the shoulders of Alpha Female.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Match never started, no contest

  • Bully Ray enters the locker room and picks up Anderson’s passport, and then his phone. He then calls Anderson’s wife and asks if she knows who he is? This is the cal she has been dreading her entire life. Ray says, “No, not yet, but he will be, and when he comes home to you, he will be in a coffin. By the way, tell the twins daddy says, goodbye…”

  • Bobby Roode says he lost it earlier with Dixie, and he cannot handle it anymore; it has to come to an end. He says it is too much, and it is over. He needs time to think, and to figure something out for next week. Security arrives to escort him from the building.
  • We get a video package to hype the casket match.

    Casket Match: Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

    Ray is wearing a Liverpool jersey, which did not make the crowd happy. Anderson attacks, delivers rights and then a neck breaker. Anderson rips off the jersey much to the delight of the crowd and chokes out Ray with it. Big hip toss by Anderson, and then stomps away at the jersey as Ray rolls to the floor. They brawl on the floor now, Ray attacks from behind and slams Anderson to the steps…

    ~Commercial Break~

    Back from commercial as Anderson charges Ray with a chair, but Ray gets the boot up, sending the chair into Anderson’s face. Ray grabs a chair, looks to hit Anderson, but Anderson swings another chair into Ray’s chair, which resulted badly for Ray. Anderson now grabs a table from under the ring, and slides it into the ring. Anderson looks to set up the table, does and we see Anderson is busted open by the nose. Ray connects with a big boot to take control back. Rights by Ray follow, looking to bust up Anderson some more. Ray wipes some on Anderson’s blood on his face and dares Anderson to fight. Ray takes off the lid of the casket, and slides it into the ring. While Ray messes with the casket, Anderson up top, Ray sees that and crotches him. Chair shot to the back follows, and Ray then backs off the ref. Ray goes for a superplex, and it connects. Ray looks to put him in the casket, has him in and looks to put the lid on, but Anderson fights to keep the lid off. Anderson fights out, but Ray hits him with the lid. Ray grabs a chair, but as he raises the chair, Anderson punches him in the balls. Anderson put of the casket, but Ray hits him with the chair, looks for a powerbomb through the table and even though Anderson fights, Ray connects and Anderson lays in a pile of table debris. Ray looks to place him in the casket, but then instead looks to piledrive him in the casket. Anderson escapes, mic check into the casket, Anderson puts the Liverpool jersey in with him and places the lid on it and he wins.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Mr. Anderson @ 13:00

  • Dixie meets with MVP backstage, and she says that since MVP acquired shares in TNA, he has been involving himself in wrestling affairs. She says they have no tolerance for each other, and she wants to buy his shares in TNA. She says that most wrestlers are not good businessmen, but she hopes he is different. She offers him a deal and says she will have the funds wired immediately if he signs. He says the profits from the deal would be his biggest payday ever. She says he can be better than this by signing it. MVP says he came here to make this place a better company, and he hasn’t scratched the surface yet. He crumbles up the offer and throws it away. Carter calls him crazy, and he agrees, since he is a wrestler. He proposes lethal lockdown match at Lockdown, they will both control a team, and the winner takes all control. She wants the shares, he wants control and for her to stay out of the wrestling side. She says he will get what she wishes for, and he will be sorry. MVP leaves as Dixie is pissed.
  • End scene.
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