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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 9.05.13

September 5, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: James Storm and Gunner

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Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

  • Highlights from last week’s show.
  • The BFG Series competitors vow to win tonight’s big gauntlet match.
  • Bully Ray, Tito Ortiz, Brooke Tessmacher and the rest of Aces and 8s make their way to the ring. Bully says that the Aces and 8s are in total control. He then says they are the best bunch of guys a brother could have. He says that with out them, he would be nothing. They watch his back, they hang and bang together, and he knows that last week was a bit harsh but that s behind them. He hugs with Bischoff, Brisco and Knux. He then gives dap to Tito and says the crowd is wrong about him ad puts him over. Bully then goes to Anderson and says he is the best VP a guy could ever ask for. Bully says he loves Anderson more than Devon, and hugs him. Bully then says tonight, Knux will destroy Chris Sabin. Then Brisco and Bischoff will beat the tag champions. And then Anderson will win the BFG Series Gauntlet. He then says he has Hogan in checkmate, brother. He will then beat Sting tonight, just like he did at Slammiversary. He tells them to leave while he, Brooke ad Tito will watch Knux destroy Sabin.

    Chris Sabin vs. Knux

    Sabin uses his speed early, looking for headlocks but gets taken down by a shoulder block. Sabin fakes a test of strength and boots Knux in the gut, and then delivers dropkicks to the knees to ground the big man. Single leg crab by Sabin, Knux escapes and Sabin back to the knees. Chops follow, but Knux wipes him out with the charging cross body block and covers for 2. Bully sheers on Knux as he delivers a short-armed clothesline and covers for 2. Knux connects with the big boot, and then hits a stun gun on Sabin. Knux connects with the catapult under the ropes on Sabin, and then covers again for 2. Knux with a neck crank, Sabin fights back but Knux pulls the hair and gets a belly to back suplex. Leg drop off the ropes by Knux gets another 2 count. He then chokes out Sabin in the ropes as Bully yells at Sabin. Knux misses the charge and crotches himself. Sabin up top and connects with the missile dropkick. Bully tosses in the hammer, Sabin stops that and then grabs the hammer and nails Knux for the DQ.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Knux @ 6:00 via DQ
    RATING: **

  • Mickie James walks.

  • Velvet sky tries to calm down Sabin backstage. He is pissed about the hammer being brought in, and says he should still be champion and the hero of TNA.
  • Knockouts Champion Mickie James makes her way to the ring. James says she was so excited to come to Cleveland. This is the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and she knows she will be in there some day. She had decided to prepare an amazing performance, smoking monkeys, midgets, and the whole carnival. She then has a little award with her face on it, and says she doesn’t need the VMAs, which she wasn’t invited too. She is upset about how people treated Miley Cyrus, she gets what she tried to do to become a break out star. She is a star and the greatest knockouts champion of the century. Apparently the fans don’t like the way her and Miley TWERK it.

    ODB makes her way out to the ring, and cannot believe James was discussing Miley Cyrus. She then tells James that she will take the “Knocked Up Title.” James says she doesn’t think so, because she is a star and ODB isn’t. She then attacks ODB with the award and they brawl. ODB grabs the title and celebrates until James takes it back and yells at he. ODB then rips off James’ shirt, and says she will become the new champion.

  • JB hypes the BFG Series gauntlet. Jay Bradley and Hernandez are in for interviews. Bradley says they may not have a lot to gain in the series, but a certain organization may have an interest in the match. He then offers to become a business partner with Hernandez.
  • Knux sloppily eats a sandwich backstage.

  • We see Sting arriving earlier today.

    Bound For Glory Series Gauntlet Match Worth 20 Points: Magnus vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Daniels vs. Kazarian vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Ken Anderson vs. Joe Park vs. Hernandez vs. Jay Bradley

    Hernandez and Jay Bradley start off the match. Jay grabs the mic and says that they can work together. A certain group has put a lot of money in front of him, and all he has to do, with Hernandez’s help, is eliminate a certain someone at the right time. If Hernandez helps, he helps Hernandez’s wallet. Hernandez doesn’t seem impressed as he attacks Jay. Hernandez runs wild, and #3 in the match is Joe Park. Park in and Jay attacks him. Park back with shoulder blocks, but then eats a back elbow. Hernandez then kills Jay with the POUNCE, PERIOD, and tries to eliminate him. #4 in is Anderson. He rushes in and looks to eliminate Park as we head to a commercial…

    We’re back from commercial as #5, Samoa Joe, hits the ring and runs wild on everyone. And we head to another commercial…

    We’re back from commercial, again, as they brawl. #6 is AJ Styles. Styles eliminates Park (and almost himself) right away. Joe and Anderson battle, but Anderson saves himself. Hernandez with a big backdrop on Styles as Anderson works over Joe in the corner. Styles connects with leg kicks to Hernandez, and then goes after Anderson. #7 is Kaz. He goes right after AJ as Joe works over Anderson with jabs. Anderson escapes the muscle buster, but then Joe tosses him to the floor and Anderson landed badly, hitting his head on the guardrail. Belly to back suplex by Styles to Kaz, and #8 is Daniels. He sneaks in and lays the boots to Joe and then he and Kaz go after Styles. Kaz and Daniels work over Joe and Styles, and then try to eliminate Joe. #9 is Jeff Hardy, and we head to a commercial…

    We’re back from commercial as #10 Bobby Roode enters the ring. Styles is almost eliminated, saves himself and then tosses Jay Bradley. Joe works over Daniels in the corner, as Roode attacks Styles. #11 in is Austin Aries, and he charges down the ramp and hits a dive onto Daniels and Kaz! Aries is all business, and tries to battle Kaz and Daniels on his own. Styles and Daniels brawl as Jeff tries to toss Roode. Joe and Styles chop away at Daniels and then try to toss him. Roode looking to eliminate Aries, but Aries saves himself. And now #12, Magnus, hits the ring and everyone is in. Magnus with rights to Roode, Kaz and Daniels. Catches Daniels and tosses him up into a suplex. Kaz over to save Daniels and they try to work over Magnus, but Joe makes the save. Joe looks for a clothesline, but Daniels ands Kaz work together to eliminate Joe. Kaz battles with Jeff as Roode and AJ are paired off. Jeff almost tosses Kaz, but Roode saves Kaz and tosses Jeff Hardy! Kaz, Roode and Daniels are working well together, with Styles, Magnus and Aries left. Styles eliminates Kaz to turn the tide, and then Daniels saves Roode and tosses Magnus.

    Final four are Roode, Aries, Daniels and Styles. Aries is down as Roode and Daniels double team Styles. Miscommunication as Daniels clotheslines Roode. Styles runs off the back of Roode and eliminates Aries, ducks a charge and eliminates Roode!

    We’re down to Styles vs. Daniels. Styles to the apron, he then springboards in with the Superman forearm and kips up! DVD into a back breaker onto Daniels by Styles. Looks for the clash, countered, PELE by Styles! He then clotheslines Daniels and he is gone! Styles wins 20 points.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: AJ Styles @ 29:00
    RATING: ***

  • Here are the final four in the Bound for Glory standings…
    ~ AJ Styles: 49 Points
    ~ Magnus: 39 Points
    ~ Austin Aries: 35 Points
    ~ Bobby Roode: 34 Points

  • Bully Ray is disgusted with Anderson, and says he is a disappointment. He says Anderson could have been on his way to Bound for Glory, but he lost. Knux won his match, he says Wes and Garett will win their match. What has Anderson done for Aces and 8s lately? Anderson flips his lid and Bully says he ripped his own brother, ripped his name from their colors. He could do the same to Anderson. Do not forget who he is and fall in line. Bully then says not to disappoint him again.

  • Styles says he is a winner and he does what winners do. He will win the BFG Series, he will face Bully Ray and he will take the title from him.
  • Sting talks with Rampage about not being able to wrestle for the title again. Sting says this is not about titles anymore, because this made him get back up, and reform the Main Event Mafia. He is confident that he can take out Bully tonight.

    Non-Title Match: James Storm and Gunner © vs. Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco

    Wes and Garett attack the champions as they make their way to the ring. The champions battle back and we get the bell. They brawl around the ring, Storm sprays beer on Garett and then into the ring they go. Tag to Gunner, corner clothesline and bulldog to Garett and a cover for 2 by Gunner. Storm back in, slam and knee drop to Garett and a cover gets 2. Wes in to stop a suplex attempt and they double team Storm and take control back. Wes just about misses a clothesline on Storm, then slams him to the corner and Storm then fights back. Back elbow by Wes, and then an arm bar in the ropes. Wes in control until Storm hits a backstabber. BOTH men are down, and a tag to Gunner. Garett in as well and Gunner runs wild with clotheslines. Back breaker by Gunner gets 2. it breaks down, all four men in, Double team DDT onto Garett, but he kicks out at 2. Wes trips up Storm and slams him to the post. Cheap shot to Gunner and Garett rolls up Gunner for 2. Wes grabs a title belt, the ref stops that and Garett has a chain and KOs Gunner. That’s enough to get the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco @ 6:00 via pin
    RATING: *½

  • AJ Styles walks.

  • Roode, Magnus and Aries are in the ring. JB is there to discuss the BFG Series, and then introduces Styles. Styles stares down with all three men and says Aries is the blemish on his BFG Series record, the guy he did not want to lose to, so he chooses Austin Aries, which means Roode battles Magnus next week. Aries says that he is not big on predictions or promises, but he promises him there will be a winner and that is the fans, good luck. Roode then grabs the mic and says that a wise man said I love when a plan comes together. He aligned with Kaz and Daniels for one reason, and that was get him to the final four, and he did that. He says Magnus is the weakest link, and while Magnus may have defeated him before, but he will win this time and win the finals and go to Bound For Glory and take back his title. Magnus stares him down and says that they cost each other points, but he didn’t need Muppets to do what he did. He did it by himself, but now, Roode may have friends, but he has a family and the sides will be even. He promises to go through them all to Bound For Glory and win the Title for the first title.

  • Before the match, Ray says this is a non-title match because he beat Sting at Slammiversary. He says screw you to Sting and screw your best friend Hogan. Hogan then makes his way out and says he runs the show. He then boots Tito from ringside. Ray is pissed and Hogan says that Ray knows who he is now. Hogan then changes the match to a NO DQ Match.

    Non-Title No DQ Match: Bully Ray © w/Brooke Tessmacher & Mr. Anderson vs. Sting

    Sting hits the corner splash right away and is on the attack as the bell rings. He tosses Ray to the floor as we head to a commercial…

    We are back from commercial as Sting nails Ray with a chair several times. Back into the ring they go, Sting looks to continue the attack but Ray low blows him. Splash by Ray gets 2.Ray now beats down Sting with the chair, and then slams Sting onto the chair. Taz hands Ray a box cutter, and he starts to cut away the ring apron ala Slammiversary to expose the planks under the mat. Another chair shot to Sting, Ray peels back the matting and exposes the planks. Sting battles back, gets the scorpion deathlock and sits back on it. Aces and 8s hit the ring, minus Anderson, and attack Sting. Here comes the Main Event Mafia to clear the ring. They brawl and it is back to one on one. Sting misses the splash, Ray tries to piledrive Sting, but he counters and escapes. Death drop onto the exposed planks is countered and Sting hits his head hard. Ray misses a boot, double leg by Sting, scorpion deathlock again. Anderson has the hammer and looks to hand it to Ray, but then backs off. He then tosses it across the ring and Ray has to tap.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sting @ 10:00 via submission
    RATING: **½

  • Anderson grabs the TNA Title belt, and enters the ring. He mocks Ray for losing and not being able to win on his own. He then asks Ray, “do you know who I am? I’m the guy that will face you next week for this title! I’m your worst nightmare, the next world champion, from Green Bay Wisconsin, and my name, my name is MISSSSSSSTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ANDERSON… ANDERSON!”
  • Thanks for reading.
  • End scene…
  • Set for next week…

    ~ Bound For Glory Series Semifinal Match: AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries
    ~ Bound For Glory Series Semifinal Match: Magnus vs. Bobby Roode
    ~ The Bound For Glory Series Finals Match
    ~ TNA World Title Match: Bully Ray © vs. Mr. Anderson

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