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411’s WWE Raw Report 06.14.04

June 14, 2004 | Posted by PK

411’s WWE Raw Report 06.14.04
Live from Dayton, OH
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411MANIA by PK

Johnny Nitro is out of the picture with Bischoff at the beginning.

Bischoff calls KANE into his office to start…He tells KANE that he has to name a new #1 Contender, and that he knows that KANE will understand, because KANE is a professional. KANE walks this off for a bit, then he rips apart Bischoff’s office.

Intro…Benoit/Edge/Jericho vs. Orton/Batista/Flair in an elimination match.

JR is in the ring, he is going over last nights “Historic” HIAC match. He then has both competitors come out to the ring. JR tells them both that it is time for this rivalry to end. They just stare at each other for a few moments, and HBK extends his hand. HHH is just about to shake his hand, but Bischoff makes his way out, and tells us that he has an important announcement about the new #1 Contender…KANE then strolls out after, and gets in the ring looking at both HHH and HBK. KANE pauses, then drills HBK with a big boot. KANE then stares down HHH, and HHH slowly gets out of the ring. KANE then beats on HBK some more, and toss him back in the ring. KANE then takes a chair, and Pillmanizes HBK…but with the chair around his neck. HBK starts bleeding from the mouth, and medics come on out to help him, and get him ready to be stretchered out.


HBK is still being worked on in the ring, and they finally get him on the stretcher, and, after they reshow the footage of KANE killing him, they wheel him to the ambulance.


Rewind – Trish winning the Woman’s Title

Tyson Tomko & Trish Stratus vs. Matt Hardy & Lita
Matt Facts: Matt & Lita are not morning people. Matt & Lita enjoy margaritas.
Lita and Trish start. Trish does her Matrix move, but Lita turns around and drills her. Lita then with a leg scissors, and Trish tags in Tomko, and Lita goes to Mattitude. Tomko overpowers Mattitude, but then goes for a running powerslam, and Matt rolls out and drills him with a DDT. Both woman tag back in, and Lita is on fire. Lita with a side Russian for 2, but Tomko comes in and breaks it up. Matt runs in, and dumps Tomko to the outside, then hits a suicide plancha. Trish goes for the StratusFaction, but Lita reverses it, and drills Trish with a ‘thunderous’ DDT for the win.
Winners – Matt & Lita

Eugene is on the Highlight Reel tonight.


Bischoff in his office, a messy office. HHH comes in wondering what happened. All Bischoff says is “KANE”. HHH then asks what about his #1 Contender Spot. Bischoff then says that there is a problem with that, and that there is someone who is undefeated so far, and is up for the #1 Contender Spot…Eugene. HHH can’t believe it, and Bischoff says that all HHH has to do is beat Eugene next week, and he will be the #1 Contender.

New Guy Todd talks to the first Joe Schmo, and they show a 5 minute preview for Joe Schmo 2.


La Resistance vs. The Superheroes – Flag Day Flag Match
Winner of the match will have their flag raised, and national anthem played. Greiner and Rosey start. Helms quickly in, Rosey whips Greiner in the ropes, and Helms nails a leg lariat. Conway distracts Hurricane, and Greiner takes advantage. Conway in, he tosses Helms to the corner, but Helms gets the elbow out, and then goes up and nails Conway with the Overcast. Both tag, Rosey dominates Greiner, body slam, then spinning leg drop for 2. Greiner is outside the ring, Rosey goes to suplex him back in, but Conway grabs Rosey’s ankles, and Greiner scores the pin.
Winners – La Rez

Greiner sings the Canadian national anthem, but gets booed out of the ring.

News on the Diva Search. They will have 3 castings in LA, NYC, and Chicago, and 10 will go from there to RAW. We will vote for the winner from there.

Recap of Jericho defeating Tomko last week.


They show Lita in the dressing room, and she has an pregnancy test in her hands. She goes to pee on it.

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel
Jericho brings out someone who also won their match at last nights PPV, EUGENE. Jericho asks Eugene what was Eugene’s favorite Chris Jericho moment. Eugene thinks about it, and then recalls the time that Jericho peed in Regal’s tea, and Regal drank it…HAHA…Eugene then says that he did the same thing last week…and Regal gives a grossed out face. HAHA. Jericho gets serious, and tells Eugene that HHH may be his favorite wrestler, but HHH doesn’t like him. This brings out Evolution. HHH tells Eugene that he is Eugene’s best friend. HHH is such a good friend, that he brought him a present. Eugene opens it, and there is a HHH hat and Tshirt. He then has an 8×10, and HHH signs it for Eugene. There is also an Evo shirt, and HHH has Eugene sign that. They then take a picture…HHH says “On the count of 3, say ‘PEDIGREE’,” utoh…but they just take the picture. HHH then tells his new buddy Eugene that if anyone says anything bad about HHH, he wants Eugene to tell him, and he will deal with that person personally. He tells Eugene to get to the back, and show his friends the stuff. Jericho then gets in HHH’s face about it, but HHH tells him that Jericho will have what’s coming to him.

Stacy comes into Lita dressing room, asking to borrow her elbow pads. Lita then shares that she is pregnant, but tells Stacy not to say anything to anyone, because she is the first to know, and Matt doesn’t even know. Lita doesn’t look happy…


Stacy Keibler & Nidia vs. Gail Kim & Molly Holly
Gail talks trash to Stacy, but Nidia takes her out. Nidia tags in Stacy. Gail and Molly take turns beating on Stacy, Gail locks on a bow and arrow submission, and Molly takes out Nidia.
Winners – Gail Kim & Molly Holly

SmackDown Rebound:

  • Angle makes Cena/Booker/Dupree/RVD for the Bash
  • Eddie takes JBL for a ride in his own limo
  • Taker bows down to Heyman and the urn


    Recap of one of the worse HIAC matches to date.

    Recap of KANE going apeshit in Bischoff’s office, then killing HBK.


    Ric Flair. Randy Orton, & Batista (w/ HHH) vs. Chris Benoit, Edge, & Chris Jericho
    This match will be Elimination Style. Orton and Jericho start, Jericho with a series of submission holds, and Orton gets to Flair. Flair beats down on Jericho, and Batista comes in the rough him up a bit, then Flair back in, and Jericho nails a back body drop, and tags in Edge. Edge runs roughshot on Flair, and all 3 members of Evo are out of the ring, as Team Canada stands tall.


    We come back to Flair and Benoit going toe to toe. Benoit gets the best of Flair, and Edge comes in. Edge with a turnbuckle count, but only gets to 4, before there is an inverted atomic drop. Orton and Benoit in, Batista in, and he dominates Benoit. Batista with a huge spinebuster, Orton in, and he beats down Benoit, Flair in, locks on a wrist lock. Benoit fights out, but Flair gets a chop in, then they go punch for punch. Batista back in. Batista with a HUGE suplex for 2. JR tells us that HBK has a crushed voicebox. Batista now working on Benoit’s back, with shoulderblocks. Batista goes to shoulder Benoit in the corner, but Benoit moves, and Batista goes shoulder first into the post. Jericho in, goes for a Walls, but Batista powers out. Batista takes out all 3 men, and a melee unfolds. Edge comes out of nowhere with a spear, Benoit with a swandive, then a Lionsault for the pin on Batista. Flair and Orton start working over Jericho’s ribs. Orton has Jericho in a sleeper, and Jericho fights out, and tags in Edge. Edge with a suplex for 2. Orton on the top, Edge goes up for a SUPERPLEX…just a heads up, it is 11:07 EST. Edge lines up for a spear, but HHH grabs his ankle. Flair in, and he goes to the top, but Edge takes him down, and Jericho in. Jericho with a running bulldog for 2, when Orton comes in. Benoit takes out Orton. Jericho in the ring, locks the Walls on Flair, HHH distracts the ref, and Orton comes in and nails a RKO, and Flair rolls over on Jericho for the pin.

    Commercials at 11:11. Fellow 411er, Matt Biscutti informs me that this might make up for the giant promo they gave Joe Schmo 2.

    Benoit and Flair still going at it. Benoit chops away, Edge in, and Flair takes him out. Orton in, and he controls over Edge. Orton off the ropes, Edge dodges Orton, Benoit in. Benoit with a knee to gut for 2. Flair in, and Benoit nails the first 2 Germans on Flair, then the last on Orton. Benoit shoulder blocks Flair, and both sides tag. Edge, cleans house with back body drops. Edge with a spear on Flair, but Orton with low blow, and an RKO for the pin on Edge. The time is now 11:20. Flair goes to lock on the Figure 4, but Benoit counters and locks on the Crossface for the submission. Orton and Benoit are the last standing, and Orton pummels away. Benoit fights back, nails a German, but Orton fights out, and accidentally nails the ref. Benoit locks on the Sharpshooter, but HHH comes in, and Benoit gives him a German. Orton goes for an RKO, but Benoit goes to lock in the Crossface, Orton flips through, but Benoit locks on the Sharpshooter for the win.
    Winners – Benoit/Edge/Jericho

    Show Over


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