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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Bronson Reed Wants Gold, More

September 18, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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-Trying to get this done will keeping an eye on Steelers/Browns. Let’s get to it!

-Megan Morant welcomes us to the show and she is joined by Matt Camp. The big story is Jey Uso’s return to RAW causing all kinds of issues. Jey turned down Judgment Day and paid for it tonight!

-To the video as Nakamura went one on one with Ricochet. Speaking of Ricochet he was featured in the new episode of This is Awesome and you can find my recap here. Ricochet blasts Nakamura with a chair as payback and that brings out Rollins to get him a piece of Nakamura. We have a pull apart brawl and then Rollins gets dropped on the announce table.

-Megan mentions that Rollins threw out a challenge where Nakamura can name the place, time, and stipulation.

-To the video as Piper gets attacked by Nia Jax. She then destroys Zoey Stark and Chelsea Green. Shayna eats a splash and Banzai Drop.

-Jackie Redmond is backstage with Nia Jaxx and she is a little intimidated. Nia picks up on that and tells Jackie her actions speak louder than her words. Jackie says she has all the respect for Nia.

-Megan and Camp discuss Nia and how she has changed the entire dynamic of the Women’s Division.

-Bronson Reed and Imperium (minus GUNTHER) still to come!

-Fastlane! Indy!

-To the video as Gable and Reed went to battle. Gable couldn’t get the suplex and TSUNAMI finishes. That move is still awesome!

-Byron Saxton is backstage with Big Bronson Reed. Reed says he is RAW’s own personal Kaiju and he thinks he should face GUNTHER or Rollins for their Titles. Yo, I would take a HOSS FIGHT between Reed and GUNTHER.

-To the video as Becky Lynch threw out an open challenge and it was accepted by Natalya. Becky escapes with a win as she gets a roll-up and retains her NXT Title.

-To the video as Cody Rhodes opened the show with a clean win over Prison Dom. Judgment Day goes to attack, but Owens and Sami make the save. Owens then wants to know why Cody brought Jey Uso to the WWE. Cody mentions “second chance” and “best in the world,” and “he can change.” CM PUNK! Oh wait, he is talking about Jey Uso. Sami and Cody go to bat for Jey, but Owens isn’t as sure. He can’t trust Jey, but he trusts Cody and Sami so he hopes they are right. This story is great so far!

-Next week on RAW it’s the rematch with Judgment Day defending their Tag Titles against KO and Sami. Also, next week, Prison Dom defends the NXT NA Title against Dragon Lee. Dom is getting a lot of in ring time.

-Imperium (minus GUNTHER) still to come!

-NXT Tomorrow! Prison Dom vs. Carmelo Hayes!

-To the video as Ciampa and Vinci hit each other really hard. Ciampa gets the win as Vinci has to tap. Poor Vinci is going to pay for that loss.

-Kaiser and Vinci are backstage with Byron Saxton. Kaiser notes this is not the time for questions. It is time for actions and results. He isn’t thrilled with Vinci tapping out two weeks in a row. GUNTHER needs him to get his head straight. Kaiser will take matters into his own hands if he has too, but he questions how long they have to keep doing this.

-To the video as Jey Uso and Drew McIntyre closed out the show with a match. Judgement Day head down and Jey hits Priest with a superkick to turn them down and ends up getting stuck with a Claymore. Drew gets the win and is conflicted as he watches Judgment Day lays the beats on Jey. Cody comes down for the save and that is how we close RAW this week.

-Steelers just finished the Browns in a wild game for those wondering.

-Megan and Camp discuss Jey Uso and his turning RAW upside down. Camp notes that Jey is about proving to himself how far he can go and not about proving himself to anyone else.

-Plug for The Bump: Molly Holly, Carmelo Hayes, and Zelina Vega!

-Megan wraps things up and we are out this week!

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