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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report 11.13.23: Miz Taunts GUNTHER, More

November 13, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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-The Drew McIntyre heel turn is complete, and I am all for it. Let’s get to it!

-We start with the video of Drew McIntyre hitting a Claymore on Jey Uso, which gives Judgment Day the win. RAW closes with Drew shaking hands with Rhea Ripley. Camp questions why, and I mean, it’s pretty simple: He hasn’t forgiven Jey Uso (and Bloodline) for what they did to him. So, he just cost Jey a Championship.

-Megan Morant welcomes us to the show and she is joined by Matt Camp.

-We start proper with video of Judgment Day vs. Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn. No winner as everyone gets involved and all the officials hit the ring to try to separate everyone.

-To the video as late in the show, Damian Priest gave JD McDonagh his jacket and welcomed him to Judgment Day. He’s a good fit and it gives them someone else to team with Balor or Priest down the line when the other is part of the World Title scene.

-To the video as Piper Nevin and Tegan Nox did battle. Chelsea Green and Nattie get involved, and Nox gets the roll-up for a win. This has to be building to a Tag Title match between the two teams.

-Byron Saxton is backstage with Tegan Nox and Nattie. Nattie tells Tegan she feels like she is her good luck charm and perhaps Tegan is her good luck charm as well. They like the idea of becoming Tag Team Champions. Nattie loves gold, and expensive things. They are off for tacos, or “title tacos,” as Tegan calls them.

-Camp and Megan discuss the Woman’s Tag Title picture.

-Xia Li and The Miz still to come!

-NXT on Tuesday! Tomorrow Night! Chase U is under investigation.

-To the video as Xia Li gets a win over Indi Hartwell via knockout. Becky Lynch is here and she is looking for a fight. Xia bails and Becky tells her they have a match against each other next week on RAW.

-Jackie Redmond is backstage with Xia Li. She tells Jackie to please shut up. She has knocked out Candice and Indi in the last few weeks. Next week she will knockout Becky Lynch.

-To the video as Nakamura gets a win over Otis and next week, he tries to finish off The Alpha Academy gauntlet as he faces Chad Gable. That should be fun!

-The Miz is up next!

-This Friday on SmackDown: LA Knight vs. Jimmy Uso! Plus, Damage CTRL is now 5 strong!

-To the video as Big Bronson Reed comes down during The Miz vs. Ivar match to tease some BIG MEATY MEN SLAPPING MEAT! Reed distracts Miz long enough for him to get a roll-up and use his feet on the ropes to get the win. Reed then plows through Ivar and hits TSUNAMI! That move needs protected for all eternity!

-Jackie Redmond is backstage and makes a joke about his abs. He loves that GUNTHER is unfocused right now. Miz doesn’t change no matter if the fans boo or cheer. He is going to do what he has to do to win and will be a 9-time Intercontinental Champion. Sorry Miz, you’re toast!

-Camp wonders if Miz wins, does it make him The Greatest IC Champion of all time?

-To the video as our Main Event was Balor/Priest defending against Cody/Jey with both sides of War Games being barred from the building. You may as well held up a sign saying McIntyre was coming back to screw Jey. Sure enough, Drew drops Jey with a Claymore and that shakes Rhea’s hand to close the show.

-Camp understands that Drew is upset over Clash at The Castle, but Jey and Cody have nothing to do with that. He feels Drew is just bitter!

-Next week on RAW it’s The Advantage Match as the two teams have a 1 on 1 match with the winner getting the advantage. My day we flipped an imaginary coin and the heels entered first.

-Plug for The Bump: Sami Zayn and Nick Aldis!

-Megan wraps things and we are out this week. Thanks for reading!

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