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411’s WWE Unforgiven Report 09.12.04

September 12, 2004 | Posted by Larry Csonka

We are LIVE from Portland Oregon, and are announcers this evening will be Jim “Good old JR” Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler, as well as Carlos and Hugo for our Spanish speaking friends.

Match #1 Evolution (Batista and Ric Flair) vs. Chris Benoit and William Regal

From main eventing to curtain jerking in the match of a month, damn. So what do you think the over under on chops between Benoit and Flair will be? I got 30.

Benoit and Batista to start, lock up and Batista powers Benoit to the corner. Batista tries a clothesline and Benoit gets a quick cross face but Batista grabs the ropes. Batista goes low, then throws Benoit to the corner. Benoit back with a dragon screw leg whip and a tag to Regal. Batista cheap shots Benoit, and then gets a headlock to Regal. T-Bone suplex by Regal, and a quick cover for 1. Tag to Benoit and he chops Batista but Batista back with big right hands and a tag to Flair. Benoit to the corner, chop time. Wooooooooo! Benoit now with chops, back and forth now, Flair off the ropes and he is back dropped then nailed by Regal. Tag to Regal, and he is in with those hard left hands. Tag to Benoit and more chops. Flair punches at nothing and FLOP! Tag to Regal and a knee drop to Flair, but Flair gets back up and a thumb to the eye. Chop block and Regal is down. Take down by Flair, kip up by Regal and a shoulder block to Flair. Tag to Benoit, and more chops to Flair. Flair begs off, but Benoit kicks away at Flair. More chops by Benoit and now a side headlock by Benoit. Flair tries to get Benoit’s leg, Enziguri to Flair. Tag to Batista and Regal and Batista gets a few knees to Regal. To the corner and Batista misses a clothesline. Tag to Benoit and they double team Batista and now Benoit is in control. Take down and a sharp shooter attempt but Batista escapes and then kills Benoit with a clothesline for 2. Tag to Regal and he kicks away at Batista, but Batista takes Regal to the Evo corner and Flair chokes him out with the tag rope. Flair in and struts, then punches Regal in the face. Regal to the corner, and Flair works the midsection, then chops away at Regal. Eye rake by Flair, then a back suplex for 2. Regal up and fights back with rights and lefts but Batista nails him in the back of the head and Flair takes him down and tags Batista. Neck breaker to Regal gets 2. Clubbing forearms by Batista and now he drags Regal to the apron and elbows his throat. Tag to Flair and a chop block again to Regal. Figure four by Flair! Regal tries to fight out, but he is dead center in the ring and in trouble. The crowd picks up and Benoit in to break it up. Small package by Regal for 2. Tag to Batista and an Elbow to Regal. Suplex by Batista for 2 as Benoit breaks it up. Reverse chin lock by Batista and Regal tries to get to his feet. He does and tries for the tag but Batista whips him to the corner and they collide heads. Both men are down! Tag to Flair and Benoit! Benoit is going wild on Flair with chops and punches. Back drop to Flair. Snap suplex. Nails Batista off the apron. German to Flair, German to Batista! Another to Flair, 3! Benoit cuts the throat and goes up top…SWAN DIVE HEADBUT! Sharp Shooter but Flair thumbs to the eye and now Cross Face! Batista in, picks up Benoit and slams him down. Spine buster to Regal. Batista and Regal fight on the floor and is thrown over the railing. Flair tries the figure four, but Benoit with a cross face again and Flair taps!

Winners: Regal and Benoit @ 15:03

In the back with Trish, Tomko and Trish. Christian wants Tomko back as his problem solver. Trish is worried about an attack from behind, and Christian says it wouldn’t be the first time! HA! Trish then tries to seduce Tomko and he tells Christian “Good Luck.” Christian calls Trish a slut!

Match #2 Victoria vs. Trish © w/ Tyson Tomko

They talk smack, then a lock up and Victoria with an arm drag. Take down and a roll up gets Victoria 2. Trish to the floor, and talks with Tomko. Back in the ring and Victoria with right hands now but Trish gets a knee to the gut and chokes Victoria over the middle rope. Kicks by Trish now, then sits on the top rope and pulls Victoria’s hair and chokes her. Again and the ref tries to break it but she drops Victoria at 3. Victoria slaps Trish now, then a press slam by Victoria into a gut buster ala Dean Malenko. Trish sent to the floor and Victoria goes up top…but Tomko picks up Trish and saves her. Victoria to the floor and slams Trish into the barrier. Back in the ring, but Trish is able to send Victoria into the steel post. Trish slams her onto the apron, then sends her back in the ring. Covers and gets 2 on Victoria. Victoria tries to fight off Trish but Trish just kicks away and Victoria is in trouble. Mounted punches by Trish, covers and gets 2. A version of the abdominal stretch on the mat by Trish, then hooks the leg. Trish covers and gets 2. Trish picks her up by the hair and slams her down, covers and gets 2. Headlock by Trish now, but Victoria to her feet and fights out. Off the ropes but a spine buster by Trish gets 2. Headlock again by Trish, Victoria tires to fight to her feet again, elbows out and sends Trish to the corner and gets a shoulder block. TKO into a side slam for 2 by Victoria. Slam by Victoria…wiggle moonsault gets 2. Victoria misses a clothesline as Trish matrixes out but Victoria gets a headbut and then a plancha to Tomko! Victoria back in, Stratus-faction by Trish and it is over.

Tomko chokes out Victoria, and the woman in drag saves Victoria as the crowd chants “STEVIE!”

Winner: Trish Stratus @ 8:15

Tomko on the mic, and he will solve the mystery of the mystery woman right now! He wants a match.

Match #3 Tyson Tomko vs. Mystery Drag Woman

Slap by the Drag Woman and Tomko drops her. Tomko kicks away and it is…STEVIE! OH MY GOD! Tomko strips down Stevie to his bra and panties. Tomko yells at Stevie and slaps him down. Crowd hates this. Tomko with more punches, and the crowd chants “You suck!” Choke by Tomko, then a kick to Stevie. Please end this. Tomko chokes Stevie again, but Stevie fights back. Press slam by Tomko and now a neck vice. More boring chants now, Stevie tries to fight back again but Tomko knocks him down. Right hands by Tomko and now Stevie is pissed. He asks for more right hands, and Tomko just clubs him down. He slaps Stevie and calls him a sissy. Testicular claw by Stevie! Stevie makes a comeback, and punches away at Tomko. Drop kick and more punches. Another drop kick and Stevie looks at his bra. Tomko grabs him, reverse TKO and that is all.

Winner: Tyson Tomko @ 6:25, but it seemed like 30:00

Match #4 Christian vs. Chris Jericho – Ladder match for the vacant IC Title

We have a ton of ladders at ringside, so perhaps there will be tons of PLUNDAH! No one is allowed at ringside says JR and King.

They stare down and talk smack, then Christian slaps him! Clothesline by Jericho and then a vertical suplex to Christian. Back suplex now, then Jericho kicks away at Christian. Punches by Jericho, but Christian comes back with chops. Christian chokes out Jericho, and the crowd chants “CLB!” Christian eats Jericho’s boot, then Jericho sends Christian to the floor. Jericho grabs a ladder, throws it at Christian but Christian runs away. Christian with right hands now, and Jericho back in the ring. Christian chokes out Jericho, but Jericho had Christian over the 2nd rope now, and Jericho runs and sits on his back. Running Enziguri and Jericho gets a ladder, and nails Christian in the gut. Jericho tries again, misses and hits the ring post. Christian throws Jericho over the barrier and they fight back in to the crowd. Back to the barrier and Jericho dumps Christian back to the floor. Jericho chokes out Christian with a cable on the floor, but Christian fights back up and NAILS the Un-prettier on the floor! Jericho looks to be out, and Christian grabs a ladder. In the ring now, and Christian climbs. Christian had the belt but Jericho stopped him. Christian throws Jericho face first into the ladder and now Christian picks up the ladder. He sets in up in the corner, whips Jericho but is reversed and Christian ATE ladder! Jericho with the ladder now and throws it on Christian and Christian is in trouble. Jericho sets the ladder but Christian reverses him and tosses Jericho face first into the ladder. Christian makes his way up and sets the ladder in between the top and middle ropes. Catapult to Jericho and he smashed face first into the ladder. Christian has the ladder and now climbs. He comes back down, puts the ladder on top of Jericho in the corner, but Jericho tosses it as Christian runs and Christian is down! Jericho has the ladder, goes up top…and rides it down onto Christian! Crowd wild for Jericho now, and he sets the ladder in the corner. Christian tries to punch back at Jericho, and Christian sends Jericho into the ladder and Jericho is stuck with his knee in the ladder. Tree of woe position now for Jericho, and Christian charges and rams into Jericho. Christian has the ladder, sets it up and climbs. Jericho is favoring his knee, and taunts Christian and Christian back down, grabs the ladder but Jericho drop kicks the ladder! Christian looks out, but Jericho picks him up, BULLDOG onto the ladder! Jericho sandwiches Christian in the ladder, then smashes him repeatedly. Lionsault but Christian wasn’t there! He grabs his knee, and is in pain. Christian with the ladder now, and nails Jericho in the head and he goes to the floor. Christian sets up the ladder, climbs now and Jericho is getting up…he climbs the ladder and they fight. Christian is hanging on the ring and Jericho as knocked down! Jericho grabs the ladder and NAILS Christian with the ladder! The belt is still up there. Jericho sets up the ladder on top of Christian, Christian tries to move the ladder, he gets up and sends Jericho onto the ropes and to the floor. Christian with the ladder again, he climbs and Jericho is back in. They fight on the ladder and Jericho knocks him back…Walls of Jericho/Tarantula Variation on top of the ladder! Christian now falls to the mat, Jericho almost has the belt and Christian sends him crashing to the mat and onto the ladder ass first. Christian gets the HUGE ladder and sets it up. He climbs and Jericho sets up the smaller ladder. They duke it out up top…the belt is swinging now, they grab each other and BOTH men go crashing face first to the mat! Jericho up and going for the belt again…he grabs the belt and GETS IT!

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 23:30 – New IC Champion

Jericho and Christian looking SEVERE pain as JR and King talk about Smackdown’s No Mercy PPV.

Todd Grisham wants to talk to Kane. Lita comes out, and she wants HBK to beat the hell out of Kane. She wants Kane in the hospital. Kane comes out, and grabs Lita. He says she is so supportive, and he has a surprise for her. Bishoff made the match No DQ, and Kane is happy. He says Lita will be there to watch it all. He says whatever happens to HBK is THEIR fault. He lays a kiss on her.

Coach with Chris Jericho. He says it hurts being champ ass clown! But he is the 7-time IC Champion, and he feels like a king. Edge comes out, and says bravo. He says that it is a hollow victory because it wasn’t against him. He tells Jericho to shine up the belt, because he is coming for it.

Match #5 Kane w/Lita vs. “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (No DQ)

JR called HBK the 1st Triple Crown winner…SHAME JR!

Lock up and Kane right to work with right hands. Knee lift by HBK, then chops and a Thez press. Chops to Kane, and now punches as Kane tries to cover up. Kane to the floor, HBK to the floor and they brawl at ringside. Kane eats the ring post, and HBK rolls him back in. HBK up top, but Kane gets a thrust into the throat. Kane with right hands to HBK in the corner, then he chokes him out with the boot. Clothesline in the corner by Kane, he covers for 2. HBK with right hands, but Kane gets a slam. Goes for an elbow, but HBK moves. Kane to the floor by an HBK clothesline and HBK skins the cat back in. HBK with a plancha to the floor and he punches away at Kane. Kane shoves Lita in the way, HBK checks on her and Kane takes the advantage and then press slams HBK onto the barrier. Kane dismantles the Spanish Announce Table and slams HBK on it. It didn’t break. Kane tries a suplex and does and HBK goes through the table. Kane looks proud of himself, then rolls HBK back in the ring and covers for 2. Kicks by Kane, then a leg drop for 2. Kane with punches again, sends HBK to the corner and he melts after he hits the turnbuckles. To the floor now, and Kane pummels HBK with thrusts and punches. Back in the ring, and HBK gets a boot to the head of Kane. HBK charges him, but a sidewalk slam by Kane gets 2. Lita tries to rally the crowd for HBK, and Kane has a neck vice on HBK. HBK to his feet, right hands to Kane now, double choke slam to HBK for 2. Neck vice again by Kane, but HBK tries to come back. Punches to Kane, off the ropes but Kane clotheslines HBK and covers for 2. HBK flips out of a back suplex and gets a DDT to Kane! Kane up, and HBK chops away at him. Kane with rights now, but HBK with a flying forearm. Sit up by Kane, Kip up by HBK! Kane throws HBK to the corner and HBK flips over and to the floor. HBK goes head first in to the steel steps. HBK is busted WIDE OPEN! Deeply lacerated if you will. Back in the ring, Kane has a chair. HBK coming back, he is taking everything Kane is dishing out but Kane with a reverse elbow takes HBK to the floor again. He has HBK by the steel post, and Kane misses a boot and crotches himself. Kane is down, and HBK is in control. Back in the ring, atomic drop to Kane, and chops again. HBK up top…ELBOW DROP! HBK is ready, he is up, he tunes up the band…Kane gets up and nails HBK with a big boot and covers for 2! Kane is pissed! Kane up top…clothesline to HBK. He sets for the choke slam…goozles HBK but HBK nails him in the nizzies! Both men try to get an advantage and HBK crawls for the chair and gets it. WAFFLES KANE! HBK is down after nailing Kane and Kane is out. Kane sits up! He tries to grab the chair, but Lita grabs it. Kane argues with her, HBK up…tries a super kick, Kane reverses, and no HBK reverses and gets SWEET CHIN MUSIC to end the match!

Winner: “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels 18:07

After the match, Kane is pissed and grabs Lita and drags her to the back.

Shelton Benjamin promo is shown.

Todd Grisham with HHH. HHH says Orton is like everyone else, a regular guy. He says he maximized Orton’s potential and made him from nothing into something. He says everyone gravitates towards HHH. He picked Orton to become great, and made him that. HHH says Orton is NOT as good as him. Orton owes everything to HHH, and he knows it. Tonight, he beats Orton and it is because the title is life itself to him. He says Orton spit in his face, and the people loved it (they cheered.) HHH says he will win the title.

Match #6 Rhyno and Tajiri vs. La Resistance ©

Sylvain sings Oh Canada and Rhyno and Tajiri stop him.

Sylvain and Tajiri to start. Lock up, and Sylvain shoves him off. Lock up again, and some nice mat work and reversals gives Tajiri the advantage. Tajiri with chops to Sylvain, then reverses an arm drag and gets another. Sylvain takes Tajiri down, and Tajiri takes Conway down with an arm drag. Tag to Rhyno, and beats down Conaway, then a big back drop. He tries the GOAR but Conway ducks to the outside. Conway with a cheap shot, then a single arm DDT and a tag to Sylvain. Sylvain works the left arm, and a series on knee strikes by Sylvain leaves Rhyno on the mat. Tag to Conway, but Rhyno gets a belly to belly and Tajiri is tagged in with stiff kicks. Kick to the head and Tajiri gets 2. Sunset flip and Tajiri does the rolling Terry Funk pin and gets 2. Kicks to both La Resistance members but they regroup and beat down Tajiri. Conway covers for 2. Suplex now by Sylvain gets 2. Chin lock by Sylvain, and the crowd starts to get behind Tajiri. Side slam by Sylvain gets 2. Sylvain sends Tajiri to the corner and he this hard and drops to the mat. Conway now chokes Tajiri over the rope, and he is finally tagged in. Slam to Tajiri and Conway gets 2, covers again and gets 2. USA chant for Tajiri…I love that. Tajiri fights back, head scissors to Conway! STIFF kick to the face and a tag to Rhyno and Sylvain! Rhyno taking both men down with clotheslines and Conway to the floor now. Shoulder charge by Rhyno, belly to belly gets 2! Spine buster to Sylvain gets 2 as Conway makes the save. Double flap jack to Rhyno and he kicks out. It’s breaking down now with all 4 in the ring, and Sylvain tries to get the flag, but Tajiri nails him in the nizzies and GOAR GOAR GOAR gets Rhyno 2 as Conway saves Sylvain. Flag shot by Conway and Sylvain covers Rhyno for the win.

Flag match anytime soon?

Winner: La Resistance9:50

Video package for Randy vs. HHH

Match #7 HHH vs. Randy Orton ©

HHH is wearing the WM XX white boots of awesomeness!

Stare down and they circle each other and lock up and HHH takes Orton to the corner and a reversal by Orton and the ref counts and a clean break, but HHH shoves Orton and he slaps him back! Lock up, Orton take shim down, leg scissors, HHH escapes and they do it again with some nice mat work, HHH escapes and Orton slaps the taste out of his mouth. Crowd getting behind Orton strongly now, and Orton spits at HHH! Orton with right hands now, and he backs HH to the corner. Reversal by HHH and punches by him now. Orton slams HHH to the opposite corner and a backdrop to HHH. Snap mare by Orton and a high knee drop for 2. Reverse chin lock by Orton, and he really leans back on HHH and even uses the ropes a bit. HHH fights up, to the ropes and HHH elbows Orton in the face. Right hands by HHH, and now Orton with some of his own as they duke it out across the ring. HHH sent to the corner and a flip over to the floor. Orton to the floor and clotheslines HHH down. Slams HHH’s face off the apron now, and rolls him back in. Forearms by Orton now, and a European uppercut takes HHH down. HHH goes behind Orton and gets a chop block and he is down. HHH drags him to the corner, and tries to ram Orton’s leg off the post, and Orton pulls HHH into the post. HHH back in, and he gets a drop toehold, and drops down with a knee crusher on Orton. HHH with the leg again, and drops an elbow then drags Orton to the corner and rams Orton’s leg off the steel post. HHH tries again and wraps that leg around the post. Chop block again by HHH and Orton tries to fight to his feet. Orton in the corner and HHH works the knee, but Orton tries to punch back. HHH knees Orton’s knee, and he is down again. HHH calls Orton on, and drops an elbow on the knee, and now wrenches back on it. Orton uses his other leg and kicks away at HHH. Punches to HHH, but HHH gets a face buster with his knee and gets 2. HHH grabs the leg again, and slams the knee into the mat. Elbow again to the knee, and again, and again then HHH locks in the figure four leg lock! HHH pulls back and Orton is in trouble. Orton tries to escape, but HHH keeps it locked in. Orton tries again and turns the figure four over but HHH rolls over and grabs the ropes as Orton is in a lot of trouble. Still locked in the figure four, for almost 2 minutes now, and Orton turns it again but HHH gets the ropes and the ref breaks it. Earl Hebner and HHH argue then HHH chop blocks the leg again. HHH has the leg again, but Orton counters and HHH goes to the turnbuckle! Both men are down, and HHH is busted open! Orton back with right hands, then a European uppercut and more right hands. HHH off the ropes and a power slam by Orton for 2! Thumb to the eye by Orton then a drop kick to HHH for 2. Orton with right hands, but HHH kicks the left leg but Orton gets a DDT for 2! Orton with right hands again, but HHH gets the sleeper! Reversal and Orton gets a sleeper of his own but HHH gets a back suplex. HHH up now, and he climbs to the 2nd rope…but eats a boot. FLOP by HHH, and Orton to his feet. He goes up top…Cross body for a close 2! Orton with a clothesline to HHH and he goes to the floor. Orton to the floor now, and Orton punches away at the bloody HHH. HHH sent into the steel post then rolls HHH into the ring. HHH off the ropes, inverted neck breaker by Orton gets 2. Orton up…HHH tries to get up, tries the RKO, but HHH shoves him off and the ref is sent to the floor. RKO by Orton! Flair is out! Orton punches away at him, and takes him to the floor. Batista out, and he beats down Orton, but Orton moves and Batista eats the steel post! Orton over to HHH…LOW BLOW by HHH! Both men are down, as is the ref. Coach is out with a ref shirt on, HHH covers and Orton kicks out! Coach cheers on HHH, and Orton knocks Coach out! Batista back in, Spine buster to Orton! HHH covers but Orton kicks out! HHH yells at Coach as Randy chants start to pick up! Orton up, HHH up… Orton escapes the Pedigree…RKO TO COACH! Flair with a chair, RKO TO FLAIR! Batista in, LOW BLOW TO BATISTA! HHH crawls for the chair…KILLS ORTON! Everyone is down! HHH picks Orton up…PEDIGREE on the chair! He covers…Batista throws the ref in the ring…1…2…3!

Winner: HHH @ 24:45 – New World Champion

HHH just lays on Orton, as both are spent. JR hypes this as a conspiracy as Flair pulls HHH to his feet and he and Batista pull HHH to the floor and carry him to the back. Orton is out cold in the ring. The ref tries to revive him, and he crawls to the ropes and pills himself up and stares at HHH as they roll the replay.

Thanks for joining 411 for our LIVE coverage tonight, and we will see you next month for more of the same.


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