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411’s WWE WrestleMania XXIV Report 3.30.08

March 30, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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    -Live from Orlando Florida!

    24-Man Battle Royal
    Everyone came out to the same music and had their names read off as they entered the ring. Festus started things out by trying to attack everybody. He eliminated Deuce and Domino. Great Khali then eliminated Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Hardcore Holly, Tommy Dreamer, Kane, Mark Henry, and Snitsky were the final five. Snitsky eliminated Holly and Dreamer was eliminated shortly after that. Henry then tossed over Snitsky. Henry tried to press Kane but he floated over and sent Henry over the top rope with a kick to the head.

    Winner: Kane
    Kane will now face Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Title tonight.

    -John Legend is out to sing America the Beautiful.

    -We get a pretty kick ass video package to open the show.

    -Jim Ross welcomes us to WrestleMania 24!

    -We get a video package for JBL vs. Finlay.

    Belfast Brawl: JBL vs. Finlay

    Hornswoggle is with Finlay! He’s alive! They start brawling as Finlay tries to enter the ring. JBL is beating the hell out of Finlay at ringside, but gets tossed into the steps. JBL has lost more weight as he almost looks dehydrated. Finlay grabs toys from under the ring and starts to toss them into the ring. JBL nails Finlay with a trashcan as he comes back into the ring. Lid and cookie sheet shots by JBL. Short armed clothesline by JBL, he goes to the floor and grabs part of the steps and tosses them in. Boots by JBL to Finlay, goes for a piledriver on the steps…but Finlay backdrops him off. Finlay goes to work with the cookie sheet, places it on JBL’s face and punches him, and then gets a cover for 2. Off the ropes and a big boot by JBL connects. JBL kicks Finlay’s hand and then slams him to the corner. Big time rights by JBL, gets the Shackalacki and Hornswoggle in with a kendo stick shot! Finlay then NAILS JBL with the Shackalacki! JBL is out on the floor, Finlay picks him up and rolls him back into the ring. Finlay lays the can on his head and kicks it into his face. Finlay now gets a table and sets it up. Irish whip, reversal and Finlay levels JBL with a clothesline. Finlay has the steps and JBL escapes to the floor and tosses Hornswoggle down. Finlay repeatedly slams JBL into the announce table. Finlay then does a SUICIDE DIVE but JBL nails him with a trashcan lid! FINLAY DID A SUICIDE DIVE, HE IS THE MAN! Back in the ring and JBL covers for 2. JBL throws a trashcan at Hornswoggle and then nails Finlay with one. JBL tries the clothesline from hell but eats a can shot! Repeated lid shots by Finlay, Kamikaze roll by Finlay! He then tosses JBL head first through the table in the corner! 1…2…NO! Finlay has the steps, JBL hits him with the kendo stick in the knee, Finlay falls on the steps and this allows JBL to get the clothesline from hell for the win.

    Winner: JBL @ 9:25 via pin
    Rating: **¼

    -Kim Kardasian is with Ken Kennedy. He says he will win the MITB match for the 2nd time.

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Chris Jericho vs. MVP vs. John Morrison vs. Carlito vs. CM Punk vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Shelton Benjamin

    All of the commentators are in on this one. Kennedy runs for a ladder to begin as does Punk. MVP chills in the ring, and then kicks Morrison in the face. MVP with a ladder shot to punk, then Shelton and then Carlito. Jericho in and they both have ladders. Jericho gets the better of that, tosses a ladder on MVP and then Morrison is in and tosses a ladder into Jericho’s face. Up top now and DOES A MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR ONTO ALL THE GUYS WHILE HOLDING THE LADDER~! Kennedy back in the ring, sets up a ladder and climbs. I think I just saw the TNA plane fly by. Jericho in and Catapults Kennedy onto a ladder, he climbs, Jericho tries to stop him. Morrison in off a ladder, hits Jericho and he lands on the ladder! Shelton in and he has a ladder, climbs and is knocked off. Shelton back up, TOWER OF DOOM SPOT~! Shelton climbs again, Carlito is in and pushes the ladder over, Shelton stand o n the top rope, leaps back in and eats the top rope stun gun style. Punk in, climbs now and Kennedy stops him. Shelton back in, he and Punk brawl and he climbs. Punk grabs him…GTS on Shelton! Punk climbs, Kennedy with a Kamikaze roll on Punk on a ladder. MVP is back in, misses a kick and Carlito takes out his knee with a ladder shot. Carlito climbs, Shelton is up and nails Carlito. Superkick blocked, but Shelton gets a spin kick on Carlito. Shelton climbs again, Kennedy in and he and Carlito tip the ladder over and Shelton SENTONS THROUGH A LADDER that was setup between the ring and the barrier. Jericho, Carlito and Kennedy climb, but MVP tosses them all off and they crash and burn big time. Morrison takes out MVP, he climbs now but Jericho is in. They brawl, and Jericho gets the WALLS OF JERICHO ON THE LADDER~! Kennedy is in, has a ladder and climbs for the case. Morrison escapes, Jericho nails Kennedy now and Punk springboards in, as does Carlito! MIC CHECK by Kennedy to Punk off the ladder! Carlito and Jericho brawl, LUNG BLOWER OFF OF THE LADER~! Everyone may in fact be dead right now. Wait, MVP is up and looks to climb. He does, BUT MATT HARDY IS HERE! They brawl on the ladder, TWIST OF FATE OFF OF THE LADDER~! Hardy bails through the crowd and Morrison has a HUGE ladder now. Punk dropkick him, Jericho has a ladder and beats people down. They have a funky ladder set up, Jericho and Carlito fall and the one ladder is up, but Morrison is tossed off and crotches himself on the top rope! Jericho now climbs, goes for the case and Carlit is up and spits apple in his face! He goes for the case, but Kennedy is up and tosses him off into the ladder. PUNK KILLS KENNEDY with a shot to the face with a ladder! CODE BREAKER BY JERICHO with the help of a ladder! Jericho climbs again, Punk is up and shakes the ladder. Jericho kicks at him and yells to stay down. Punk up, they brawl and the case is swinging. Jericho hits Punk with it, but Punk trips him and Jericho is stuck in the tree of woe on the ladder and CM PUNK WINS!

    Some crazy shit, these guys will be feeling it tomorrow.

    Winner: CM PUNK @ 14:00
    Rating: ***¾

    -We see Cena, Orton and HHH preparing backstage.

    -We get highlights of last night’s Hall of Fame Ceremony.

    -THE FINK is here to announce the 2008 HOF Class. They all walk out onto the stage. Jack and Jerry Briscoe, The Solie Family, Rocky Johnson, for the High Chief his wife and daughter, Mike Graham for Eddie, Mae Young, and Reid, Ashley, Megan, and David for Ric Flair.

    -Todd Grisham is with Snoop Dogg. Snoop is excited to be here, and he found someone he gets along with. FESTUS! Santino is here! Santino says he will be at the BunnyMania match, and if Snoop tries funny business, he will be in for it. Snoop rings a bell and Festus chases Santino away. FOLEY is there and he gave him the bell. Tremendous. HE HAS A PIMPED OUT SOCKO!

    -Regal and Long are put for the next match to announce their man.

    Raw vs. Smackdown – The Battle for Brand Supremacy : Umaga vs. Batista

    King and Cole are commentating this match. They slug it out to begin. Umaga tosses Batista down, Umaga misses a corner charge and Batista then shoulder blocks Umaga to the floor. Umaga with a shot to the throat, back in and chops to the head of Batista. Off the ropes and a spin kick by Umaga. Umaga with a boot to Batista on the apron and he crashes to the floor. Back in and a splash to the back by Umaga and a cover for 2. Irish whip and Batista hits and drops to the mat. Umaga in control and beating down Batista. Batista tries to fire back with rights, but eats a thrust shot to the throat. Nerve pinch by Umaga, and then a slam. Umaga to the 2nd rope, dives across the ring and MISSES the head butt. Batista tries a slam, but falls and Umaga covers for 2. Stiff kick to the back by Umaga, and back to the nerve hold. Batista tries to fight to his feet, gets to a knee and then to his feet. Elbows out, but head butts and a Samoan Drop (HE IS SAMOAN) by Umaga gets 2. Batista with a boot, crowd is NOT liking Batista. Unaga whips him to the corner, eats a boot and blocks the spike. Umaga misses the corner charge, spinebuster by Batista. Rope shake! Batista bomb try, gets it as he falls back and Batista wins.

    That was uninspired.

    Winner: Batista @ 7:10 via pin
    Rating: *¼

    -JR and King discuss Show vs. Mayweather and that there must be a winner.

    -We see Floyd and his crew getting ready backstage.

    -We get clips of the battle royal that happened before the show, which Kane won.

    -ECW GM Armando Estrada is here now to announce the ECW Title match.

    ECW Title Match: Chavo Guerrero © vs. Kane

    Kane kills Chavo with a chokeslam and wins the title. Ok then.

    Winner: AND NEW CHAMPION Kane @ 0:10 via pin
    Rating: N/A

    -Raven Symone is here to hype WWE and the 50 wishes they granted this week for Make-A-Wish.

    -We see the Flair music video and a hype package for Flair vs. HBK.

    -Mike Adamle is with Ric Flair. Flair has a new pimped out robe. Flair says his plan is to BE the MAN! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Career Threatening Match: Ric Flair vs. HBK

    Flair has a new pimp robe and tights for tonight. They lock up and off the ropes, shoulder block by HBK and Flair is down. Lock up again, a hammerlock by Flair, HBK reverses it and then Flair reverses. Drop toehold and float over by Flair, but HBK gets back to the hammerlock. Back elbows by HBK, off the ropes and a hip toss by Flair and strut. They stare down, lock up and to the corner they go. Flair turns it, they shove and HBK slaps the shit out of Flair! HBK tells him he wanted it, he got it! Lock up and knees by Flair, chops in the corner, rights by HBK and then chops. Flair back with chops now. Irish whip, reversal and a boot by Flair. Off the ropes and a back elbow connects. Flair knee drop to HBK, Irish whip and HBK with a back elbow. HBK up top, Flair catches him! Flair tosses HBK off of the top. Flair up top! HBK over, eats a right and Flair with a cross body gets 2! Shin breaker by Flair, figure four try countered and Flair kicked to the floor. Baseball slide by HBK, and then the Asai Moonsault MISSES AND HBK LANDS ON AN ANNOUNCE TABLE! Flair back in and HBK lays on the floor holding his ribs. HBK struggles to make it back in, does and Flair lays the boots to him. Flair with a hard whip to the corner and then another. Back suplex by Flair and a cover for 2. Rights by Flair, butterfly suplex by Flair and a cover for 2. Chops by Flair, stalling suplex now to a good pop connects and he covers for 2. Boot by HBK, but more chops by Flair. They trade shots, boot by Flair, Irish whip and HBK comes out and gets a neck breaker. Flair charges HBK and then gets backdropped to the floor! HBK up top…MOONSAULT TO FLAIR ON THE FLOOR! Both men are down as the ref counts, the moonsault kind of missed upon seeing the replay. They make it back in the ring, Flair lays the boots to HBK and then chops away at him. HBK back with chops, off the ropes and the flying forearm by HBK. KIP UP! Atomic drop, rights, atomic drop and rights again and Flair flops down. A slam by HBK, he falls and then makes his way to the ropes. He goes up top…ELBOW DROP CONNECTS! HBK tunes up the band, the crowd is not happy with this. He holds up and Flair scoops him up, FIGURE FOUR BY FLAIR! HBK fights…and turns it! Flair lets go and they trade chops. Headlock takedown by Flair, counter, they do try the bridge up and don’t get it and Flair covers for 2. Shin breaker countered, sunset flip by HBK for 2. Chops by HBK, a whip and reversal and HBK with the corner flip back in and Flair chop blocks him! Flair goes for the figure four, roll up by HBK gets 2. Enziguri misses for HBK, figure four by Flair! HBK fights…shoulders down 1…2…NO! He pulls and tries to get to the ropes…but Flair pulls him back to the center of the ring! HBK turns it but Flair turns it right back and HBK finally gets the ropes. HBK lays the boots to him, keeps attacking the knee as the ref tries to back him off. Flair struts, and then eats a superkick! HBK covers 1…2…NO! HBK tries to get to his feet, to the corner, and tunes it up again! He limps over and tells Flair to get up! HBK is set, Flair struggles to his feet, yells at Flair again and LOW BLOW BY FLAIR! Flair covers 1…2…NO! Flair is up, grabs HBK but HBK locks in the inverted figure four! Flair fights, he tries to get the ropes and makes it! Flair pokes HBK in the eye after distracting the ref by pulling off the turnbuckle pad. Roll up with the tights gets 2 for Flair. They exchange chops from their knees, to their feet and more chops. More chops by Flair…SUPERKICK by HBK out of nowhere! HBK looks on at Flair, struggles to his feet and sets for it again. He doesn’t want to do it. Flair is up and calls on HBK! HBK says, “I’m sorry, I love you.” He then kills Flair with the superkick and that is all. HBK immediately hugs Flair after the bell rings and Flair is crying as he lays there.

    Winner: HBK @ 20:45 via pin
    Rating: ***** (I don’t think they could have done the match better. One or two small missteps do not matter here; this is possibly the most emotional match I have ever seen and a fitting send off for Flair. The era of Ric Flair is over, and for the first time in my life as a wrestling fan I have to accept the reality that he won’t be wrestling anymore. Thanks for everything Ric.)

    -Flair makes it to his knees and we see his family crying. Flair gets a sanding ovation as he leaves. He goes to hug his family. He then stops at the top of the ramp, crying and waves to the crowd.

    -Todd Grisham is with Edge. Edge says they just saw a career end, and more history will be made later tonight. Edge remembers being at WM 6, he saw Hogan there, and he was his biggest fan. But Hogan lost, and so was his innocence. People think Taker will win at WM and they count on that. But it changes tonight, they will get slapped with reality. There is probably a kid like him in the crowd tonight, and he will kill his dream. Edge will leave the true Phenom and the world champion.

    -All of the divas come out to be the Lumberjills. Snoop comes out in a pimped out golf cart.

    -Snoop does the announcing duties. He asks for and gets “WOOOOOOO’s” for Flair. The chicks dance for Snoop.

    BunnyMania – Lumberjill Match: Ashley and Maria vs. Beth Phoenix and Melina w/Santino

    Snoop has a throne at ringside to sit in. Beth pie faces Ashley to begin. They trade shots, Ashley gets a RANA for 1. Beth tosses her to the corner and Maria is in. They double-team her, shots to the back by Maria and Melina tags in. Maria tosses her to the floor, the chicks beat her down and toss her back in. Irish whip and a n ass ram by Maria. She gets a broncobuster and then a cover for 2. Maria picks her up, tag to Ashley and forearm shots by Ashley. Off the ropes with a head scissors and then a clothesline. To the corner, and a face jam by Ashley. Melina fires back, and then covers for 2. Ashley tossed to the floor, the chicks toss her back in and Beth tags in. Melina with a catapult into a bear hug by Beth. Beth has Melina on her shoulders, tosses her off for a Moonsault that about kills Melina. Beth and Maria tag in, kicks by Maria and THE LIGHTS WENT OUT. It’s a dark match apparently. They keep wrestling, they get some spotlights on and Maria gets a cross body off the 2nd rope for 2. Beth tries the bitch toss, but Maria with a bulldog counter and cover for 2 as Melina makes the save. Beth ends up spearing Melina off of the apron, and Ashley dives onto all of the chicks. Maria gets a top rope bulldog on Beth and Santino stops that. Lawler gets involved now and drops him with the best right in the business. Fisherwoman’s buster by Beth wins it.

    Winners: Beth and Melina @ 6:05 via pin
    Rating: ½*

    -Santino celebrates with Beth and Melina. Santino then gets leveled by SNOOP! He helps up Maria and lays a kiss on her. Santino is NOT happy!

    -We get a video package for the WWE Title Match.

    -They have a marching band out playing CENA’S ENTRANCE MUSIC! Where were these gigs when I was in school?

    -Lillian does the super special ring announcing.

    WWE Title Match: Randy Orton © vs. HHH vs. John Cena

    Orton punks out HHH with the title belt as the bell rings! This leaves Cena and Orton, Cena gets a suplex and then follows with rights. HHH is back in, tosses Cena to the floor and goes after Orton. He tosses Orton, follows and then slams Orton to the ECW announce table. They brawl on the table, back in they go and HHH gets a sleeper. Cena in…double Fu try, HHH escapes and then Cena takes a low blow. 3.0 backbreaker to HHH and he lays the boots on HHH. Rights now, Orton now lays the boots to both men. Knee drop to Cena gets 2. Knee drop to HHH and a cover for 2. Orton in control, goes up top now and Cena is over to stop that. Cena up with him, HHH is up and over as well. He has Cena on his shoulders and Orton gets a doomsday cross body, Cena rolls through for the FU, kicks HHH away but Orton gets a sunset flip for 2. HHH with a clothesline to Cena, and then Orton with one to HHH. Cena on the apron, Orton with rights and goes for the hangman DDT, HHH over and he gets a DOUBLE HANGMAN DDT and covers Cena for 2. He covers HHH for 2. Orton stalks both men, looking for the RKO…Cena up and Orton tries, but gets tossed off onto HHH. Cena with the blockbuster. Up top and the fameasser to Orton! He tries the STFU, but Orton escapes to the floor. Cena chases him, and then gets tossed into the steel post! HHH and Orton back in, rights by HHH and then he attacks the knee of Orton. HHH slams the knee to the mat and then greets Cena with a clothesline. RKO by Orton on HHH! Orton tries to get to his feet, HHH rolls out and he Cena gets the STFU on Orton! Orton fights for the ropes, Cena yells for him to tap but Orton makes the ropes with the help of HHH. HHH drags Cena to the floor and slams him into the steel steps. HHH in, and gets an Indian Deathlock on Orton. Cena in to break that up, which does not please the crowd. He whips HHH to the corner and he flips out to the floor. STFU on Orton again! Orton fights for the ropes, but HHH is in to break that up. He tries to break the hold, and then gets the cross face on Cena! Cena tries for the ropes, crawls, drags HHH and gets the ropes! Rights by HHH, then by Cena, BOO, YAY, BOO, YAY! Knee by HHH, rights, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Cena! A clothesline and then the PROTO BOMB! 5-knuckle shuffle connects, Cena sets for the FU…snags up HHH, he escapes, pedigree try, countered and HHH stops the STFU try. Off the ropes, face jam by HHH. A clothesline follows and then the spinebuster! HHH chop blocks Orton, Cena grabs up HHH, counter and the pedigree lands! 1…2…CONCUSSION KICK BY ORTON TO HHH! 1…2…3! Orton pins Cena.

    Nearly 15-minutes of non-stop action with a surprising finish.

    Winner: Randy Orton @ 14:15 via pin
    Rating: ***¾

    -We get a video package for Show vs. Mayweather.

    -Money floats down from the sky as Floyd and his crew make their way to the ring. He is wearing MMA style gloves to the ring.

    The Biggest vs. The Best: Floyd Mayweather vs. The Big Show

    Mayweather has the largest shorts on I have ever seen. Mayweather plays keep away from the giant to begin. Show tries to corner him, Mayweather escape sand lands some shots to the body and backs off. Jab to the jaw by Mayweather, Show misses and a combo by Mayweather. Mayweather looks proud of himself and takes a drink from his PIMP GOBLET. She kills a man from his crew, pulls another one in and lights him up with chops. Show catches a right by Mayweather, and then tries to step on his hand and misses. Show sets Mayweather on top, rights by Mayweather and he then gets on his back and gets a sleeper! Show tried to toss him off, but Mayweather is Princess Briding him! Show drops to a knee, but gets back to his feet and escapes. He tosses Mayweather down and stomps on his left hand! Mayweather crawls to his corner and his crew check on him. Show grabs Mayweather, and delivers a chop that caves his chest in. The crowd chants one more time, and Show stands on Mayweather! Show is pleased, Mayweather fires back with rights, some kicks, but Show gets a side slam. Leg drop by Show, he then walks across his stomach. Mayweather tries to fire back with punches, but Show tosses him down. Elbow drop by Show connects. The crowd loves Show, he goes off the ropes but Mayweather’s crew pulls him out and says they are out of here. They leave with Mayweather, but Show goes after them! Show lays out anyone in his way and then Show tosses Mayweather down towards the ring. Show grabs Mayweather by the throat and then gets a body shot on Mayweather. Knees follow, Show tosses him in the ring and follows. Another crew members in, Show drops him. Goes for the chokeslam, and then a dude hits Show with a chair. NO SELL. CHOKESLAM to random dude. Mayweather has the chair, nails Show in the gut. Then the back! Show comes back, GOOZLE, LOW BLOW by Mayweather! Chair shot to Show’s head, another! A third shot and Mayweather takes off his gloves and gets KNUX! He nails Show, the ref counts as Show tries to make the ropes, but he cannot beat the count.

    For what it was, it worked out great.

    Winner: Floyd Mayweather @ 11:35 via KO
    Rating: **½

    -Kim Kardasian is out for some ring announcing. Attendance tonight is 74,635.

    -We get a video package for Taker vs. Edge.

    -Vicky wheels out to wish Edge luck.

    World Title Match: Edge © vs. The Undertaker

    Edge unloads on taker to begin. Irish whip and Taker back with a clothesline. Another sends Edge to the floor, and Taker follows. Back in, Edge with boots to Taker, but Taker stuns him off of the ropes. Taker back in, slams Edge to the corner and delivers back elbows and rights. Edge battles back, off the ropes but Taker gets the flying clothesline. VINTAGE UNDERTAKER! Shoulder rams by Taker, has the arm and winds it up. He goes to the corner, climbs for old school and gets pulled off, but Taker rolls through and tosses Edge away. Rights by Taker, charges and gets a high knee in the corner to Edge and flies over the top rope and falls to the floor. Taker to the apron, but Edge spears him off and into the barricade. The ref counts as Taker tries to get to his feet. Baseball slide by Edge as Taker tries to get back in. Edge to the floor and rams Taker to the apron back first. Taker back on the apron and Edge gets a neck breaker/stun gun and Taker falls back to the floor. Taker back in and Edge with a corner spear and then an elbow drop. Edge is working the ribs now, lays the boots to Taker and then delivers clubbing shots to the back. Head butts by Taker, tries a slam, falls and Edge covers for 2. Standing dropkick by Edge, he goes up top now and Taker is up and tosses Edge all the way off to the floor! CRAZY UNDERTAKER DIVE CONNECTS! He places Edge on the apron, boot to the head and then to the apron he goes. Apron leg drop, VINTAGE UNDERTAKER. Thanks Cole. Taker drags Edge in and covers for 2. Boot by Taker, goes for the last ride but cannot lift Edge. Off the ropes and a yakuza by Edge connects and he covers for 2. To the floor and Edge picks up Taker and drops him back first into the barricade. Taker drops into the crowd, Edge grabs him and rolls him in, cover for 2. Half crab by Edge now, Taker struggles for the ropes, turns and rolls up Edge for 2. Edge now working the lower back, Taker kicks away and gets to his feet. Edge works the back, clubbing shots to the back but Taker fires back. BOO, YAY, BOO, YAY! Knee by Taker, another, rights and Edge fires back as well. They trade crazy fists and Taker gets control. BEST PURE STRIKER IN WWE HISTORY! Corner splash by Taker, another! Snake eyes on Edge! Off the ropes and a dropkick by Edge 1…2…NO! Edge off the 2nd rope, goozle, countered and another goozle! Chokeslam countered into the implant DDT! 1…2…NO! Spear by Edge eats a boot, chokeslam by Taker! 1…2…NO! Taker goes for old school, up top and crotched by Edge! Rights by Edge, he goes up top with Taker, superplex try…CONNECTS! Edge covers 1…2…NO! Rights by Edge, corner mounted punches by Edge, but Taker gets the LAST RIDE, NO COUNTERED and a neck breaker by Edge! 1…2…NO! Edge fires away on the back, Taker fights back and gets the last ride! 1…2…NO! Cut throat by Taker, grabs up Edge, has him, countered into the Edge-A-Cution for 2! Off the ropes, reversal and a big boot by Taker. Taker has the arm, goes for old school for the third time and it finally connects. Off the ropes, Edge ducks and Taker big boots the ref. Inverted DDT by Edge and now he follows up with rights. Edge talks shit and says it will end, GOOZLE by Taker! LOW BLOW by Edge! Edge to the floor, tosses down a cameraman and steals his camera. Edge takes it in and WAFFLES TAKER with it! Edge goes over to get the ref, but he falls to the floor. Taker sits up! Edge calls for the tombstone, goes for it, has Taker up, counter and Taker gets the tombstone! Taker covers, but no ref! Charles Robinson sprints to the ring, counts 1…2…NO! Taker is amazed! The Rated RMY is out now, Taker tosses one to the floor. CHOKESLAM ONE ONTO THE OTHER ON THE FLOOR! SPEAR by Edge! 1…2…NO! Edge sets again, SPEAR AGAIN but Taker gets the GOGOPLATA~! Edge fights…but taps!

    An excellent main event to cap off the show.

    Winner: AND NEW CHAMPION The Undertaker @ 23:51 via submission
    Rating: ****½

    -Taker celebrates to a ton of fireworks and we get a video package of the event to close it out.

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