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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 4.10.24

April 10, 2024 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 4-10-24 Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 4.10.24  

It’s Part Two of the Costco coverage, and I gotta be honest…a fat slice of pepperoni and a chicken bake sounds choice right now…

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

I’m 5 minutes late but hear that Samoa Joe was attacked by Swerve while coming out for his match with Dustin! Sick. I’ve asked my comment section to summarize for me, so expect the best one to be placed here.


corpulent islander gets ouchie ouch. developments soon to follow

from Benjamin J

Joe and Swerve picked up where they left off last week, with less bleeding and about as much tables.

from Mr. Peanutbutter (Probably the most thorough)

Joe comes out to open the show for his match with Dustin but is attacked by Swerve on the ramp and onto the floor. Joe turns things around and sets up a table against the barricade. He goes to throw Swerve through it, but Swerve reverses things and then spears Joe through the table.
Officials come out to help Joe to the back. Then they show Renee outside OC’s dressing room, and she announces that OC will be in action on Rampage and will address Trent turning on him last week.

TNT Championship Match
Adam Copeland vs Penta Zero Miedo

Penta tris to finish it early, gets a quick cover for 2, then heads tup to the top rope and dives off with a stomp! Penta tries for a Fear Factor, Adam escsapes, Penta clotheslines him to the outside. Penta hits te ropes, stops himself as Adam moves, and poses. Adam slides into the ring, Penta slides out, follows, and Penta hits a kick to the hammy. Penta shushes the crowd and chops Adam HARD!

We come back from the break and Penta with a kick to Adam’s head. Adam hops up in the corner and hits a rana then a flying head scissors takedown with a leg scissors to the head. Headstand from Penta, kick to Adam! Penta grabs the head, hits a right hand to the face, side headlock. Adam hits the hammy, goes dowm, leap frog, another, rana from Penta, Adam back up and hits his own! Penta up in the corner, they bot hit clothesline, neither man down, then both kick and this knocks them both down. Both men to their knees and they trade right hands. Penta is able to get Adam to the outside.

Another commercial then we come back to Penta getting a cover off the backstabber for 1.2…NO!!! Penta corners Adam, opens up his chest, and hits a chop. He lifts Adam, whip to the corner, Adam reverses, gets Penta to the shoulders for a reverse electric chair drop. I don’t even know if that’s what it’s called, but that’s what I’m callin it. ANKLE LOCK to Penta! Penta shoots him into the corner then hits a dropklick. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Crossface from Adam! Penta with a boot to the ropes! Adam shoots to the corner, Penta with a high kick. Adam on the apron, Penta dives over the top rope, kick from Adam. Penta to th shoulders, he elbows the face, Adam turns, Penta with a double underhook, tries for Fear Factor, nearly gets it , but Adam shoots Penta into the buckle. Kick from Penta, he runs, powerslam from Adam onto the apron!!!! Adam goes for a spear on the outside, but Penta moves and he hits Alex Abrahantes!!! Penta with a superkick! Penta to the top rope as Adam rolls into the ring. Chop to Penta. Right hand. They’re both up top now. Penta attacks the back, hops onto the back of Adam, Code Red off the 2nd rope! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Penta pulls th arm of Adam back hard, then covers again for 1..2…NO!!!

Penta double underhooks again, Adam escapes, Penta hits th ropes, springboard. SPEAR FROM ADAM!!! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Adam Copeland
I get that Adam Copeland maybe wants to have “epics” with everyone he faces, but not all matches need to follow that format (because, yes, epics with quotation marks do have forumlas). The latter half of the match was much better than the first half, but it could have easily been ten minutes and been just as impactful, if not more.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 20:41

The lights go out as Adam stands in the middle of the ring.

When they come back on, Julia Hart is staring Adam down. From behind, Brody King attacks.

Here comes Willow Nightingale to make it even. Julia hits her with mist and Willow is stunned for a bit until Brody pulls at Willow. Adam is back up and attacks Brody, sending him out of the ring. The heels hightail it.

Backstage, Renee is with Hook, Chris Jericho, and Katsuyori Shibata and brings up their six man today. Renee asks Hook something specific, but Jericho cuts her off, says he’ll answer. They will sit under the learning tree of Chris Jericho. He will start with Ogogo. He will then tag Hook to handle Taylor, then tag Shibata, who will handle Moriarty. If they listen to Jericho and breathed the rarified air of Jericho, there is nothing but success for the future.

Jericho leaves.

Shibata uses a translator app to ask what is his deal, then compliment Renee on her necklace.

Weird zooming in and out of Jericho here.

All In footage up next

The Young Bucks are seated backstage, bring up All In, then talk about FTR and their history.

They bring up Jack Perry, saying he is the scapegoat. They bring up the other individual, then say that maybe FTR were the masterminds behind this all. Matt says you cant just bash others in a public forum.

They cut, come back and say that the locker room was in disarray, there were respectable journalists that needed answer. They had no time to even pray. They will see FTR beating The Young Bucks at All In, but if you ask anyone else, there should be. A big * by the victory. The footage is short and resembles a high school scrap.

Let’s roll the tape.

We see silent footage where Punk is basically shown as the aggressor, who shoves Perry, they tussle for a bit, then get broken up.

Matt says the worst part about this whole thing is creating a show, filling the building, only to be so distracted by something so stupid that you lose on your big night. Then, at the end, FTR has the balls to stick their hands out and ask to shake their hands? They wont be shaking hands with FTR at Dynasty. Be ready.

FTR are here live, and they are not scheduled, according to Excalibur.

Why, says Cash? What are they hoping to accomplish other than having a built in excuse as to why they lost at Wembley? Cash is tired of hearing about it all, talking about it. Everyone back there, they are ready to move on and put it in the past. He is done with it. Instead of talking about Revolution, going back to Wembley this year, doing some of the best shows ever, we are showing videos of 8 years ago. Cash is sick of the petty little bitches.

Dax says every interview they have, they let us all know that without them, hundreds of people would be out of a job, AEW wouldn’t exist. The scary thing is, Dax doesn’t disagree. Without them, he still might be shaving Cash’s back. But because of the Bucks, they have something that they cannot get over – they’ll never admit it, but now FTR has eclipsed them as the best tag team on this planet. At one time, they cared about AEW but somewhere along the way, they lost it. Now 3 other letters have taken over. EVP. On their backs, and everyone else that wants to be here, they will keep building. For them and the future, so they have a choice, but also for every single man and woman who goes to work and spends their money on one ticket to see them. If The Bucks don’t wanna be a part of it, grab their ball – they’ve got this. This aint about Wembley, about All Out, it’s about AEW – a company that he loves in an industry that he loves. It’s also about th titles. Two teams walk in, one team walks out first ever 3 time champion. Bucks may have built this foundation, but they will put the roof on top of this house just to blow that SOB back off.

Will Ospreay is here with Renee. They’re at the top of the stage. He’s been thinking about this all week. His apologizes, he asked for five minutes and got it. TV Time is expensive. There is this rumor that Will is afraid of the grind. He is one of the few guys traveling from UK to US and delivering some of the best wrestling matches this world has ever seen. The guy that said this is only in the positon he is in was only ecause he was grinding the boss’s daughter, he has no right to call him out. Don’t throw stones at an assassin with a machine gun.

As for Bryan, Will is stronger and faster, and the only way he hs a chance is if he can ground Will. Here’s some respect, but healthier men have tried and failed. Better men have tried and failed, but he is Bryan Danielson. He is a living legend. These people paid a lot of money to see the best wrestlers go at it. This is AEW. Where the best wrestle. It’s his time.

Chris Jericho, Hook, and Katsuyori Shibata vs Shane Taylor Promotions

Jericho and Lee to start. Lee shoots Jericho into the ropes and Lee hits a tackle. Jericho corners him and hits a running clothesline then another, and another. Jericho sits lee on the top rope, clmbs up off the chop, then hits a rana, sending Le flying. Tag to Shibata, who comes in and stops Lee in his tracks. Snapmare and a kick to the back. Tag to Hook as Shane comes in. Hook ducks under sand gets some body shots, hits the ropes, but Ogogo was there to kick his back. Shane with a right drops Hook hard.

Back and Hook hits a huge German on Taylor! Nice. Tag to Shibata. He hits a running knee. Jericho seems confused, wanting that tag. High kick to Lee, another, uppercut in the corner. Chop to Lee. Another. Jab chopp combo, then a running dropkick. Cover for 1.2..NO!!! Uppercut, Shibata looks to kick Lee, but Lee ducks and he hits Jericho in the face! Rollup for 1..2.NO!!! Lee with right, uppercut, another right, hits the ropes, Shibata ducks under a right and gets a back heel trip. Jericho seems bothered on the mat outside. Shibata shoots for a tag, but Jericho pulls Hook off the apron. Jericho and Hook argue outside while Lee hits the ropes, goes for a kick, but Shibata pushes it aside. Sleeper!

Taylor in with a hard right to the face of Shibata, right in the face Lee. He hits The Fang, cover for 1.2…3!!!

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions
So Aubrey is just gonna let that direct punch to the face happen? Mostly story, here, but the small time Shibata had in the ring was fun.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 8:14

Jericho and Hook argue. Hook tells Jericho to just leave, he’s off for the night, get out.

Hook then holds the hand of Shibata up in the ring and gets him some cheers.

Backstage, Dustin Rhodes says the attack earlier doesn’t change anything. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. The time for talking is over.

Kazuchika Okada vs Cristiano Argento

I smell squash…

Lockup to start, Argento tries for a right, a kick, another right, Okada hits his own knocking Argento down. He attacks the back with some hammers. Modified neckbreaker from Okada – kinda like a White Noise with a head capture. ARgento up, kicks, chops, but Okada no-sells.

Dropkick and a Rainmaker end this with a 1…2…3!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:19

Kazuchika Okada grabs a mic. He accepts PAC’s challenge. See you at Dynasty.

PAC is out with an applause. He paces back and forth, ready for the title.

He heads down the ramp, but here come The EVPs to attack PAC from behind! They send PAC into the ring, Okada corners him, then sends PAC into double superkicks!

CM PUNK chant….exactly what they wanted, I’m sure.

As Okada looks for a Rainmaker, FTR come from behind to send Okada outside then hit Matt with a….NOPE! Okada has a chair, comes in and attacks Cash, then a shot to Dax across the back! Superkick to Cash! One for Dax! Another for Dax! EVP Trigger to both men!

PAC stands, but Okada hits him IN THE HEAD WITH A CHAIRSHOT!!!

Up next, the Champagne Toast!

Renee is at the top of the stage and brings out Thunder Rosa first.

Out next is Toni Storm.

WE go split screen, as Renee thanks her for hosting this. The floor is Toni’s.

Luther serves everyone up, Toni first. Thunder seem annoyed.

Toni is ready for the toast…but instead, she just tosses the champagne into the face of Rosa. Lol. Ok…

Rosa grabs the nearby tray and cracks Rosa with it. Toni then grabs a towel and wipes the makeup off Rosa’s face.

Here comes Deonna Purrazzo to chase Toni away, but Luther gets in the way. Deonna then goes to check on Rosa, but Rosa shoves her away.

Deonna is pissed, brushes Rosa off and leaves.

Out comes Mariah May who hass a match. TRoni offers her some champagne, May says no, but Toni gives her a kiss on the cheek and this motivates May to rush down the ring for her upcoming match.

Mariah May s Anna Jay

Both girls decide to have a chop off. Jay stops after a few and just goes in on May with some rights. May hits the ropes, trips Jay up, goes for a kick, but Jay is up and side steps her. We get a running neckbreaker from Jay. . To th ropes, May shoots aright, Jay duks and hits her own. She tries for a suplex, but May drops to her knee. She sits Jay on the top rope. May with another chop, this time double handed. May flips up and locks the head then tosses Jay with her legs. May grabs Jay and locks her up against the ropes then pulls back on her head. May breaks it, right hand from Jay, she heads to the apron. And hits another neckbreaker, bouncing May’s back on the ropes. Headbutt from May drops Jay on her ass. Jay rolls outside.

We are back and May misses a hip attack. Jay with a back elbow. Right hands in the corner. Whip to th corner, Jay with a HUGE spinning heel kick! She sits May up on the top rope and pulls May off hard by the ars. Cover for 1.2..NO!! Jay whips, into the corner, Jay misses a right, May slips outside, high kick, dropkick from May! HIP ATTACK! May covers for 1…2..NO!!! May attacks the back fo the head. May gets Jay to her shoudlers, Jay slips off, kick to the chin, cover fo 1.2..NO!!

Jay with a Flatliner! Cover! 1.2…..NO!!! Jay up, May with a surprise rollup! 1.2….3!!!

Winner: Mariah May
Probably the match of the night.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 8:30

Anna Jay is pissed! She attacks May after the bell and locks in The Queen Slayer!

But Mina Shirakawa comes out to….stand on the top of the ramp and stare a bit…then run down and make the save.

She then asks for some champagne to cheers wit May? She goes down to her knees and lifts May up into her arms then offers some champagne, feeding it to her. She then kisses May.

May stands up, and picks Mina up into her arms for a spin.

Alex Marvez is with Mercedes Mone and brings up Double or Nothing.

Five years ago, history was made. AEW had the first ever PPV there. She is a history maker, a game changer, so she will head to Vegas to be the TBS Women’s Champion.

Marvez brings up Dynasty, where Julia Hart defends against Willow.

Mercedes cant wait to watch that match. Both girls are the very best. Hart has been one hell of a champion. You cant predict her games. She has Willow’s number. Willow, on the other hand, is a force to be reckoned with. She is dangerous.

Marvez wants her to talk about that.

Mercedes brings up a year ago when she lost and got injured. She also lost the chance to be the first ever woman to hold that title. She hates to lose. Being the CEO of AEW now, she always has a plan and she cannot wait for Double or Nothing.

Who would she rther face? Julia or Willow?


They are back on, and Mercedes is laid out, moaning…

I…uh…I need a towel…

Samoa Joe vs Dustin Rhodes

In roughly a minute and a half, Joe gets Dustin to the outside and we get the blade job.

We are BACK and Dustin is covered in blood. He uses the crowd to hype himself up but Joe continues the beatdown across the dome. POWERSLAM FROM DUSTIN! Rights from Joe. Dustin hits his own. Joe sends him t othe ropes, right hand from Dustin, another, antoher, shove from Joe, misses a right, Dustin with the jabs! BIONIC ELBOW! Kick to Joe, CODE RED! Pin for 1.2…NO!!! Dustin mounts in the corner. Right hand to the head, again, another, a few more, he drops for a bulldog, but Joe shoves him off and hits a HUGE clothesline! Dustin rolls to the outside.

Joe heads to the outside, Rhodes sends him into the post. Dustin grabs the AEW Title and heads into the ring. The ref yells for him to stop. Dustin holds the title, looks to attack as the ref threatens a DQ. Joe stands, Dustin staggers, then drops the belt. Dustin runs with a kick to the chest. Dustin grabs Joe, locks the head, tries for Cross Rhodes, HITS IT! Cover! 1..2……NO!!!! Joe up. Dustin rushes him. STO! Joe grabs the chain in the corner.

Ref grabs the chain and tosses it out of the ring. This allows Joe to grab the title and hit Dustin in the head with the title! Joe covers! 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Samoa Joe
While I appreciate Dustin’s efforts, this could have been anyone.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 9:28

Samoa Joe grabs Dustin Rhodes in a sleeper. The ref calls for the bell.

Here comes Swerve Strickland for a House Call out of nowhere! Swerve with the chain! He clocks joe in the jaw! He tries to attack again, but Joe staggers up the ramp as the locker room comes down to stop Swerve and hold back Joe.

Prince Nana has the title in his hand. He picks it up and hands it to Swerve.

End Show

The final score: review Average
The 411
Tonight’s episode suffered from a lot of bullshit all stemming from the same thing. I truly wish AEW took this past weekend as an opportunity to simply be an alternative without mention or allusions towards any competition, regardless of the shit talked. Simply put, they could have went out and just put on a bad ass show full of wrestling and truly highlighting everything the WWE isn’t. Instead, they took the defensive stance and spent way too much time attempting to TELL us how they are different instead of simply doing it. Copeland’s opener insisted upon itself, the Jericho match, even IF we were clamoring for the inevitable turn already, came off as a stop/start rather than a gradual progression of story, and I don’t know WHO THE FUCK they hired to handle the camera work during the backstage/interview segments, but get your finger off the zoom button. Everything felt off tonight, and it was all because egos were hurt and pride was damaged and instead of focusing on what makes them great, they focused on what they thought made another company look bad.

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