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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.10.24

June 10, 2024 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw Drew McIntyre 6-10-24 Image Credit: WWE
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.10.24  

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I like that boulder….that’s a nice boulder.

After a quick rundown of a few of tonight’s matches, we go live with Drew McIntyre!

Drew wants to know who is ready for a new champion. He wants priest, but he knows where Priest is, there must be a Judgment Day nearby.

Here comes Damien Priest who comes out with Finn Balor and JD McDonagh.

Priest tells Drew he has his shot but he’s still making excuses.Last week, Priest made it personal? Why? Because he played Drew’s game? Drew made it personal by saying he needs Judgment Day to be champion. This title isn’t theirs, it’s his. He’s going into Drew’s territory and put him down, and as much as he loves his crew, he doesn’t need them to be champion. He is champ because he is Damien Priest.

Drew says his title belongs to him, but Priest tells him to give it a rest. He’ll make this real simple – how bout tonight, Drew vs Finn. If he wins, Judgment Day will be barred from ringside. But when Finn wins, he wants them there front and center to have the honor to watch him beat him in his home.

Drew is down.

We head back to last week when Liv cornered Dom like a dom.

Backstage, Liv Morgan tells Dominik Mysterio that she’d like to call him daddy, and offers him her hotel room key.

Lyra Valkyria vs Iyo Sky

Iyo corners Lyra and sends her down hard by her head. She slaps her around then steps on her ponytail til the ref stops her. Iyo attacks some more, with kicks to the back then to the chest. She grabs her by the head, whip to Lyra into the corner, Lyra flips out, trips Iyo over, hits the ropes, dropkick to Iyo. She hooks the hips, Northern Lights, pin. 1..2…NO!!!iyo with a hard slap. High knee from Lyra, she beats down on the back then hits a few more knes. Leg lariat misses, Iyo flips aside, kicks, gets caught, Lyra shoots the gs, then turns Iyo onto her back and lifts her arm, pulling her up into a submission. She releases then kicks Iyo in th mouth. She dives through the ropes but Iyo backs up, catches her and puls her out. Iyo to the apron. Asai Moonsault!

We are back and Lyra is bouncing off the ropes with a springboard crossbody. Lyra with a clothesline. Another. A spin kick then a push, a missed kick then a leg lariat. Lyra to the top rope. Missile dropkick! She hoks the legs, fisherman! Cover! 1..2..NO!!!! Lyra tries for a German, Iyo flips her into the buckle, knee to the back with a backbreaker! Iyo to the top rope! MOONSAULT! Lands on her feet! Lyra with a firemans, Iyo slinks down, Lyra sits into a pin! 1..2…NO!!!! Not this time! Iyo with a stomp! Cover! 1…2…..NO!!! Drop toe hold to Lyra, springboard, Lyra catches her! Nightwing! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! DAKOTA STOPS THE PIN AND THE REF DOESN’T SEE!!! Lyra hits the ropes, dropkick to Kairi and Dakota! Lyra to the top rope! Iyo up, hits the ropes, Lyra falls into the corner, running knees! Iyo to the ropes!

OVER THE MOONSAULT! THE KNEES ARE UP!!! THE KNEES ARE UP!!!! LYRA WITH A TORNADO DDT! Nightwing attempt but Iyo pulls her hair, then rolls her into a crucifix pin! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Iyo Sky
Damn that was fun. Amazing match, these girls got chemistry, but they are also just incredibly talented.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 10:25

Dakota Kai and Kairi Sane attack then leave the ring to don Iyo, but Iyo wants to get her licks in, so runs back into the ring and attacks until Kitana Chance and Kayden Carter come down to make the save.

We head backstage where Dominik Mysterio is sitting in deep thought with a picture of Rhea behind him. In come Carlito, Finn Balor, and JD. Dom tells them Liv was there earlier and gave him a key. Carlito says that’s cool. Lol.

Backstage, The Miz is lookin for R-Truth, and asks Sami Zayn. Sami says he aint seen him. He then walks over to Maxxine and Akira Tozawa to ask if they are ok. Maxxine says she’s been better but they’ll be ok. Sami apologizes, asks if they saw the footage from last week. Maxxine says yes. He doesn’t wanna sound like a broken record, but he reminds them that they don’t have to take this.

In comes Otis to stare Sami down. Sami says he’ll see Otis in the ring tonight. Otis says he lost it, it won’t happen again, let him explain.

Sami says no, he gets it. He’s been through this. He knew his reaSons, though. He’s not sure why Otis still does. Otis says at one time, he had it all. Then he lost it all. His briefcase, his peach, his boy Tucky…he lost it all. Gable was there. He is his family. Maxxine is his family. Akira is his family. Without Gable, he is nothing.

Sami yells that this is not true, those are Gable’s words, does Otis know how special he is, how he could be? He hopes one day, he can see it for himself.


Backstage, Priest asks Dom about what happened earlier. Finn says don’t worry, the key is right here.

Priest looks at the empty table, says right where?

Everybody leaves. Lol.

Ludwig Kaiser gets a promo that says last week he proved he is not just a mouthpiece. He beat Sheamus. He will not be taken lightly, he is designed for greatness and belongs at the top.


The Judgment Day and Carlito vs Braun Strowman and LWO

JD hightails it out the ring as he and Braun are the legal man. He hops in to tag in Dom, so Braun tags in Rey. Dom tags JD back in. JD misses a right, Rey with a whip, hops over, Jd swings with a fist but Rey catches him, locks the fingers, runs the ropes, rana from Rey. Dropkick to JD. Rey locks the head, whips to the corner, tag to Lee. Lee trips JD then swings in with a kick. He grabs JD then hits a suplex, into a pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to Dom. Whip to Lee, kicks from Lee, rebound GERMAN! Rey gets a tag. He flies with a senton to Dom! Rana to Dom!!!! Dom is outside! Kick from Lee to JD, Rey assists Lee with a rana. Rey misses a 619, flies over the top rope, gets caught, but her comes Lee to slide under the ring, then get hit by a horizontal Rey. Gutbuster from JD to Rey.

Rey and Carlito are the legal men after the break. Both men down, crawling for a tag. JD gets a tag and prevents Rey from tagging in. JD drops him with a back suplex. Cover for 1…2..NO!!! Tag from Carlito. Carlito goes for a right, Rey ducks, clothesline from Carlito. Hard whip from Carlito. He knocks Lee off th corner. Whip to rey, Rey kicks out the corner, right to Dom, to JD, slides under Carlito, spinning heel kick. Rey crawls for a tag. Braun wants in. Rey gets close, but JD is here! Rey kicks Dom, sends JD outside. Rey inches towards Braun, but Dom and JD pull Braun down! Carlito with a whip. Shoulder to post! JD and Dom check on Carlito outside. Carlito back in, grabs Rey’s boot, tag to JD. JD elbow drops the back. Suplex, but Rey spins and turns it into a DDT! TAG TO LEE! Tag to Carlito! Block, right to Carlito, another, another. Whip is rversed but Lee hits a rana! To the corner goes Carlito, Lee gets sent to the apron, sends Carlito into the buckle, kick to the face, Lee to th top rope, rright hand from Carlito. Carlito to the top rope, Lee up top as well. Tree of Woe for Carlito. Lee with a stomp! He pulls Carlito into a pin, gets 1..2..NO!!! JD breaks it up, Rey enters to take him outside. Dropkick from Dom sends Rey off the apron. He turns, and Liv Morgan is on the apron! Dom slides out and tells Liv she needs to leave, she cannot be here. Liv pleads her case from the apron until Zelina Vega shoves her off and she lands on Dom. Liv smiles in full mount, rubbing on Dom’s chest. Here comes Zelina to attack Liv some more! JD and Rey break them up. Braun is on the arpno. LEE TAGS IN BRAUN!!!!

Braun drops off the apron and does the train hitting Dom, then JD, then Carlito! He sends Carlito into the ring. Big splash in the corner. Powerslam! Tag to Lee. Lee stands on Braun’s shoulders then flies with a splash! Cover! 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio, Dragon Lee, and Braun Strowman
A fun enough match, even if the face in peril segment lasted a little too long, and there were a few missed hits from Rey and Dom.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 13:55

Video package for Ilja Dragunov.

Backstage, Iyo Sky screams and pulls her hair out, telling Dakota and Kairi that Damage CTRL has to change!

Sami comes out to cut a promo about what hes going to do after he beats Gable, but Chad Gable comes out with his Academy to cut that shit off quickly.

He says typical Sami, trying to make himself the hero. But he is the hero. He is his Academy’s hero, and will triumph when he takes the title this Saturday.

Sami wonders if Gable really thinks his team is happy. Do they look happy?

They don’t.

Sami asks Tozawa if he’s happy. Is Maxxine happy? Gable stares them all down before they can answer.

Gable doesn’t care, but these people do, and they won’t be happy until they leave gable’s sorry ass once and for all.

Gable says Sami doesn’t understand that they are a family, and families stick together, no matter what. He will unleash his version of Otis onto Sami. The version that obeys, the most brutal andruthless version, and he’s unleashing him now.

Otis vs Sami Zayn

We come back and the bell rings. Otis corners Sami quickly, hits a right, then a big splash while Gable barks orders. He tells Sami to hit another big splash. He does.

Gable wants another. Gable hops on the apron and tells Otis to do it again. Stick to the plan, ya idiot. Otis turns. HELLUVA KICK!!! COVER!!!! 1…2…3!!!!

Winner: Sami Zayn

Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:21

Gable attacks!!!! He tells Otis to get away then picks Sami up. Sami stares at Otis. Otis raises his fist. He backs up, Gable tosses Sami aside then gets in Otis’ face. He shoves Otis. A big slap to the face of Otis. Sami up in the corner. Big clothesline to Sami! World’s Strongest Slam to Sami! Otis is seething. Otis then corners Gable. Gable drops to his ass, begging for mercy. Otis raises his fist in the air. Then he pulls himself away and leaves the ring.

Backstage, The Miz continues his search for Truth.

Truth comes out of a door says he was seeing a fortune teller. They have a title defense tonight. Truth says the fortune teller told him it was his destiny. Tonight, they fight APA. Truth tells Miz not to be scared. The Miz says fortune telling isn’t real. He turns, it’s Scarlett Bourdeax who says it was a pleasure reading his fortune. A.O.P. is looking forward to seeing them both in the ring tonight.


Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn vs Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler

Dawn starts by attacking the knee of Shayna. Alba distracts and Dawn corners Stark. Hip attack. Tag to Fyre. Big kick and a cover for 1..2NO!! Zoey with a rollup. 1..2..NO!!! Big clothesline. Backstabber with a moonsault from Fyre and a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Shayna drags Fyre out of the ring. Tag from zoey, and Shayna sends Fyre into the steps. Shayna pulls up on the arm, but Isla is there to attack Shayna, only for Shayna to turn and send her of the apron. Rollup from Fyre in the ring gets 1..2NO!!

Backbreaker from Shayna. She then steps on the elbow of the arm. Knee to Fyre. Clutch from behind! Fyre is fading. It’s over.

Winner: Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark
Not a good sign for the newbies, but damned Shayna looked pissed.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:34

Ilja Dragunov vs Bron Breakker

Bron tries for the quick beatdown but Ilja kicks one time to create separation. Some chops keep Bron at bay, until he does a leg takedown and pounds down on Ilja! Ilja up. Big chop, another, another! So hard it hurts him! Ilja with a chop in the corner, another, over and over as Bron tries to protect himself. Chop from Ilja! Boot scrape. Another kick. Hits the ropes, but Bron sends him into the rope neck first!

We are back and both men collide in the middle of the ring!!!! Constantine Special! Big knee in the corner! Big slam! Dragunov to the 2nd rope! Knee off of the 2nd! He waits for Bron to stand, lockup from behind. GERMAN!!! Another! He goes for a third, Bron tries to break it, but Ilja still hits it! With a bridge! 1..2…NO!!!! Back body drop from Bron! GOOZLE!!!! HE presses Ilja up, Ilja slips behind, big kick to the dome. Ilja with a fireman’s! Gets him up! It’s a struggle! DVD INTO THE CORNER! Ilja to the top rope! COAST TO COAST TO BRON!!! He rolls Bron away, heads to the top rope! ILJA DIVES! HUGE SENTON! Cover! 1…2…….NO!!!! Ilja lifts up by the gut. Bron tries to stuff the move, Ilja elbows the back. He hits the ropes from one side, another, big lariat from Bron! Bron up in the corner. Calls for a big spear, but runs into a knee!!!!! H-BOMB!!!!! Ilja doesn’t co er right away, allowing Bron to roll under the ropes and out of the ring.

Ilja rolls outside. Big boot to Bron! He clears the announce table! Ilja breaks the count, comes back to Bron, lifts him onto the table then goes for a suplex, but Bron blocks it! He lifts up and drops Ilja on the edge of the announce table! Bron breaks the count. He comes back to Ilja and drops him stomach first onto the barricade. Bron lifts him, bashes Ilja against the ringpost. Bron rolls Ilja into the ring, Ilja with a right, left, right, Bron hits the ropes. SPEAR!!!!!

Ilja rolls out of the ring! Bron to the outside. ANOTHER SPEAR! Back into the ring.ANOTHER SPEAR! COVER! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Bron Breakker
They could have given Bron the squash win, and I think only about half of us would be upset, but this…this was much much better. Holy shit, thy went balls to the wall and gave us a certified Briscoe!
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 16:02

We see Ilja pulling himself up near the barricade/timekeeper area. Bron notices him, leaves the ring and looks to spear the mustache off of Dragunov, but Ricochet flies from THE CROWD TO THE SKY LIKE A FUCKING HERO!

Backstage, the guys in The Judgment Day all argue about the card, each holding it up and saying it’s evil. Lol. It’s a funny segment even if it didn’t intend to be. WE see Finn Balor take the key at the end of it all.

We head backstage to see Sheamus try and hype of Drew McIntyre. They’re going to share some pints come Saturrday. As for that muppet, Kaiser, he’ll be winning the Money in the Bank. Drew says well if Sheamus is a real man, then let him know when he is going to cash in, yeah? Sheamus says if he does decide to cash in, it’ll be banger after banger after banger.

WWE World Tag Team Championship Match
The Miz and R-Truth vs Authors of Pain

AOP beats that ass just before break.

We come back to Truth getting ready to hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle of Akam. Razar comes in and gets sent right back out, and Miz and Truth try for ten knuckles, but Cross is there to pull both Miz and Truth out of the ring.

Her comes Kofi Kingston and Woods to attack Cross!!!!

Razar goes to help out, allowing R-Truth to sneak in with the title and hit Akam. Akam no sells it, turns to Truth, and Miz is able to roll him up for 1..2..3!!!!!

Winners: R-Truth and The Miz
Total Rating: ½*
Match Time: 5:36

Backstage, Ricochet is helping Ilja walk when from out of nowhere, Bron spears Ilja into hell. He attacks Ricochet to the outside, sending him back first into a big rig, then hitting some right hands into a car. He then lawn darts Ricochet into a truck, and Ricochet takes that bump like a fucking champ. Lol.

Bron’s not done. He walks up some steps and powerslams Ricohet upside down onto a car’s hood and front window.

Staff comes running, yelling for medics.

Drew McIntyre vs Finn Balor

Balor with a side headlock, tries for a takedown, gets it with some momentum. Drew backs Finn into the ropes, Drew with a tackle. Drew misse a corner shot, Finn kicks, side headlock, runs the corner, Drew drops him on the apron, Finn releases, Drew hit a clothesline. Big chop to Finn on the outside. Finn grabs the arm and sends it into the post of Drew. He turns Drew and hits a cohp on the shoulder, right hand, sends Drew back into the ring. Finn attacks the left arm. Finn to the outside, trips Drew up then stomps on his back over and over again from the apron. Finn runs for a punt kick, Drew catcheshis foot, and swings Finn face first into the mat. Drew pulls Finn off the apron by the head, locks up, BELLY TO BELLY TO FINN!!! FINN FLIES OVER THE TABLE!

We are back and Drew chops Finn hard. Whip to the ropes, Finn with a side Russian. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Finn chops Drew in the corner, attacks the mid section, then wraps his right arm around the ropes and pulls. Another right hand. Finn chops Drew, and Drew is pissed. Another chop. Drew walks out of the corner, Finn kicks, whip is stopped, Drew sends Finn to the ropes, misses a ight, but catches Finn only to be dropped with an elbow to the chest! Cover! 1.2..NO!!! Arm bar from Finn! Drew is up! Neckbreaker! Kip up by Drew. Drew calls for a Claymore, but Balor hits a slingblade! Drew to the outside. Finn hits the ropes, and dives over onto Drew! Finn sends Drew into the ring, Finn to the corner. Shotgun Dropkick to Drew! Another dropkick from Finn! Finn to the top rope! Headbutt from Drew! Superplex from Drew! Cover! 1.2…NO!!!

Damien Priest comes down! Carlito is on the apron! Drew headbutts him. CLAYMORE TO JD!!! Drew sends him outside. Finn rolls Drew up! 1.2….NO!!! Slingblade!

Finn hits the corner, SHOTGUN DROPKICK!!! Finn to the top rope! COUP DE G—–NO!!!! Drew is up! CLAYMORE!!!! COVER! 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre
They made that look easy. Solid main.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 12:56

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Tonight’s episode was pretty fun. It flowed well, and even with some matches that were essentially squashes and/or non-matches, those that were had a purpose. Thoroughly impressed by Iyo and Lyra yet again, and Bron v Ilja was just bonkers. The main was fun enough, and all in all we had a great go-home show.

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