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Beyond Wrestling’s All Killer 07 Review

October 12, 2013 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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Beyond Wrestling’s All Killer 07 Review  

Match #1 – Brian Fury vs. Nick Talent

A bit of a slower paced match for Beyond, with spurts of offense from time to time. I’d have to say this match was a bit long for my liking, considering the pace of the match, that is. The best part was probably the moment where Talent and Fury traded submission holds. Decent outing, but for Beyond, I expected a little bit better.

Match #2 – Sugar Dunkerton vs. Scott Henson

First half of this match was pure comedy. Nothing terrible but it does go on a little bit too long. Second half is a decent back and forth match. Dunkerton showcases his striking ability while Henson does impress with his strength at times. I know Henson has not been a part of Beyond for a long time, and I liked him in this match more than the one he had against Jaka. The finish of Dunkerton knocking out Henson with strikes was pretty rad, I must say.

Match #3 – Chris Dickinson vs. TJ Marconi

This match starts off as a brawl, the two battling on the outside. It tends to stay that way, with Dickinson and Marconi trying to knock each other out. Dickinson also puts his submission skills on display. This was a good main event, as it really does fell like these two hate each other’s guts. There were small parts that were sloppy, but overall, it is a satisfying match. Marconi’s seated chokeslam is awesome, by the way.

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The 411: If it was not for the main event, I would call this episode of the All Killer, 'skippable'. Fury/Talent and Dunkerton/Henson were alright by Beyond's standards. Marconi/Dickinson was the best match and makes the episode worth watching. One thing I will note is that this episode is shorter than most of the others, by about ten minutes. I would say Marconi/Dickinson needed a little more time.
Final Score:  6.5   [ Average ]  legend

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