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Bruce Prichard Discusses Who Came Up With The Ultimate Warrior Name, Says Vince McMahon Originally Didn’t Even Want To Use The Name

June 29, 2019 | Posted by Ashish
Ultimate Warrior

On the latest episode of Something to Wrestle, Conrad Thompson asked Bruce Prichard to name one of the bigger names that had a dispute with WWE over the rights to their character name. Prichard responded with The Ultimate Warrior, stating that while WWE and Warrior contested the rights to the name over and over in court, it was he (Prichard) who came up with the name and that Vince McMahon didn’t even originally want to use the name.

“The big one I remember, I always remember, is the Ultimate Warrior,” Prichard said. “And that was one that was contested over and over in court and that was something that I was specifically involved in and that was one that Vince was going to dig in because I distinctly remember coming up with the name ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ in an agent meeting or in a production meeting and how that whole process for that particular name worked, and how Vince didn’t even want to use the name ‘Warrior’ to debut Warrior on a national level. An intellectual property, that IP is very important. When you invest in that and you got all your money tied up in that, you create something, you have to protect it. And Vince was going to protect his IPs, he was definitely going to protect those intellectual properties at any cost, because once you give that up, now there are certain people that he’s given concessions to, that he has allowed for them to go on and continue to use the intellectual property, but they are still tied and still owned by the company. So yeah, Vince took that one very seriously and wasn’t about to let somebody go out and trade off of his investment to go make money for another company or another company to make money off of his investment or his IP without paying him.”

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