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Chaotic Wrestling Cold Fury 17 Results 3.16.18 – Havermill MA: Elia Markopolous Faces JT Dunn in Headliner

March 17, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Chaotic Wrestling

– This week Chaotic Wrestling held its Cold Fury 17 event. The fight card was held in Havermill, Massachusetts. Below are some results from the Chaotic Wrestling event, courtesy of Paul Crockett and PWInsider

It’s the biggest show of the year for Chaotic as all of their long running feuds are coming to a conclusion. Elia Markopolous defends the Heavyweight Title against JT Dunn, Josh Briggs defends the New England Title against Eddie Edwards and Anthony Greene and Cam Zagami clash one more time. It should be a fun show.

MATCH ONE: Cam Zagami v. “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene

Pretty hot opener. They went with a back and forth style match. They teased Cam beating AG with his own springboard cutter, but it was a nearfall. They traded a few nearfalls, including Cam kicking out of a 450. AG won it clean and decisively with a springboard spinning Pulp Friction. Cam got a good ovation after AG left the ring. Good match.

WINNER: “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene

MATCH TWO: Mike Verna v. Chase Del Monte

Chase came out on a Razor scooter after this long dramatic build to his entrance to “When The Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash. The crowd got a good laugh out of it.

This was pretty decent. They also went with a mostly back and forth style of match. Verna ended up kicking out of the Cradle to the Grave Piledriver, which is Chase’s finish, and that got a huge pop from the crowd. Other than a misstep or two as far as timing, it told the story of Verna going the extra mile to finally extract revenge, as Chase has had his number in recent months.

After the match, Verna offered his hand and Chase shook it. He then kicked Verna low and the crowd erupted with cheers. He then did the Cradle to the Grave Piledriver on the chair. I’m not sure that’s the reaction they wanted from the crowd, but that’s what they got. Chase left and Verna was getting up when Chase ran back in and pounded on Verna some more.

WINNER: Mike Verna

MATCH THREE: Chaotic Tag Team Titles – Maine State Posse (Danger Kid & Aiden Aggro) v. The Logan Brothers v. Killanova, Inc. (Christian Casanova & Tripilicious)

The Maine State Posse did a War of the Worlds-inspired entrance with what seemed like walking scarecrows walking out to the ring in masks before them while a end of the world announcement was being made.

There was a lot to digest in this match, as there were no tags and it was a lot of moves. A lot of it came off as too choreographed and a lot also moved in slow motion, so it came off as too staged. The Logans went for the powder gimmick but it was ducked. Casanova ended up getting the pin after dumping one Logan out and pinning the other. The crowd popped big for the title change.

WINNERS: Killanova, Inc.

They are doing Team Brian Milonas v. Team Scotty Slade. They showed a video of them picking teams via the old school Royal Rumble tumbler with names in the tumbler instead of numbers. Milonas ended up with Nunzio, Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer. Slade ended up with Mikey Webb, DL Hurst and Brett Domino. With each pick, Milonas got excited and Slade got more bummed out. I get the ECW guys are the bigger names, but this buried Chaotic’s own up and coming guys by making them seem like pathetic guys to have on his team. Hopefully, either the match or something down the line can correct that stigma.

MATCH FOUR: New England Championship – Josh Briggs (c) v. Eddie Edwards

This is a big test for Briggs, as Edwards is in a class above most when it comes to this industry.

Edwards brought his best, as he hit Briggs harder than I’ve ever seen anyone hit him. They pushed the pace and it was definitely a much different style than I’ve seen Josh work. It was way less indy big moves and it was much more like a real fight, which is something I would like to see Briggs do more.

After going for it and being denied a few times, Briggs finally hit the chokeslam into the backcracker for the win. Very good match.

WINNER: Josh Briggs


MATCH FIVE: Extreme Rules – Team Slade (Scotty Slade, Mikey Webb, DL Hurst & Brett Domino) v. Team Milonas (Brian Milonas, Nunzio, Stevie Richards & Tommy Dreamer)

This match did what it was intended to do. It was meant to be lighthearted fun with a bit of nostalgia with the ECW guys. There was a spot early where Slade wanted to get extreme, so he pulled out a bag of tacks…only it ended up being gummy bears. Not much to the match other than that, but the fans enjoyed it. The finish saw Milonas hit the big splash on Slade for the win.

WINNERS: Team Milonas

MATCH SIX: Chaotic Women’s Title – Ashley Vox (c) v. Alexxis

This match struggled to get a solid footing, but they worked very hard and they were laying it in which was enjoyable. The finish saw Alexxis win clean with a double underhook/cradle DDT. It was good to see a decisive finish.

WINNER: Alexxis

MAIN EVENT: Chaotic Heavyweight Title – Elia Markopolous (c) v. JT Dunn (with Sammi Lane)

It’s the finish Chaotic fans have been waiting to see for a long time as Dunn finished Elia with a Death By Elbow to take the title. They told a very good story along the way with Dunn having to overcome a lot of obstacles to finally win. Elia hit him with the belt but only got a two count, which brought the crowd way up. They also did a few other clever nearfalls, but when Dunn finally got the pin, the crowd erupted. This was a very satisfying, well done main event.


Overall, this was a very good show. A lot of stories wrapped up, and there were some good stories told.