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Chris Jericho Confirms Jake Hager Signed New Deal With AEW

September 8, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Jake Hager AEW Dynamite 7-7-21

In an interview with Inside the Ropes, Chris Jericho was asked about 2point0 signing new deals with AEW and revealed that Jake Hager also signed a contract extension.

He said: “Yeah, and Jake Hager too. They all got contract extensions. You know, like I’ve said, I’ve told this story many times, how the Jericho Appreciation Society came to be. It was never planned, it was just something that happened in accordance to the circumstances that we were facing. And I think the moment the five of us got together, it was a different vibe from the Inner Circle, but I knew that those guys were really good the moment I started working with them. So yeah, I do feel proud that they got contract extensions, raises, all everything in between. You know, I don’t say anybody deserves it. They earned it. Yeah they earned it by showing what they could do. And another thing, I mean the JAS has so many members because that’s the way Tony wanted it. Adding Sammy and Tay and adding Anna. I can’t do everything for everybody so I love that they have their own story going on with Angelo and Hook. Daddy Magic has a shoulder issue so he’s been doing commentary on Elevation, I think on Dark as well and he’s been killing it. So I gave them a opening and they just kicked the door open and they understand the more they can do, the more valuable they are to the company, and Tony Khan agreed obviously. So it is great to see because like I said, they didn’t deserve it, they earned it.

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