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Chris Jericho Has Verbal Altercation With Fan

July 31, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Chris Jericho - Mount Winnipeg

TMZ reports that Chris Jericho recently had a verbal altercation with a fan outside of an event in New York City. Jericho was at Irving Plaza, leaving a tribute show for musician David Z, who was recently killed in a bus accident.

Several people came to Jericho asking for photos and autographs. He agreed to them at first, but then began to turn people down. Eventually things escalated to the point where a fan began to shout at Jericho and vice versa. The fan said he was trying to congratulate Jericho on a recent match in WWE, but Jericho said: “F*ck your ass.

More curse words and shouting happened. Eventually the fan left and Jericho told his friend: “These guys are f*cking pussies.

Everyone left the scene and there was no trouble after that.

Jericho said in a statement: “David Z was a good friend of mine and I was mentally and emotionally shattered after paying tribute to him and essentially saying goodbye to him Friday night. I was not in a good state of mind at that time and instead of ignoring a pushy (aka rude) fan which is what I would usually do, I snapped. My apologies to all involved and God bless David Z.

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