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Cody & The Young Bucks Take Shots At WWE Titles, Feel Bad for Mick Foley Having to Present 24/7 Title

May 25, 2019 | Posted by Ashish
Mick Foley 24/7 Championship

During the An Evening With Cody & The Young Bucks panel at Starrcast on Thursday night (h/t WrestlingInc), Cody and the Bucks took a shot at the new WWE 24/7 title (video below). They discussed how they want titles to mean something in AEW, noting that titles don’t really mean anything in WWE.

“Just watch the WWE product,” Nick Jackson said. “At this point titles don’t mean anything. We want to put prestige back in the champions we have. We’re not going to have a 24/7 belt. We’re going to have titles that matter, and you know what? If it’s the women’s champion that could be a main event. If it’s a tag championship match that could be the main event. We want every title to mean like it’s the world championship.”

Cody added that he felt bad that Mick Foley had to present the title.

“Let’s be fair, we all love Mick Foley, right? Everybody loves Mick Foley,” Cody said. “I felt so bad. He’s standing out there, he’s a living legend. What the f— was he holding? Like, no thought! No thought went into that. ‘What is it?’ Oh, it’s 24/7. ‘So, what do you put on it?’ 24/7! No thought!”

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