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Csonka’s ROH Glory By Honor 2019 Review

October 12, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH Glory By Honor 2019 Review  

Csonka’s ROH Glory By Honor 2019 Review

15-Man #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: Silas Young won @ 7:50 [*]
#1 Contender’s Tournament Semifinal Match: PCO defeated Dalton Castle @ 12:30 via pin [**½]
#1 Contender’s Tournament Semifinal Match: Marty Scurll defeated Jay Lethal @ 11:30 via submission [***½]
TV Title Match: Champion Shane Taylor defeated J. Spade @ 5:50 via pin [**]
Women of Honor Title Match: Kelly Klein defeated Champion Angelina Love @ 12:00 via pin [DUD]
ROH Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Briscoes defeated Luke & Perry Hawx @ 12:10 via pin [***]
– Alex Shelley defeated Jonathan Gresham @ 14:30 via pin [****]
– Haskins & Williams defeated Gordon & King @ 11:10 via pin [***¼]
ROH Title Match: ROH Champion Rush defeated Silas Young @ 10:25 via pin [**½]
#1 Contender’s Match: PCO defeated Marty Scurll @ 14:50 via pin [*]

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15-Man #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: Kenny King, Joe Hendry, Silas Young, Josh Woods, Rhett Titus, Beer City Bruiser, Brian Milonas, Cheeseburger, LSG, & Shaheem Ali are some of our competitors, they don’t announce the rest but they are at ringside. MY GOD BIG DADDY YUM YUM IS HERE! We start off with them as brawl as King hides under the ring. Some locals get tossed right away, more lethargic brawling follows and Brian Johnson is tossed. Burger gets tossed, Titus fires up and then runs into a Woods suplex. Silas then dumps Titus. Titus attacks King, rolls him in and Hendry eliminates King. Silas dumps Hendry. Bruiser is eliminated, C2C runs wild and then get dumped by Milonas. He brawls with Yum Yum, Milonas cuts him off and dumps him. He works over Woods, hits a cross body and Silas makes the save and he low blows and dumps Milonas. Silas and Wood are left and he dumps Woods. Silas Young won @ 7:50 [*] This was a painfully dull and bad battle royal.

#1 Contender’s Tournament Semifinal Match: Dalton Castle vs. PCO: They circle, lock up and work to the corner. Castle hides behind the ref and PCO offers to allow castle to hit him from behind. He does and PCO no sells and Castle continues to attack. The German follows but PCO pops up and hits a clothesline. The DDT follows and then a basement dropkick connects. Castle fires back, but PCO clotheslines him to the floor. He follows and lays in chops. castle fires back but that pisses PCO off and Castle then posts him. PCO pops up and hits an apron chokeslam. He peels up the mats, they work up top and Castle cuts him off and hits the running knee strike. He slams PCO to the barricade, hits a knee strike and rolls back in. He follows with a dropkick and hits a suplex on the floor. PCO makes it back in and Castle attacks. The DDT follows for 1. The knee strike connects, he follows with rights and another suplex. More suplexes follow by Castle, and then dumps PCO to the floor. PCO battles to his feet, Castle attacks and hip tosses him on the floor. The knee strike follows, Castle grabs a chair and sets it up. PCO fires back but Castle spinebusters him onto the chair. PCO is down, Castle rolls back in and PCO struggles to his feet and makes it back in, Caste hits a DDT, another and a third. The knee strike connects for 2. PCO fires up and hits the big boot and follows with the cactus clothesline. PCO follows with the suicide dive, back in and PCO hits the chokeslam. He heads up top and the PCO-sault connects for the win. PCO defeated Dalton Castle @ 12:30 via pin [**½] This was solid with PCO picking up the surprise win.

#1 Contender’s Tournament Semifinal Match: Marty Scurll vs. Jay Lethal: Jay hits a dropkick and follows with suicide dives. The wrecking ball dropkick and a third dive connects. He follow with rights, back in and lay heads up top and then gets dumped but cuts off Scurll. Back in and Jay hits the elbow drop but gets cradled for 2. They trade, Scurll counters the injection but Jay counters back into a cutter for 2. He follows with a delayed suplex and covers for 2. Scurll fights off the figure four, Jay lays in rights and Scurll dumps him and hits the apron superkick. he follows with chops, slams him off the apron and back in, covers for 2. Scurll lays the boots to him, follows with chops and Jay fires back as they trade. Scurll hits a back breaker and that gets 1. He starts attacking the arm, and follows with a delayed suplex for 2. They trade chops, Scurll whips him to the buckles, and Jay fires back with clotheslines. He misses the missile dropkick but then catches Scurll with a powerslam. Jay heads up top and the elbow drop connects for 2. Scurll attacks the back, hits the 52 fake out and calls for the chicken wing, but Jay counters into the figure four. Scurll fights, Jay keeps him center ring and Scurll rolls the hold. Jay escapes, they trade and Scurll cuts him off with a rolling elbow, snapdragon and lariat for 2. Jay counters the chicken wing into a cradle, but Scurll counters back into a chicken wing. Jay escapes and Scurll looks for it again. Drags Jay down and locks it on and Jay taps. Marty Scurll defeated Jay Lethal @ 11:30 via submission [***½] This was very good as expected, and the first thing with some accrual energy on the show.

– Shane Taylor cuts a promo, talking about being a success on his own terms. He doesn’t sing and dance and became more than anyone expected.

Champion Shane Taylor vs. J. Spade: Spade attacks at the bell, hits a dropkick and elbow strikes. He follows with superkicks, and knocks Taylor to the floor. The suicide dive follows. Back in and Spade flies into the sky high. Taylor follows with chops, strikes, and more chops. Taylor unloads with body shots, big rights and Spade is down. Taylor follows with more body shots, tosses him across the ring and the lariat follows for 2. Spade fires back, lays in rights, clotheslines, and an enziguri. The springboard spear gets 2. Taylor cuts him off, but Spade counters into a blue thunder bomb for 2. Taylor hits a knee strike, uranage and running splash for 2. Greeting from 216 is countered, but Taylor gets it the second time for the finish. Champion Shane Taylor defeated J. Spade @ 5:50 via pin [**] This was an ok overconfident champion vs. plucky challenger style match.

Champion Angelina Love vs. Kelly Klein: Leon is out with Love. Klein hits a spear and follows with ground and pound and then tosses her around. Klein hits a clothesline and another. The northern lights follows for 2. Love cuts her off but Klein fires back with knee strikes. Leon distracts her and Love dumps Klein to the floor. Love follows wit a high cross off the apron, lays in strikes and slams Klein to the apron. She slams Klein off of the announce table, rolls her back in and covers for 2. Love chokes her out, lays the boots to her and stomps on her in the corner. Love follows with a clothesline off of the ropes for 2. Klein fights off a suplex, and cradles Love for 2. Another cradle gets 2. Love cuts her off with a flatliner and follows with a koji clutch. Klein fights, but can’t escape. She slowly makes the ropes. Love misses the botox injection and Klein hits a DDT. They trade strikes slowly, Klein takes control and follows with clotheslines. The fall away slam connects and hits another. The Saito suplex connects and K power follows for 2. Love fires back, hits botox injection and covers for 2. Klein rolls to the floor, Love heads up top and hits the high cross to the floor. Love rolls back in, Klein slowly follows and Love misses botox injection, ref bump and Klein hits K power but no ref. Leon in and follows with a shitty looking chair shot. Lights out and Maria Manic is here. Leon hits her with chair shots, Manic no sells and works a torture rack and burning hammer. She clotheslines Love, and Klein hits K power for the win. Kelly Klein defeated Champion Angelina Love @ 12:00 via pin [DUD] It started off of, but broke down into more bullshit from the Women of Honor division, completely rendering the Love title win useless and only serving to give Klein a third run with the title.

ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes vs. Luke & Perry Hawx: Mark and Perry begin. They lock up, Mark takes him down but Perry battles back and cradles him for 2. Mark cuts him off, follows with chops and Jay tags in. He lays the boots to Perry. Luke tags in and Jay quickly takes control. They trade, Luke hits a powerslam and spin kick. Perry tags in gets cut off. Mark in and follows with a clothesline. He dumps Perry and Jay follows with strikes as Mark takes out Luke by slamming him into the barricade. Mark follows with a tope. Back in and mark follows with a suplex. Jay tags in and pummels poor Perry with strikes. The champions follow with quick tags and double teams, isolating Perry. Mark in and hits a slam, and then grounds the action. Perry fights to his feet, escapes with a slam and tags in Luke. Jay and Luke brawl, Luke runs wild with strikes and kicks, Perry joins in for double teams and Perry gets dumped. They all brawl, Mark gets whipped to the barricade, and Luke cuts off Jay with s stun gun. Perry follows with a high cross to the floor. Back in and Luke hits the moonsault for 2. Jay battles back, hits a lariat and Mark takes out Perry. Jay & Luke battle up top and the superplex and froggy bow connects for 2 as Perry flies in to make the save. The champions look for doomsday on Luke, but Perry makes the save and Luke follows with the powerslam for 2. Perry tags back in and brawls with Mark. Mark is not amused and just absorbs strikes. Mark tells him to keep throwing, cuts him off until Perry hits a German. He’s cut off with redneck boogie and the Jay driller finishes it. Champions The Briscoes defeated Luke & Perry Hawx @ 12:10 via pin [***] This was good, with the Briscoes being really giving in the match to create some really good drama as the hometown crowd rallied for the Hawx boys.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Shelley: They lock up and work into counters as Shelley looks to take control but Gresham quickly escapes. They lock back up and Gresham starts attacking the arm. Shelley counters into an abdominal stretch, transitions to a cravat but Gresham counters out. Shelley shoots him to the buckles, but Gresham counters, and hits the dropkick. Shelley hits a knee strike, PK, snap suplex and then a knee drop for 1. Shelley dirties things up a bit, and locks on a Detroit love bucket. The cradle follows for 2. Gresham escapes the full nelson, hits the springboard moonsault press and attacks the arm. Gresham maintains focus on the arm, drags him down and follows with a hammerlock, adds in the other arm and transitions into a bridge. He now adds in the leg, going all ZSJ here, torturing Shelley and cradling him for 2. He stomps away at the arm, and covers for 2. Gresham keeps attacking that arm, and again covers for 2. The crucifix follows for 2. Gresham keeps it grounded, constantly attacking the arm and Shelley counters back and eats an enziguri but he then dropkicks the knee of Gresham. He follows with an enziguri and heads up top, hits the high cross but Gresham rolls through they tumble weed around and Gresham gets the cradle for 2. Gresham attacks the arm and the cradle follows for 2. Gresham grounds him and Shelley counters the surfboard into a over for 2. Gresham then counters into a cradle for a great near fall. Shelley fires back with kicks, but Gresham dropkicks the arm and they work up top. Shelley gets the atomic drop, Gresham counters sliced bread but Shelley cuts him off, hits the superkick and Gedo clutch for the win. Alex Shelley defeated Jonathan Gresham @ 14:30 via pin [****] This was a great technical battle and was completely different than anything else on the card. It’s just a shame that they didn’t follow up on Gresham’s big win over Lethal here.

– Gresham teases attacking Shelley with a chair but Lethal stops him. They all shake hands.

Haskins & Williams vs. Gordon & King: Haskins and Gordon begin. They lock up and work into counters, and end in a stand off. Gordon attacks Williams, King and Williams tag in. They lock up and King backs him off. King tosses him down, attacks the arm and they trade strikes and chops. Williams lights him up with strikes, King cuts him off with chops and a big boot. He lays the boots to him and Williams pulls a knee bar. He fights off Gordon but flies into the black hole slam by King. King follows with chops, Gordon tags in and lays the boots to him and follows with chops. he follows with kicks and covers for 2. They trade, Gordon hits a corner clothesline and King tags in and follows with the big boot. He follows with the slam and running splash for 2. Gordon tags back in and follows with body shots. He grounds the action, Williams fires back and King whips Gordon into the corner, he misses and Williams hits a missile dropkick. Gordon cuts off the tag, but Haskins finally gets it and runs wild on both. He dumps King, hits a PK and Gordon cuts him off and Williams dumps Gordon. Lifeblood follows with dives. Back in and they double team Gordon, and the DVD and soldier shoulder roll connects for 2 as King makes the save. King follows with a lariat, but Lifeblood battles back with submissions and Gordon powerbombs Williams onto Haskins. King runs wild, Gordon gets a kendo and accidentally hits King. Haskins hits a dive, Williams hits a lariat and the piledriver finishes it. Haskins & Williams defeated Gordon & King @ 11:10 via pin [***¼] This was a good and fun tag match, but I am done with Lifeblood vs. Villain Enterprises.

– Bully Ray arrives and lays out Lifeblood. Gordon teases attacking Bully, but hands him a kendo and Bully beats don Haskins… again.

– Lanny Poffo arrives to do some horrible commentary.

ROH Champion Rush vs. Silas Young: They lock up and work into passes, Rush follows with a knee strike and Young spears him to counter the bull’s horns. He lays the boots to Rush, hits the anarchist suplex and covers for 2. Young talks shit to Rush, and dumps him. He follows him out and hits a double sledge. Young posts him and then lays the boots to him. Back in and Young hits the slingshot double stomp. Young follows with knee strikes, a DDT and covers for 1. The suplex follows for 1. Young grounds the action. Rush battles back with a German, knee strike and then whips Young to the barricades. He slams Young off of a table at ringside, and back in follows with corner kicks. He teases the bull’s horns, kicks Young in the face and traquilos. Rush follows with a slam, heads up top and misses the senton. Young hits the Finlay roll and moonsault for 2. Rush counters misery, but Young hits the anarchist suplex for 2. Rush suplexes Young to the buckles, hits a superman punch and bull’s horns for the win. ROH Champion Rush defeated Silas Young @ 10:25 via pin [**½] This was a solid but flat match, with Young getting in way too much in Rush’s first title defense.

– Matt Taven & Vinny arrive. They are here for blood, and want to know who attacked them a few weeks ago. Footage of someone watching them is shown, they head to the back and… that’s it.

#1 Contender’s Tournament Finals: Marty Scurll vs. PCO: So are we getting a big angle here? Marty says this was inevitable, and doesn’t want this to come between them and wants a clean match with the best man winning. They shake hands and Marty hits him with the umbrella and covers for 2. He follows with superkicks and chops, PCO cuts him off and PCO heads up top, Marty cuts him off and PCO shoves him off the ropes and Marty fires back and hits iconoclasm for 2. Marty follows wit chops, PCO fires up but Marty dumps him and follows him out. Marty whips him to the barricade, and back in, Marty follows with kicks. He stomps on the fingers, they trade chops and Marty hits an enziguri and then gets caught with the pop up powerbomb and spear. PCO hits a chokeslam and the senton follows for 2. Marty counter the chokeslam, breaks the fingers, but PCO dumps him and follows him out. He posts Marty, sets up a table and lays Marty onto it. PCO heads up top and Marty cuts him off, and slams PCO off through the table. Back in and Marty covers for 2. PCO fights off the chicken wing, ref bump, sidewinder slam by PCO gets like 20. King arrives, attacks PCO and hits the black hole slam. He puts Marty on top and that gets 2. King holds PCO but Marty accidentally hits him and PCO cuts off Marty. The PCO-sault is cut of as Marty crotches him and they battle up top. PCO knocks him off, ref bump again. The PCO-sault is stopped by Flip, Marty hits a belt shot and covers for 2. Marty follows with chops, but PCO dives and takes out King and Flip. Tree slam on Marty, he looks for the PCO-sault and hits it for 2. To the apron and PCO heads up top and the senton misses. Marty rolls him in and hits the lariat for 2. PCO cuts him off with a clothesline, heads up top and the PCO-sault connects for the win. PCO defeated Marty Scurll @ 14:50 via pin [*] This was complete overbooked bullshit with run-ins ref bumps and every trick under the sun to try and make it interesting instead, it only took away from the match.

– Post match, Marty says for three years he’s never been world champion. This was his chance to win that title. PCO stole that from him. But Marty congratulates him anyway, and says PCO is 51 and beat him while he’s in the prime of his career. He knows PCO has also never been world champion, but he gets his chance, possibly his last chance. Marty says that no one deserves it more than PCO and they hug. Villain Enterprises pose and are friends still.

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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
ROH Glory By Honor 2019 was not a good show, suffering from a cold crowd, overbooking, lack of star making booking, and overall lackluster wrestling. PCO is a fun story, but not exactly the guy I’d main event the biggest show of the year with. If you’re cherry picking, check out Gresham vs. Shelley and Scurll vs. Lethal, but that’s about it.