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Griff Garrison Debunks a Misconception Regarding Brian Pillman Jr.

May 19, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Varsity Blonds Griff Garrison Brian Pillman Jr Image Credit: AEW/Twitter

– AEW wrestler Griff Garrison joined Insight with Chris Van Vliet this week, and he spoke about his Varsity Blonds tag team partner Brian Pillman Jr. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Garrison on a misconception about Brian Pillman Jr.: “So one thing about him and people probably know this but he loves the business. Like, more than I think a lot of people give him credit for. Just because he’s always trying to, like re-innovate us and just always trying to come up with new things and spots for us to do, and I just think people don’t give him enough credit for loving the business. I think people come to him and it’s just like, yeah, he’s just kind of doing it because his dad did it. No, like he belongs here. Like he loves this more than anybody that I know.”

Garrison on Pillman practicing superkicks in the gym: “We’ll go to the gym and like I’ll be warming up and like starting my lifts and stuff and then before he does anything, he’ll just be practicing superkicks in the mirror and like slapping — it’s the funniest thing.”